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Chapter 1236

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CHapter 1236

Hearing this, Chen Fei could not help but think of his mother-in-law who had never met, Xie
Lingshuang, who was once a disciple of Wushuanglou.

  Prior to the news about Xie Lingshuang, Chen Fei basically learned from the population of Xie
Lingshuang's servants, that is, Sun Fengqin Qi Yuan Hong Shi Yong Gong Ling and other populations.
For the specific situation of Xie Lingshuang, Chen Fei is not clear.

  Thinking of this, Chen Fei looked at Li Yueshan and asked aloud, "What is the name of the disciple
you said?"

  Li Yueshan paused a little , then said: "It seems to be Xie Lingshuang, a woman. However, I ca n’t
remember the specific information. Moreover, after she returned to Zongmen, the high level of
Zongmen strictly blocked her news, and did not allow us Zongmen to talk about her news, all kinds of
information. I was destroyed, the specific information, I was just an ordinary disciple at the time, and I
could n’t know much. ”

  Wen Yan, Chen Fei confirmed his identity. The“ traitor disciple ”in Wushuanglou ’s mouth was his
own. Mother-in-law Xie Lingshuang.

  However, Xie Lingshuang, as a personal disciple of Wushuanglou, has great talents, and Sun
Fengqin also mentioned that Xie Lingshuang has a very good attitude towards his sect, which is not
like a possible mutiny.

  Moreover, Chen Fei has studied the piece of jade in his hand and determined that it is just a piece
of jade that is not too common. There is nothing special in it, and there is no clue to the so-called

  Thinking of this, Chen Fei was silent for a while, and had doubts about the so-called treasure
rumors of Wushuanglou.

  But then, he thought again, for more than two decades in Wushuanglou, for this matter, it can be
described as a big fan, not only concealing Xie Lingshuang's news, but also for this matter, confiscating
the old jade brand and casting new tokens.

  If there is no special reason, Chen Fei may not believe it.

  It's just that you can't guess the specifics by yourself. I can only wait for the opportunity to see if I
can go to the Wushuang Building to let the old guys in the upper floors tell the truth of the events of the
year, which can be regarded as helping my wife understand the situation of her mother-in-law.

  With determination in his heart, Chen Fei looked at Li Yueshan and said, "I know this."

  "I can tell you that there is no treasure clue in this jade card in my hand. For the sake of having a
certain relationship with you Wushuanglou, I will not kill you. Now, you can leave. "Chen Fei looked at
Li Yueshan Road.

  When Li Yueshan heard the words, there was a look of joy in his eyes. But his eyes flickered
immediately, and he didn't seem to believe Chen Fei's words very much.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei sneered, "You can believe me or you can come back to Wushuanglou and
ask for help. But if you come again, I won't give face. The consequences are clear to you. "

  Wen Yan, Li Yueshan shuddered, with a look of panic on her face, and then quickly shook her
head:" Mr. Chen, rest assured, I will never tell the second person about this matter today. Such a thing,
absolutely There will not be a second time. "

  Wen Yan, Chen Fei nodded, then waved his hand:" Well, you can leave. "

  For Li Yueshan's words, Chen Fei is quite convinced. After all, the secrets of the treasure, is
unparalleled high-rise building strictly confidential matter

the situation, general and definitely not leaked.

  Li Yueshan told this information to himself that it was already a leak. If the senior officials of
Wushuanglou knew about it, I am afraid he would have nothing to end.

  On the other hand, Chen Fei is not worried about revenge from Wushuanglou. Without saying that
he is not afraid of them, he said that the relationship between his master, old man and Wushuanglou,
the other party did not dare to act lightly on himself.

  Of course, it is precisely because of the old man who once had a relationship with Wushuanglou,
Chen Fei simply let Li Yueshan so easily.

  Subsequently, Chen Fei and Li Yueshan came out. In the Sun Family Hall, all the disciples in
Wushuanglou still stood there waiting for it, and they did not dare to act at all.

  The two came out without waiting for Chen Fei to speak. Li Yueshan felt conscious and
immediately took his own disciples and respectfully apologized to Chen Fei for confessing their
mistakes and compensated them for the losses they caused during this time.

  Everyone in the Sun family couldn't help but feel relieved. At the same time, they were even more
surprised and curious about Chen Fei's identity.

  After all, they used to think that Chen Fei was a good prefect. Later, I learned that Chen Fei was a
master of heaven, and that Chen Fei had a token of Tian Wuzong, which surprised Sun Fengqin.

  And now, under such circumstances, Sun Fengqin can't help but come up with an idea. Chen Fei's
identity is probably more terrifying than he thought.

  After all, Tian Wuzong and Wushuanglou are also one of the four heavenly forces, and they are
equivalent. If Chen Fei is just an ordinary Tianwu Sect disciple, how can he suppress the inner door
faculty of Wushuanglou to be soft.

  However, Sun Fengqin knows the size. She knew that if Chen Fei did not take the initiative to
speak, she would never take the initiative to inquire about Chen Fei.

  In this way, as Li Yueshan left with all the people in Wushuanglou. In the next few days, Longjiang
City returned to calm again. The people who jumped out because of the arrival of people without
double-story. This time, Chen Fei was completely wiped out and thoroughly cleaned up.

  It can be said that after this incident, Chen Fei's position and power in Longjiang City have been
further consolidated. It can even be said that Chen Fei is now in the city of Longjiang, which is totally a
one-off existence, and no one dares to oppose him.

  After all, even forces like Wushuanglou have been defeated. Ordinary people, how dare they touch
Chen Fei's brows.

  Everything has stabilized and the days are calm. Chen Fei returned to the villa and couldn't help
but read the letter from his wife Lin Qiuhan and read it again and again.

  "Wife, I will find you." Chen Fei made a determination in his heart.

  At this moment, the shout of the Queen Mother sounded downstairs, "Grandpa, there is your

  "Express?" Chen Fei was a little surprised, he had almost never bought online, and no one should
send express to himself. After all, people who generally know the identity of Chen Fei really have
something to send, and they will also send someone to deliver it personally, instead of express delivery.

  Despite doubts, Chen Fei pedaled downstairs, "Who sent it, Queen Ma?"

  Wang Ma took a box the size of a book, glanced at it, and then handed it to Chen Fei, shaking her
head. Road: "The list is rotten, the sender's name is not clear, I don't know who sent it."

  Chen Fei took a look at the courier, suddenly a little speechless.

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