Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1239

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So, in desperation, Zhuo Qingyu gave Chen Fei a fierce glance. He picked up his schoolbag and stood
up. He was really ready to stand alone and was unwilling to sit with Chen Fei.

  In this regard, Chen Fei had no idea, let go of his body, let Zhuo Qingyu come out, sat down on his
buttocks, and twisted a bit, it seemed that the two positions were quite spacious, "The position is big, I
feel good."

  Wen Words, Zhuo Qingyu holding the schoolbag, even more gloomy.

  The other boys in the car suddenly cast their eyes on Chen Fei one by one. There are endless
admirers, angry, and even murderous gaze.

  This murderous eye naturally comes from Han Qing who just stood up.

  Han Qing stood up, stepped out, stared at Chen Fei, and said, "What are you doing, hurry up, and
apologize to

  Xueyu Xuemei !" Chen Fei heard the voice and gave Han Qing a strange look, Frowning: "Why
should I apologize to her?"

  Han Qing said angrily: "You occupy the position of the light-speaking school girl, shouldn't you

  "Did you make a mistake, I didn't occupy her position ?" . I just sat where I should sit. As for her
position, it was her unwillingness to sit, and it had nothing to do with me. "Chen Fei said unpleasantly.

  "You--" Han Qing was furious, and wished to have a hands on Chen Fei.

  At this moment, Zhuo Qingyan said, "Senior, don't use it, I'll stand. It's no big deal."

  Wen Yan, Han Qing felt distressed and excited. What is distressing is that Zhuo Qingyu doesn't
have a seat, and he is excited that he has the opportunity to perform in front of Zhuo Qingyu and bring
them closer.

  As a result, Han Qing became more determined, nodded in Zhuo Qingyu, and said firmly: "Yueyu
Xuemei, he did something wrong. I must ask him to apologize to you, otherwise, my person in charge
has a face In the car. "

  After finishing, Han Qing stared at Chen Fei and shouted sharply:" I asked you to apologize, have
you heard? "

  Chen Fei said, frowned, and said unpleasantly:" I already said, I didn't I did n’t need to apologize
for what I did wrong. And, if you want to please her, then you can find a way to meet her request, and
do n’t sacrifice everyone ’s public resources to be a gift for you. In a way, you The behavior has already
been based on power for personal gain. "

  Such words have made the students in the car stunned. After thinking about it, some people
nodded, but agreed with Chen Fei.

  After all, as a responsible senior, Han Qing should have given students a seat. As a result, in order
to please Zhuo Qingyu, she was deliberately reserved for an extra seat, and had to chase away others.

  Of course, some students do n’t take it seriously and think it ’s just a small seat, no big deal.
Moreover, the other party is still a goddess-level school flower like Zhuo Qingyu, and it is not a big deal
to sit on one more seat.

  For a time, there was a lot of discussion in the carriage.

  This situation made Zhuo Qingyu feel very uncomfortable and could not help but frown.

  Upon seeing this, Han Qing was very distressed, and his anger towards Chen Fei became more
and more violent. He yelled: "Do you still have a little quality, like a girl, are you still a man?"

  Chen Fei said, shaking Shaking his head, he said: "The students of Jingcheng University,

if it is at this level, it really disappoints me."

  "You-" Han Qing glared at Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei continued: "Don't say that everyone has been calling for equality between men and
women, and I have the same rights. Just to say that this matter itself, I have only defended the rights
and interests I deserve without any fault. I was wrong and asked me to apologize. "

  " Is it just because she is a woman, a beautiful woman, or a beautiful woman you want to pursue.
So you just reverse black and white? "Chen Fei looked at Han Qing and asked Road.

  Everyone can see Han Qing's thoughts, but when Chen Fei points out in public, he still makes Han
Qing's face very ugly, and his eyes are even more angry when he looks at Chen Fei.

  Even Zhuo Qingyu aside, the expression at the moment is also a bit strange, feeling the scene a
bit awkward. After all, she has always disliked lively places, and she is still a lively place with her own

  At the moment, Han Qing was almost furious, his fists squeezed, and if he started to squeeze,
Chen Fei was about to start.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei's eyes were cold. He held a can in his right hand, and instantly used force to
pinch the can into a discus. Then, he looked at Han Qing coldly and said, "Are you sure, do you want to
do it with me?"

  Seeing this scene, Han Qing shivered and dared not act lightly. It is easy to pinch a glazed can,
but it takes a hand to squeeze the can into a discus, which is not something ordinary people can do.
This force alone is not something Han Qing can contend with.

  So, Han Qing froze at the moment, his fists flicked up, but he didn't know how to do it for a while,
and the scene could not help embarrassing.

  At this moment, Han Qing suddenly thought of something, his eyes lit up, looked at Chen Fei, and
said: "This is our school bus at Jingcheng University. The vehicle can only be used by the staff of our
school. At that time, your student ID was not shown. "

  " Now, take out your student ID, I want to check it! "Han Qing stared at Chen Fei and said.

  Chen Fei frowned slightly and said, "I don't have a student ID."

  Wen Yan, Han Qing's face grimaced, gritted his teeth and said: "Without a student ID, then you
dare to get in our car, and dare to put a big word here. Now, I want you to apologize, and then get down
immediately. "

  Han Qing pointed at the school bus door and drank angrily.

  Chen Fei lightly glanced at Han Qing and said, "I said that I don't have a student ID, but that
doesn't mean I'm not qualified to take this car."

  "Without a student ID, you are not a student of Beijing University, and you still want to sit with us
What are you kidding about the school bus of Jingcheng University! "Han Qing shouted.

  The students around, including Zhuo Qingyu, all cast their eyes.

  Chen Fei still looked indifferent, looking at Han Qing Road: "I am indeed not a student of
Jingcheng University. But that doesn't mean I can't ride in this car."

  "Still arrogant. If you don't apologize and get off, I will call the police." Han Qing felt his phone and
threatened it.

  The eyes of the students on Chen Fei also changed, which seemed a little unpleasant or even
disgusting. Especially Zhuo Qingyu, Xiu Mei's tightly curled together, it seemed very unhappy.

  Facing the threat of Han Qing, Chen Fei shook his head and said, "I said that I am not a student of
Jingcheng University, but I did not say that I am not a teacher of Jingcheng University. Is it because the
teacher is even Can't I take the school bus? "

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