Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1240

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After hearing this, everyone in the car was shocked, and then a mocking smile appeared.

  Han Qing, in particular, was unkind and sneered directly: "Teacher? You said you are a teacher of
our Jingcheng University? Do you think that we are all fools? Will you believe your lies."

  The students around, There was also a sound of discussion.

  "It's a scammer for so long!"

  "This guy is too funny. He even wants to pretend to be our teacher at Jingcheng University. I really
don't know if he has a brain."

  "That is, even if you pretend to be a student, it's better than pretending to be a teacher. It ’s more
convenient. "

  " I just thought that what he said made some sense, now it seems, hehe-"

  ... In the

  discussion, Zhuo Qingyu also glanced at Chen Fei, on the delicate cheek. There was a disgusting
look of disgust. It seems that he is very dissatisfied with people like Chen Fei.

  Han Qing stood directly in front of Chen Fei and screamed: "What are you still sitting on! Get up
and get off the train."

  Chen Fei frowned, saying: "I said, I am your teacher at Jingcheng University. Isn't this school bus
teacher able to sit? "

  " Teachers can naturally sit? But you can't be our teacher at Jingcheng University. "Han Qing
shook his head," We are the top two famous schools in China, in the world They all exist in the top
ranks. If you want to teach in our university, you must die at the minimum. Do you think that your age
and education are qualified? "

  Chen Fei shook his head, and then he felt his wet one from the luggage The crumpled letter of
appointment was handed to Han Qingdao: "You read it clearly. This is the letter of appointment sent to
me by Jingcheng University. When I go to school now, I take the job."

  Upon seeing this, Han Qing couldn't help but stunned. Unexpectedly, Chen Fei was so well
prepared that he really came up with an appointment letter.

  However, looking at the crumpled look of the appointment book, Han Qing immediately sneered:
"Don't take this kind of counterfeit thing to deceive people. Do you think that I will be tricked by your
poor deception? "

  The students around were also coaxing.

  "I said you want to lie, at least use snacks, and make a better document!"

  "That is, this crumpled thing, like it was picked up from the trash, how could it be true."

  "Oh Let's get off the bus quickly, don't delay our time, otherwise, we're welcome. "


  Chen Fei frowned, and said:" You are all students of Jingcheng University, how can you tell the
truth of the appointment letter? Do n’t you know if it ’s fake? If you do n’t believe it, you can check the
information inside. ”

  Then, Chen Fei opened the letter of appointment, revealing a QR code sign inside, and let Han
Qing check them.

  But Han Qing didn't want to bother Chen Fei at all, he just knocked off the appointment letter in
Chen Fei's hands, and then shouted at Chen Fei: "Don't pretend, we are not interested in playing this
kind of trick with you, get off immediately.

  " Otherwise, do n’t blame me for being unkind. ”Han Qing squeezed his fists, then raised his mouth
slightly, threatening,“ Yes, I can tell you that I am the vice president of our school Taekwondo Club. If
you ca n’t get up again, I can let you taste the taste of my fist. "

  Wen Yan, Chen Fei glanced at Han Qing, then looked at the letter of appointment that fell in the
middle of the aisle, and said coldly:" You fight out my stuff, hard

road should not have to pick it up I do? "

  "Boy, I don't think you know what's going on! Do you dare to tell me this, are you looking for
death?" Han Qing yelled angrily, punching him against Chen Fei's head, trying to scare Chen Fei. At
the same time, he lifted one foot and stomped hard on the appointment letter on the ground.

  But Chen Fei was not impressed at all, and had no intention of avoiding it at all. He just stared
coldly at Han Qing and said in a deep voice: "You will regret your current behavior."

  "It is definitely not me who regrets!" Han Qing looked When Chen Fei was unmoved, he was even
more furious, and with a cold face, he directly hit him with a punch.

  This time, he was really moving, facing Chen Fei's face.

  Such a punch banged down, if it is hit, it is definitely not light. Some girls no longer dared to look at
them and turned their heads to cover their eyes.

  Zhuo Qingyu saw this, his eyes flickered slightly, and he felt that Han Qing's behavior was slightly
over. But compared to the liar, she felt that it was nothing.

  Just when everyone thought that this punch was about to hit Chen Fei, there was a snapping
sound, and Han Qing's fist was directly blocked by Chen Fei's palm.

  "How do you--" Han Qing couldn't help being surprised.

  Then, without waiting for him to recover, Chen Fei's palms were drawn out, and a slap in the face
of Han Qing.

  Suddenly, a bright red palm print appeared on Han Qing's face, and it quickly became red and

  Han Qing covered her cheeks with a stern and angry expression, staring at Chen Fei fiercely,
"You, how dare you hit me, you--"

  This slap brought him a double physical and mental blow, especially in In front of his goddess
Zhuo Qingyu, Han Qing felt very embarrassed. Looking at Chen Fei's eyes, he was almost furious.

  The other students in the car did not expect such a result. All of them were stunned for a while.
They couldn't believe that Han Qing, the vice president of the Taekwondo Club, was defeated by Chen

  Zhuo Qingyu was also shocked, a fear appeared on the pretty face, the steps could not help but
retreat a few steps, Jiao body trembling slightly.

  But at this time, Han Qing came back, resented, and shouted: "Everyone went together and killed
this liar."

  Suddenly, many boys stood up and were about to siege Chen Fei. After all, Han Qing is their
senior and member of the student union. For those younger students, they are also the object of
stuttering. Moreover, there are people who want to show their majesty in front of the goddess Zhuo
Qingyu. Just when everyone was filled with indignation and ready to start. On the side of the school
bus, a whistle suddenly sounded, and everyone's eyes were attracted, and they turned their heads to
see that a black Mercedes was parked beside the school bus.

  If Mercedes-Benz is still normal, then the people who came down from Mercedes-Benz surprised
all the students.

  Because this man with glasses and a suit in his fifties looks like Luo Zhiwei, the director of the
Teaching Office of Jingcheng University.

  After Luo Zhiwei got off the bus, he boarded the school bus directly, which made the students even
more puzzled.

  "Why is   Director Luo coming?"

  "What is he doing with our school bus, picking up students?"

"What are you kidding, Director Luo is a teaching director, and there is a high-level presence in the
entire Beijing University. Such people come to pick us up School students, so possible? You think too
much. "

  " So what is he doing here? "

  " How do I know, look, Director Luo comes up. "

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