Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1224

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Turn on the light, the wife's room is still the same as yesterday, neat and clean, no trace of clutter. All
kinds of macaron colors, cute girl hearts, and various plush toys have not changed at all.

  However, there is no one in the room, so this lovely style, at the moment instead set off a little

  Chen Fei glanced and found an envelope on the desk.

  Walked over and picked up the envelope, which wrote three beautiful and powerful characters-
Chen Feishuo.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei gave a fierce click in his heart, then opened the envelope, and pulled out
three neatly folded stationery from the inside.

  Put down the envelope, open the letter paper, and flatten it out. At this time, Chen Fei's hands
shivered. It seems that this letter in front of us is more terrifying than any enemy Chen Fei encountered

  Taking a deep breath, Chen Fei tried to calm down his hands as much as possible, and then his
eyes condensed, and he read the letter carefully.

  "Chen Fei, if you see this letter, I should have left Longjiang City. Do n’t worry, do n’t look for me. I
just went to a place that suits me better. During the time I knew you, I ... "

  Looking down line by line, Chen Fei seemed to see through the letter paper the Lin Qiuhan who
was sitting at the desk and writing to himself while recollecting the moments of the two of them.

  Believe it or not, when I saw it was coming to an end, it was basically Lin Qiuhan's memories of
the previous two. The information Chen Fei wanted to know, why Lin Qiuhan left, and where Lin Qiuhan
went, was not mentioned in the letter.

  "Why, why did Qiu Han do this?" Chen Fei's eyes were condensed and he was puzzled.

  And at this moment, he glanced at the last few lines of the letter, and his body could not help
shaking, "This is--"

  For a time, Chen Fei froze in place, his face full of incredible looks.

  Because the letter finally wrote a paragraph, "The divorce agreement is in the drawer. Although
there are so many memories, we are not suitable for being together anymore. You signed the
agreement and our husband-wife relationship is officially terminated You go to pursue your new life,
Wei Ling Momo, they are all good women, if you ... "

  Seeing this, Chen Fei's forehead is bruised, opened the drawer, and saw a divorce agreement in it,
On the signed column, Lin Qiuhan ’s signature was clearly written on it.

  Taking out the divorce agreement, Chen Fei couldn't tell what it was like, "Why? Qiu Han, what did
you do, why? I, I really don't understand, what happened to you? Why did you leave me Do n’t tell me

  why— ”In constant questioning, Chen Fei wanted to tear up this divorce agreement.

  But when he was about to exert his force, he seemed to think of something, not torn. Instead, the
agreement was carefully folded, and then carefully placed in the pocket of his chest.

  Patting lightly on his pocket, Chen Fei whispered to himself: "Qiu Han, I will not divorce you. I will
not sign this agreement. I will bring this agreement to find you "

  At this moment, outside the window, there was a loud explosion. Immediately, a burst of colorful
light flashed in the sky.

  Chen Fei looked out of the window, gorgeous fireworks blooming in the night sky, and at his ears,
the bell sounded at zero on New Year's Eve. The whole city seems to be caught in a warm

and excited atmosphere.

  It's just that Chen Fei at this time feels cold. The whole world seems to fall into a different kind of
silence. The excitement around him has nothing to do with himself.

  I don't know how long it has passed. When Chen Fei came back again, the fireworks outside the
window had already blossomed, and the world was calm again. The city was blazing with fire colors to
welcome the new year.

  Looking at the time, Chen Fei discovered that it was a little bit more. It turned out to be the case.
Unconsciously, he stood for more than an hour.

  At this time, there was a knock on the door, and then the voice of the Queen's mother rang,
"Grandpa, you just came back from the field and haven't eaten yet. Otherwise, I'll give you something
to eat."

  Chen Feidao said: " Mother, no, I ’m not hungry. You go to rest, and I have to rest. "

  " Uh, ok, Grandpa, take a good rest. "Mother Wang went downstairs immediately.

  Chen Fei sat down on the soft bed and lay down slowly. The tip of his nose seemed to haunt a
faint scent, which was the smell of his wife.

  Smelling this soft smell, Chen Fei closed his eyes and slowly fell into a dream.

  The next day, when Chen Fei opened his eyes and woke up, the sunlight outside the window came
in, with a touch of warmth. Chen Fei got up from the bed and glanced at the opened envelope on the
desk. His heart trembled, and then he carefully packed the envelope away and carried it into his arms.

  After finishing everything in the room, Chen Fei walked out of the room and came downstairs.

  "Grandpa, you're up!" Wang Ma greeted, "Are you all right?"

  Chen Fei smiled and said: "Mama Wang, don't worry, I'm okay. I'm hungry and I haven't eaten
Wang Ma for a long time.

  My mother 's meal! " Wang Ma heard, and hurriedly ran to the kitchen with a smile ." Auntie, wait a
minute, the meal will be ready soon. "

  After having breakfast, Chen Fei said goodbye to Wang Ma and drove out.

  After a night last night, Chen Fei's mood stabilized.

  He drove towards the autumn group company, Qiu Han put down the autumn group, the company
he valued most, and left, entrusting the company to Wei Ling. Perhaps Sister Ling can know some

  When he came to the company, as soon as he walked in, Chen Fei was a little surprised.

  Because at this time, the company's people are coming outside, it is very lively, and it doesn't look
like it is completely deserted during the New Year.

  "New Year's Day, how come there are so many people in the company? Are you working
overtime?" Chen Fei asked the little girl at the front desk.

  The little girl at the front desk saw Chen Fei for a moment and felt a little strange, "Sir, you

  are-- " Chen Fei paused and immediately understood. It seems that I have come to the company
too little. This kind of large company has a lot of staff turnover. It is normal for many bottom-level
employees not to know themselves.

  So, Chen Fei took out his deputy general manager's work card, and he lit up in front of the front
desk, saying: "Now, can you tell me?"

  "Ah, Vice President Chen, you, you are—" A little nervous.

  Chen Fei smiled softly and waved his hand: "No need to be nervous, just tell me."

  "Yes, Vice President Chen. Today, General Manager Wei held a board of directors. Many directors
and senior staff came, so the company was very lively." The front desk was small The girl replied.

  "It turns out so!" Chen Fei nodded and said, "General Wei is on the top floor, I'll go find her."

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