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Chapter 1242

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After finishing the apartment, Chen Fei called the younger sister Chen Ziling and said that she had
arrived at the school and wanted to find her in the past.

  Then, Chen Fei walked out of the apartment and came to the campus.

  As the top two universities in the country, Jingcheng University has absolutely the best hardware
facilities and a large campus. Chen Fei was unfamiliar with the campus, but he couldn't find a way for a

  Therefore, he could only stop a girl on the roadside and asked: "Classmates, hello, may I ask, do
you know how to get to the Department of Archaeology?"

  My little sister, who was studying at Jingcheng University, was unpopular. When Chen Fei first
heard about the unpopular major, he was also surprised that Beijing University had even opened this

  Originally, Chen Fei expected the girl to point her way, but what he did not expect was that. After
listening to Chen Fei's question, the girl glared at him fiercely, whispering "men are all virtuous, hum",
then she left without looking back, and did not answer Chen Fei's question at all.

  At this time, Chen Fei was puzzled, didn't he just ask for a way, and there was no rudeness, how
could this girl seem to have hatred against herself.

  Are all the girls in famous schools so arrogant?

  Thinking of the Zhuo Qingyu that I just met on the school bus, plus this girl, for a time, Chen Fei
could not help but feel a sense of arrogance towards the girls of Jingcheng University.

  Shaking his head, Chen Fei threw out the confusion in his heart and turned his eyes around the
road. This time he found a boy and asked aloud: "Classmates, hello, may I ask, do you know how to
get there?" "

  This time, Chen Fei was also prepared for the other party not to respond to himself.

  But the result still surprised him. After hearing the question from Chen Fei, the boy suddenly
smiled excitedly and responded: "The Department of Archaeology is just over there, walk along this
road to the end and turn around."

  "Thank you, I "" Chen Fei thanked, just about to leave.

  But this boy, with a very enthusiastic look, gathered around Chen Fei and squeezed his eyebrows:
"Classmates, I'll send you over."

  "No need to trouble, I'll do it alone." The boy's enthusiasm made Chen Fei didn't expect it.

  The boy heard the words and said, "It's not troublesome, anyway, I will go to the Department of
Archaeology anyway. By the way, everyone together!"

  "You also have to go to the Department of Archaeology!" Chen Fei was a little surprised.

  The boy blinked, and then pointed to the rushing boy on the side of the road, and said to Chen Fei:
"I see it, these are all going to the Department of Archaeology."

  "Ah, so many people go to the Department of Archaeology! Is it the archaeology of Jingcheng
University Department, when did it become a popular major? "Chen Fei surprised.

  The boy patted Chen Fei on the shoulder and smiled: "Student, everyone is a fellow in the same
way, don't hide it. Don't you know the purpose of everyone going to the Department of Archaeology?"

  "Purpose, what purpose?" Chen Fei really does not solution.

  Chen Fei looked at the boys, he said: ".. The students, not the man we are all installed, go to the
Department of Archeology certainly see Chen Chi Ling Xiaohua, ah, this is nothing, say it without

  ! "Ah" He did not expect that his little teacher and sister had become the school flower of
Jingcheng University

, and it also attracted the attention of boys.

  However, looking back to think about the appearance of your teacher and sister, being a school
flower is really more than enough. Thinking of this, Chen Fei was relieved, and could not help but sigh:
"I haven't seen you in more than a year, Zi Ling doesn't know how it is now?"

  Next, the boy heard this and looked at Chen Fei in surprise, "Student, do you know Chen Zi Ling?"
School Flower? "

  Chen Fei nodded and said," Of course I know, but I watched her grow up. We used to play
together as a kid! "

  " Ah, so, are you the best friend of Chen Ziling's school flower? "The boy said .

  Chen Fei nodded seriously and said, "You can also say that." The

  boy looked at Chen Fei's serious look and couldn't help but smiled and patted Chen Fei on the
shoulder. , Deeper than us! We can imagine at most that we are friends of Chen Ziling's school flower.
But you directly imagined her as a green plum, this brain hole, I admire it! "

  " I did not imagine, I just Everything is true. "Chen Fei said seriously.

  The boy didn't believe it and smiled and said, "Okay, okay. Brother, no need to explain, I believe, I
believe you are."

  Seeing this, Chen Fei knew that the other party didn't believe in himself, but he didn't explain much
and opened the topic. I asked about the situation of the little teacher and sister on campus, "Is Ziling
famous at Jingcheng University?"

  "Brother, aren't you bullshit? That's the school flower, and it's the school flower that became
famous right after entering the school. The boys in our entire school, and even the teachers, were
impressed by the value of Chen Ziling ’s school flowers. During the half semester, the love letters sent
to her were directly filled with garbage from the Archaeology Department. ”

  “ Not only that, but also Chen Ziling ’s school flowers. I also often make some explosive news at
school. The reputation has long been known throughout the school, and even has a certain reputation
in the Jingcheng University circle. "

  "Explosive news, what kind of news?" Chen Fei asked, and couldn't help thinking of the whimsical
and mischievous little teacher on Tianwu Mountain, who could not help but be silent for the boys of
Jingcheng University for a few minutes.

  The boy looked at Chen Fei and shook his head: "Brother, you don't even know Chen Xiaohua's
well-known deeds, and dare to say that it is her green plum and bamboo horse, this cowhide, blown

  Chen Fei hey, no explanation. what.

  The boy continued: "I told you that when Chen Xiaohua just signed up, the rich second generation
of the school took a fancy to him. In the evening that evening, he drove a luxury car and brought
flowers to the dormitory downstairs to confess to Chen Xiaohua. The result , Chen Xiaohua poured it
directly into a pot of water, and drenched the second generation of Fu into a chicken soup. The most

important thing is that Chen Xiaohua drenched the second generation of Fu without a cold water, but
hot water. Rolling on the ground. "

  " Last time, our school grass at Jingcheng University, with a collection of flowers and guitar poems,
played a song on a full moon night, very romantically confessed to Chen Xiaohua. A group of aunts
were found, and the square dance accompanied by the music of "Little Apple" directly destroyed the
romantic atmosphere created by the school grass. "

  " Also, there was a rich boss who stopped at the school gate. Chen Xiaohua said that he wanted to
support him. As a result, Chen Xiaohua passed directly and kicked his boss on the ground. Finally, he
was taken away by the ambulance, and the result was no longer. "

  " In short, Chen Xiaohua's various deeds , Totally countless The number of "

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