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Chapter 1243

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The boys talked about Chen Ziling's various stories endlessly. It can be seen that this is a senior
admirer of Chen Ziling.

  Chen Fei, who had been listening all the time, couldn't help but cover his head with black lines,
and said in secret, "The character of my little sister hasn't changed! This lively and sturdy
temperament, maybe how many people lost money in her hands. "

  When the two were talking, they had come to a somewhat old school building.

  The boy said to Chen Fei: "Here it is, this is the Department of Archaeology. Chen Xiaohua is in it."

  Chen Fei looked at the old teaching building, and now he was bustling with hundreds of boys, and
the number was still increasing. Chen Fei instantly felt the popularity of his little teacher in Jingcheng

  "So many people, are there any special events today?" Chen Feidao said.

  The boy looked at Chen Fei and said, "Brother, it seems that you are not well-skilled! Even Chen
Xiaohua accepts the confession publicly here today."

  "Publicly accept the confession? What is this operation?" Chen Fei felt himself Some thoughts
can't keep up.

  The boy said: "There are too many people pursuing Chen Xiaohua, and every day they send
flowers to express their confession, which disturbs Chen Xiaohua a little. To avoid this kind of trouble,
Chen Xiaohua announced when he left school last semester When the school starts, she will find a
venue and openly accept everyone's confession. If she can impress her, maybe she will agree. "

  " This-"Chen Fei was speechless for a moment.

  The boy said: "After Chen Xiaohua announced this news, this winter vacation, I do n’t know how
many boys are secretly preparing. I want to surprise Chen Xiaohua at this time. Even people outside
the school also heard the news and wanted to impress Chen. The heart of the school. In short, if you
have money, you will want to seize this opportunity. "

  " Wow! "

  At this moment, a cheer came from the crowd, and a boy's voice rang, "Chen Ziling, I like me, and
I really like you. When I first saw you, I fell in love with you.

  I— " It seems that someone started to confess.

  However, before the boy's words were finished, a cold female voice rang, "That's it? The next

  Suddenly, the confession was choked back, and a coarse booing sounded around him.

  The boys on the periphery could not see clearly what was inside, and couldn't help being anxious
and jumping continually.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei took the lead and squeezed into the crowd. "Follow me." The

  boy saw Chen Fei was easily squeezed into the crowd. He couldn't help but be happier and quickly
followed him. With Chen Fei coming inside In the circle, he patted Chen Fei on the shoulder and
smiled: "Brother, I didn't expect you to look weak, but it's quite powerful!"

  Chen Fei smiled and looked at the situation in the circle at the moment.

  In front of the teaching building at this time, an old desk was placed. Behind the desk, there was a
stool. On the stool, an eighteen-nine-year-old girl with ponytails was sitting.

  The girl has a beautiful face and almost no makeup, but gives a natural carving, and the freshness
of the hibiscus in the clear water can't help but attract everyone's eyes, all cast her in the past.

  At this time, the girl put her hands on the desk, with no expression on her face

, and stared at the boy who stood up to express his confession. It was not like accepting a confession,
but like an interviewer.

  After the confession boy just went down, another boy stood up and looked at Chen Ziling. He
seemed a little nervous. He drew a piece of paper and took a deep breath: "Chen Ziling, I regret
passing by with you. If God gives me another chance, I ’m willing to say three words to you, I love you.
If I want to add a deadline to love, I hope

  it is-- " Chen Ziling frowned and knocked on the table, hitting the table before he finished speaking.
Broke the boy ’s confession, “What time is it, you still use such old-fashioned things to confess, it ’s too
old-fashioned. Moreover, such a paragraph, you should always recite it, do n’t hold papers, so true No
sincerity! "The

  confessed boy was ashamed of the sky, and left among the boos and laughter of everyone.

  Chen Ziling frowned and knocked on the table. He said a little displeasedly: "Why, I gave you a
chance. Are you preparing this level of confession, which is too disappointing for me."

  Wen Yan, the scene was another burst Noisy, many people stood up and confessed.

  Compared with the two people just now, they are very hard-working, some are preparing gifts, and
some have carefully collected various deeds of Chen Ziling. However, although he was attentive, he

could not impress anyone, and was directly rejected by Chen Ziling shaking his head.

  In such a scene, Chen Fei couldn't help but smile, and secretly said that his little sister did not
change his nature, and it would make the city wind and rain everywhere.

  One after another, the confessor was rejected, and the boys on the scene were a little nervous. No
one dared to play for a while.

  Chen Fei smiled and looked at his excited but disturbed boys around, smiled and said: "? You're
not her fanatical admirers do not get how to try ah!"

  The boys head as if shaking a rattle in general, quickly said: "I The love for Chen Xiaohua is
hidden in the bottom of my heart. I only want to guard her silently and convey my heart. I do n’t want to
be close to disturb his life, I am willing to be a big tree beside Chen Xiaohua, silent Wait for her. "

  Hearing this guy's sour words, Chen Fei understood it. This guy is also a dull thing, and his inner
drama is very rich, but if he wants to act, it is a soft egg.

  There was no one to play, and the atmosphere was a bit boring at this time. Chen Ziling tapped his
finger on the table and said, "Why, no one is here! Then today's event will end here, I will leave—"

  "Wait a minute, Zi Ling, I'm here! "Just when Chen Ziling wanted to leave, a loud voice rang.

  Then, a young man dressed in an expensive suit and dressed well came out.

  As soon as the man came out, there was a cry at the scene. Many people's eyes were all
concerned about the past, and they all began to discuss it.

  Chen Fei looked at the boy around him with doubts, "He

  is-- " The boy looked like his teeth and teeth, and said: "This guy is named Zhu Liang, and his
family is in the south for trade and business. He is a rich second generation and has pursued Chen
Xiaohua many times. "

  Zhu Liang stood up with a confident smile on his face and walked towards Chen Ziling.

  Seeing this, Chen Ziling said, "Zhu Liang, it's you. You can start."

  Zhu Liang heard the words, leaned into the clothes with his right hand, and drew out a small gift
box, which was displayed in front of everyone with a confident smile.

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