Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1265

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"It's just that the reward money is enough for tuition. But Xiaoyu's family won't pay for things like living
expenses. So, Xiaoyu has to earn his own living expenses. For the past few years, Xiaoyu has been
working outside to earn living expenses."

  "However, This year, Xiao Yu ’s brother had a girlfriend and was going to get married. He needed
money for gifts. But Xiao Yu had not graduated and could not make money. In addition, her family
heard that Xiaoyu had studied this archeology major, and she was very unpopular and did not earn
money. Money, the family is even more opposed. "

  " During this time, her mother often called to urge her to go back to get married, and asked her to
marry a local forty-year-old upstart, in exchange for her brother's gift money. "

  " Xiaoyu naturally does not Agree, but the family is pressing. It ’s okay to say that she does n’t go
back to marry someone, but the next time she goes home on vacation, she will bring 50,000 yuan back
to her brother as a gift. ”

  “ In order to make money, Xiaoyu fought outside A few jobs. In addition, there are still classes in
the school, she is very hard. "

  After listening to this, Chen Fei could not help but a little silence, thinking of the girl with short hair
and neat, did not expect her to carry such a family and huge pressure.

  Thinking of this, Chen Fei couldn't help but pay a sum of money directly to help Meng Yu solve the

  At this time, Xiaoshimei seemed to have seen Chen Fei's thoughts and said: "Brother, give Xiaoyu
money directly, this method, you don't need to try it. She is very strong and won't accept other people's

money for no reason."

  Chen Fei understood that he nodded and said, "These things will be discussed later. Now, let's go
to the place where Xiao Yu works."

  "Well, I know where it is."

  Immediately, the two rushed to the place where Meng Yu worked.

  Half an hour later, the two came to a factory area, passed through a rumbling processing plant,
and finally came to a dilapidated factory in the corner.

  The factory is not big, but the business at the door is good. There are trucks going in and out
constantly. Under the busyness of the workers, they are filled with goods and then they leave by car.

  These porters are almost all strong middle-aged men. But among these middle-aged men, there is
a figure of a weak and strong woman.

  Chen Fei looked at Meng Yu who gritted his teeth and carried a box of goods into the car, and he
felt a little distressed in his heart, and felt a distressed feeling.

  Chen Ziling's tears flickered, and she was about to rush forward.

  And at this moment, a man in his thirties, holding a beer belly, came out of the factory with his
hands on his back.

  The man glanced at Meng Yu, and immediately frowned and shouted, "Meng Yu, what's the matter
with you? Move quickly, so tortured, when will you move!"

  Meng Yu gritted his teeth and accelerated his pace , Carrying a box of goods towards the truck.

  And the beer belly man looked at Meng Yu, looked at it, then raised his mouth slightly, and walked
to Meng Yu, and continued to scream and urge: "Hurry up, originally you are a woman who came to
carry , I did n’t want to accept it at first. But I only promised you for your request. Did you say you can
do it? Is this virtue? ”

  The man yelled at Meng Yu. The fat right hand stretched out unreliably and touched Meng Yu's

  Meng Yu was carrying a box of goods, which was about to be unloaded and sent to the truck. As a
result, I felt a hand leaning towards me.

  Meng Yu Dayton

a shock, the body instinctively moved away to escape the harassment that the groping.

  But this dodge action made the cargo on Meng Yu's shoulder unstable, dropped with a snap, and
smashed to the ground.

  A whole box of glass bottles of beverages all shattered directly, and the beverages flowed all over
the place, looking very embarrassed.

  Seeing this, the beer belly man suddenly looked dull, and scolded, "How did you do it! The goods
are broken, what should I do?"

  Meng Yu looked surprised at the moment, and looked at the beer belly man. It was aggrieved
voice: "Yes, you touched me before

  it caused-- " "You talk nonsense, when did I touch you. Don't slander you." The beer belly man
screamed angrily, then coldly confronted Meng Yu waved his hand, "You go, you won't use it to work in
the future."

  Meng Yu's face sank, and she wanted to explain something, but the words came to her mouth, but
she couldn't say it. She could only sigh and took off her work. Uniform, set aside. Standing silently
beside the beer belly man.

  Seeing this, the beer belly man frowned and said, "What are you doing standing still, if you don't
hear, you are fired, get out!"

  Meng Yu bit his lip and said, "Boss, me, my salary."

  "Salary?" You still want a salary. Do you know how much the broken box is worth? I ’m fine if I did
n’t let you lose money. Do you still want to ask me for a salary? Do n’t you think it ’s ridiculous? ”The
boss mocked. color.

  "However, I have been here for three and a half days. You promised me three hundred wages a
day. Three days is nine hundred. Even if you deduct the money for the goods, there should be more."
Meng Yudao.

  "More? What are you kidding, I'm so compassionate before I let you lose money." The boss

  "The salary is what I deserve. If you don't give it to me, I won't leave." Meng Yu stood firmly on the

  The boss was impatient, waved the security guard, and ordered: "Take her away."

  Two burly security guards approached Meng Yu and would force her away.

  At this moment, Chen Fei slammed and stepped out. "Stop it." The

  beer belly boss heard the sound and was startled. Then he looked at him and frowned, "Who are
you? Come to control my business ? "

  Chen Fei and Chen Yu Meng Zi Ling walked around, give her cast a comforting look, then look to
the boss beer belly, the channel:." we are friends Meng rain, to back her of justice " "

  justice "The beer belly boss sneered, looked at the two disdainfully, and said ironically," Just the
two of you want to be fair. I want to see how you want to be fair. "

  Chen Fei said in a deep voice, " We want You settle the salary to Meng Yu, and then apologize to
her for her mistakes. "

  " Fix the salary, apologize for the mistake! Haha, are you talking about dreams? "The beer belly
boss smiled," You didn't see it, he broke After I got my goods, I was merciful without letting her pay. It ’s
ridiculous that you want me to pay her. "

  " What happened just now, you know it yourself. "Chen Fei said coldly.

  Chen Ziling also touched the phone and said, "I've photographed everything you did. If you don't
admit it, I'll go to the police station to sue you." The

  beer belly boss saw it, his brow furrowed, and his expression was gloomy.

  He shouted loudly, and immediately called out the security guards and workers in the factory, "all
come out, some people make trouble."

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