Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1277

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Jiang Lingfei saw this, the smile on his lips became more obvious. He looked at Chen Fei and said,
"Mr. Chen, your most important thing now is to make your own products and respond to the masses of
people's doubts. It is not to make excuses for yourself and engage in certain conspiracy theories here."

  Chen Fei said coldly: "I am talking about facts, not conspiracy theories."

  "Is it? Then, I want to ask. You said our Jiang family retaliated against you, the other doctors, and
so many professionals. Against you. Even at the TCM Association, there are Chinese medicine holy
hands against you, how do you explain? "Jiang Lingfei questioned.

  Chen Fei light: "Everyone knows that you said Guo Yi Jiang Yuanze Kathrine is your father, why he
is so, I have already said moreover, even the State Medical Kathrine, it is not necessarily correct.."

  His words, Suddenly caused an uproar at the scene.

  "This kid is too arrogant, even saying this kind of thing."

  "What kind of character is Old Jiang, even if he is Jiang Xuanfeng's grandfather, he will not falsify
the people."

  "What, a blackhearted boss, actually Dare to question Mr. Jiang, it's a joke. "

  " Go away, don't stay here anymore. It's an insult to my eyes. "


  Amidst the scolding, Jiang Lingfei's mouth smiled, his face smug, and continued. : "Since you say
that the

  traditional Chinese medicine holy hand is not necessarily correct, then I will let the traditional
Chinese medicine holy hand come and talk to you personally." After that, Jiang Lingfei clapped his
hands. Immediately, an old man in his sixties or seventies, wearing a robe and wearing a beard, came

  Seeing the old man coming out, many people at the scene immediately cheered, picked up their
phones and took photos.

  Because they all recognized this person, it was Jiang Yuanze, the sacred hand of Chinese

  After Jiang Lingfei asked his father to sit down, he said something in his ear.

  Immediately, Jiang Yuanze looked at Chen Fei, and said in a bad tone: "Just now, did you question
my remarks incorrectly?"

  Chen Fei looked at Jiang Yuanze without changing his face, and said lightly: "Your other remarks
are incorrect, I don't I know. However, your remarks about autumn health wine are 100% wrong. "

  " Bold fanatics! "Jiang Yuanze looked sullen and yelled," I am a member of the Chinese Medicine
Association, and I am also a sacred hand of Chinese medicine. "

  I don't know your level, but your judgment about autumn health wine is really wrong." Chen

  "Joke, I'm wrong. Then I want to ask you, how do you achieve the various effects of your autumn
health wine promotion, what kind of medicinal materials are used, and what mechanism you can't
explain Clearly, you cannot prove that your product is effective. "Jiang Yuanze asked sharply.

  At the same time, Jiang Lingfei secretly glanced at the people below and looked at Chen Fei
intently, preparing to record Chen Fei's explanation.

  As an insider, they naturally know how amazing the effect of autumn health wine is. I also wanted
to imitate one and tried it many times, but I couldn't succeed.

  Now, if Chen Fei announced the medicinal materials and principles, then they would get clues that
they might be able to copy the product. When the time comes, make a new face, get a new brand, and
sell it yourself, you can't make a fortune.

  The Jiang family's wishful thinking was unstoppable.

  However, Chen Fei didn't expect them to think carefully, and said in a cold voice: "Those are the
commercial secrets of the products, I can't disclose them."

  "Can't disclose? Haha

, how do you prove that your products are really effective?" Jiang Yuanze asked.

  Chen Fei lightly:. "I got the certificate of product-related departments, has been recognized by
Chinese Medicine Association members, is naturally effective"

  "certification, this kind of thing, how many tricky, and I do not say . You said that the Chinese
Medicine Association's committee member's approval, I would like to ask, which committee member
approved your product? You asked him to come forward and confront me. "Jiang Yuanze asked.

  Jiang Lingfei looked proud next to him, and looked at Chen Fei with a thrill of revenge.

  This matter, his father Jiang Yuanze greeted the Chinese Medicine Association. With the
qualifications of his father, who would jump out to give him the platform of Chen Fei at this time, this is
almost impossible.

  At this time, the masses of the audience and countless netizens in front of the Internet all turned to
Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei looked at the time and at the side of the road and said lightly: "People will come soon,
and you will know by then."

  However, at the end of the road there was silence, and no one showed up at all.

  Everyone couldn't help but ridicule again.

  "This kid, then what the hell!"

  "This time it is in tow, he simply can not go to the members of the Association of Chinese medicine
to give him the platform!" "Does

  not survive, this black-hearted boss, to be collapsed."

  "Autumn health The wine must be

  banned . " " Oh, it's just a matter of self-reliance! "

  ............ After

  waiting for a few minutes, no one came, and the people on the scene could not help being

  Jiang Lingfei also sneered: "Chen Fei, what do you call the committee members who support

  At this moment, when a car drove over, Chen Fei smiled and stepped up to meet, "People are

  Seeing this, everyone's eyes gathered all at once, with a curious look on their face, wanted to see ,
Where is the sacred person.

  Jiang Lingfei faintly felt something wrong and secretly glanced at his father Jiang Yuanze.

  Jiang Yuanze gave him a reassuring look and whispered: "Relax, there will be no accidents. Even
if it is really a person in the Chinese Medicine Association, I have a way to suppress it. My identity in
the association, there are not many people Can overwhelm me. "

  Wen Yan, Jiang Lingfei lightened his mind and relaxed.

  At this moment, the vehicle stopped at the door of Jiang Yitang, the door opened, an old man
came out of the car, Chen Fei greeted warmly, greeted: "Old Du, hard work!"

  At this time, everyone's eyes He also cast it, his face full of doubts.

  "Who is this old man? It looks good, is he also a Chinese medicine

  doctor ?" "There is such a Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing, why haven't I seen it before?"

  "You don't even know this, this is the famous Dujiang in Longjiang City. Three needles, Mr. Du
Jingdu, Mr. Du! "

  " Mr. Du, you mean, the holy hand of Chinese medicine in Longjiang City, the owner of Du Medical
Hall. "

  " Yes, it is him. Mr. Du himself was a member of the Chinese Medicine Association, and some time
ago Because of the Nan'an Needle King in Nanjiang City, Du Lao took a higher level of fame and status
in the association and was directly promoted to the committee. "

  " Nan'an Needle King, you mean the matter with Cao Liqiu. Du Jingwei defeated Cao Liqiu, his
level is unquestionable! "

  " Unexpectedly, this boss Chen actually invited a member of the association, and he is also a
sacred hand of the Chinese doctor Du Lao. "

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