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Chapter 1295

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"Some people say that the capital is where the Dragon Boat of Huaxia is located, and the Dragon Tomb
will appear here. Others say that the Dragon Tomb will be born in a hidden enclosure, and only those
who have obtained the token can enter the enclosure and explore the Dragon Tomb. Others say that
the Dragon Tomb has appeared, in a place that everyone is familiar with, but no one notices it. "

  " There are too many rumors, and now no one can determine the true or false. But our Stuart
College learned from the news Judgment, the clues of the Dragon Tomb should be related to the
capital. "

  Chen Fei nodded slightly, believing that Situkong's words, then there was a silence for a while, and
I didn't know what to think.

  Stuart seeing empty, while the hearts of apprehension, uneasiness look to Chen Fei, cautiously
opening:. "? He is the secret of the tomb of the dragon, I have told you you that you can you spare my

  Chen Fei heard this, North Korea Situkong looked over and said in a cold voice: "Do you think I
can spare you for what you did to Zhuo Qingyu?"

  " This-- " Situkong was shocked, and quickly confessed his mistake and asked for forgiveness,
"Mr. Chen At that time, I lost my mind and did something wrong. I no longer dared, and asked Mr. Chen
to spare me. "

  Chen Fei was silent for a while, then looked at Situ Kong, coldly said:" Forgive you, It's not
impossible. It's just-- "

  " Mr. Chen, what do you tell me, despite speaking. As long as I can do it, I will definitely go to the
end, "Situkong said quickly.

  Chen Feidao: "I don't need to go to the Tang Dynasty, what I want you to do now. That is to
continue to operate the Situ College and continue to collect information about the Dragon Tomb. But,
behind, you have to listen to me, understand?"

  "I-I Understand! "Situkong nodded. Chen Fei's request was to control him and Situ College to
serve himself.

  At a moment when life is at stake, how can Situkong dare not agree?

  Seeing this, Chen Fei nodded, then shot a burst of energy and entered Situ Kong, suddenly letting
Situ Kong twitch suddenly, the whole person's expression was extremely painful, and then returned to

  "I smashed a breath into your body. If you dare to betray me, you know the consequences." Chen
Fei said lightly, his palms squeezed lightly, and Situkong felt all the internal organs cramped.

  He was terrified, and quickly said: "I understand, I understand. I will not betray Mr. Chen yours,
absolutely not."

  Chen Fei nodded and stopped, Situkong returned to normal.

  "Okay, things are settled. I'm leaving. The next thing, you do it yourself." Chen Fei immediately got
up and prepared to leave.

  "Mr. Chen, I'll take you out!" Situkong quickly got up and gave him a courtesy, followed behind
Chen Fei, and said carefully, "Mr. Chen, Qianxing Academy. He will come to check and collect
information regularly. If they find out what happened to me, what should I do— "

  This is Situkong's worry. If his ancestral school Qianxing Academy finds that he has betrayed, I am
afraid he will not let him go.

  Chen Fei heard the words and said lightly: "The Qianxing Academy is still in the same situation.
You can continue to report to them what you have collected."

  "This--" Situkong was surprised and couldn't help but be surprised that Chen Fei even allowed I
continue to report the information to Qianxing Academy.

 & ems

p; Chen Fei saw it lightly and said: "Follow me to do things, you don't have to worry. Even if Qianxing
Academy found it, there is not much trouble, I can solve it, understand?"

  "I, I understand!" Situkong Hearing the words, nodded.

  But at this time, he was still quite skeptical. Although Chen Fei was of great strength, he could
easily beat himself, which was a good master. However, compared with the powerful forces in the
martial arts circle such as Qianxing Academy, one person is still too weak. Situkong suspected that
Chen Fei's words were just fooling his own clichés.

  At this moment, Chen Fei seemed to see through Situkong's thoughts, figured out a token, and
shook it in front of Situkong, saying, "What is this, do you see clearly?"

  Situkong stunned and fixed his eyes. Look, I was shocked, "Here, this is the token of Tianwuzong.
The token of the four major forces Tianwuzong. Mr. Chen, you

  are— " Chen Fei put away the token and said lightly: "My thing Do n’t guess it yourself. You just
need to understand that it ’s enough to do things according to my requirements. ”

  “ Yes, yes! ”Situkong nodded quickly, and this time, his face was full of smiles, and it seemed a lot

  After all, Chen Fei Ke took out the token of Tian Wuzong, which is even more powerful than
Qianxing Academy. If Tian Wuzong intervened, he would not have to worry about Situkong.


  At the same time, in another room, Zhuo Qingyu and his father Zhuo Anqing sat quietly with a cup
of hot tea.

  Zhuo Qingyu has a smile on his face, constantly remembering the pictures just now in his mind.

  She, who was already desperate, had never expected that someone would save herself, and her
teacher Chen Fei was the one who saved. At the thought of Chen Fei appearing at a critical moment,
holding his head up to protect himself, Zhuo Qingyu's cheeks could not help getting a touch of blush,
and his heartbeat accelerated.

  Aside, Zhuo Qingyu ’s father, Zhuo Anqing, frowned at this moment, with a worried expression,
and could not help saying: "Qi Yu, you said your master, what are they going to do?"

  Mentioning this, Zhuo

  Qingyu couldn't help but look down, frowning: "He did that kind of thing, it's not my master." Zhuo
Anqing said: "Quiet, I understand your mood. But, Situkong's strength It ’s not that strong that we can
afford. ”

  Zhuo Qing said:“ He ’s so strong, but it ’s not Mr. Chen ’s opponent.

  I’m not afraid. ” “ Daughter, things are not that simple. ”Zhuo Anqing said seriously. "Your teacher
Chen is powerful, even defeating Situ Kong. But you have to understand that he is only one person,
and there are hundreds of people in Situ Academy. If they work together, I am

  afraid— " Zhuo Qingwen said, could not help but slightly Frowning, his expression worried.

  And Zhuo Anqing continued: "And I have talked and Stuart empty, he not only has Stuart College,
in the back, it seems there is a deeper background if really angered him, I am afraid things easy to get

  "Say Although your teacher Chen is powerful, you and I are just ordinary people. He cannot
protect us forever. If we are a little careless and we are retaliated, it will be bad. "

  Zhuo Qingyu became more and more annoyed , Could not help but waved his hand: "Dad, don't
say it."

  "Light whisper, not Dad's talk, these practical issues, we all have to consider it in advance!" Zhuo
Anqing said with a long heart and said to Zhuo Qingqing , "Dad has an idea, how do you listen?"

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