Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1310

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Soon, the two came to the booked restaurant. After parking the car, Chen Fei took Zhang Qiuyue to the
private room.

  In order to show sincerity, Chen Fei has packaged the most advanced private rooms in the hotel,
and all kinds of decoration and dishes are top-notch.

  After arranging these, Teacher Huang also arrived soon after. Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue went
down to meet in person.

  Teacher Huang just looked in his early forties, with a pair of sunglasses, and a small braid is still
behind, which is very fashionable. It seems that it is very consistent with the people who engage in art
in Chen Fei's impression.

  When Chen Fei took Mr. Huang to the top private room, Mr. Huang's eyes could not help blinking,
and the smile on the corner of his mouth became more intense. "Qiuyue, Mr. Chen, how can this be so
embarrassing, it cost you a lot."

  Chen Fei smiled Greet Teacher Huang to sit down, and then said: "It's nothing, just have a meal.
Besides, as a friend of Qiuyue, Teacher Huang has done so much for her, and it's okay to ask Teacher
Huang to eat better."

  Immediately, Chen Fei greeted the waiter to serve, and gave Mr. Huang a copy of the menu so that
he could order his favorite food.

  With the arrival of all kinds of expensive and rare dishes, the smile on Teacher Huang's face was
even brighter, and he took the initiative to pick up the wine glass and Chen Fei pushed the glass and
replaced it.

  Drinking a few more drinks, the teacher's box of words opened, and he talked endlessly.

  Tell me which famous university you studied abroad, which famous teacher you studied music
with, and met with those big-name musicians abroad. After blowing up abroad, he started to blow up
his domestic achievements.

  I once said that I was a member of a certain association, and then I said what project I got, and I
cooperated with those star singers.

  Finally, after talking about Zhang Qiuyue naturally, after praised Zhang Qiuyue, he began to brag
about his careful teaching to Zhang Qiuyue.

  Chen Fei doesn't understand music, but he doesn't need to know anything. Just follow Teacher
Huang's words and brag about it.

  After all, Chen Fei can be seen. This teacher Huang doesn't have the kind of stubborn temper of
an artistic person. After drinking too much, it is no different from ordinary people, and likes to boast.

  For such people, Chen Fei is a good solution. After all, as long as you smash money and things,
you can knock them down, which is very convenient.

  So, Chen Fei boasted along with Teacher Huang's words, and secretly showed his financial
resources. Teacher Huang's eyes suddenly shined and patted his chest, saying that he must teach
Zhang Qiuyue in the future and teach her everything she has learned.

  Zhang Qiuyue did not expect that his teacher was such a virtue in private. Although she didn't like
it a little, she understood it. She listened quietly and didn't speak.

  In this way, the atmosphere on the table warmed up after the wine was hot.

  But at this moment, there was a knock on the door of the private room.

  Teacher Huang, who was bragging to Xing's head, was interrupted and could not help frowning.
He said unpleasantly: "Who, what knocked on?"

  Outside, the waiter said: "Is Teacher Huang here? There is a lady Say it's your student. I have
something urgent to see you. "

  " My student! "Teacher Huang paused and said," Come in! "The

  door of the private room opened, and

a big figure walked in.

  "Who are you?" Drinking a lot of Teacher Huang, seeing this figure, I didn't recognize the other
party for a while.

  It was Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue who recognized the person at a glance. Because this person is
not someone else, it was Zhou Yueqi, Zhou Xueqi, who had been taught by Chen Fei just now.

  "Teacher Huang, this is Zhou Yueqi!" Zhou Yueqi glanced at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue and said
to Teacher Huang.

  Teacher Huang heard, but couldn't help but stunned, said: "You are Zhou Yueqi? How did it
become like this?"

  Zhou Yueqi said, pointing to Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue with a touch of resentment in his eyes,
said: "Not yet Qiuyue Xuemei they did a good   job ! "When

  referring to Zhang Qiuyue, Teacher Huang frowned,

saying ," What the hell is going on? " Zhou Yueqi immediately said a bitter tone, and said something
more justified. Finally, he looked at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue with resentment.

  After listening to this, Teacher Huang could not help but frown. He looked at Chen Fei and Zhang
Qiuyue and asked, "Qiuyue, Mr. Chen, this matter

  is-- " Chen Fei made no secret and said directly: "Yes, She was the one who beat me. However, it
was because she smelled bad and bullied Zhang Qiuyue. My lesson this time was still light. If there is
another time, I will not be so polite. "

  " Teacher Huang, look, They are still so arrogant. You must call me! I-- "Zhou Yueqi said to
Teacher Huang with a coquettish tone.

  Teacher Huang frowned for a while, his eyes turned, weighed a bit, and said to Zhou Yueqi:
"Yueqi, Qiuyue is here to learn music with me. The cleaning of the music classroom, there are special
cleaning staff in the school, you just let them do it. Besides, Qiuyue's temperament is gentle, and I still
have some things in mind. "

  Zhou Yueqi didn't expect Teacher Huang to maintain Zhang Qiuyue in such a way, he couldn't help
but be amazed. Immediately hugged Mr. Huang tightly and

  said coquettishly : "Mr. Huang, I didn't bully Qiuyue, it was her too-- " But after Zhou Yueqi finished,
Mrs. Huang took out his arm and said coldly: "Yueqi, It ’s your teacher. You should pay attention to it. I
’ll check it out when I go back. If it ’s okay, go back first. ”

  "Teacher Huang, I--" Zhou Yueqi didn't expect that Teacher Huang wouldn't even eat her own big
tricks. You know, she relied on this trick before, but let Teacher Huang take care of herself.

  Although Zhou Yueqi was a little careful, he didn't understand the situation in front of him.

  In the face of Chen Fei's high-standard hospitality, there are also occasionally revealed benefits.
Zhou Yueqi's advantage is naturally not worth mentioning to his teacher Huang.

  Moreover, compared with Zhang Qiuyue and Zhou Yueqi, Zhou Yueqi is not an opponent at all.
Therefore, in the face of such interests, Teacher Huang is naturally not interested in managing her
Zhou Yueqi.

  Zhou Yueqi did not expect such a result, staring at Chen Fei and Zhang Qiuyue, standing in the
private room, unwilling to leave.

  Huang rushed, impatient, waved and said: "! Zhouyue Qi, Chen and I have things to talk about,
you're okay, then you go first."

  This is clearly a man in a hurry.

  But Zhou Yueqi still did not leave, but gritted his teeth, looked up at Teacher Huang, and said: "Mr.
Huang, there is a message, I want to inform you."

  "What news! You hurry." Teacher Huang urged impatiently Road.

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