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Chapter 1323

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In this regard, Chen Fei said very seriously, but only the Ji family three people, but they all have a look
of disbelief.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn't figure out how to persuade them for a while, but he couldn't help but
pause and meditate.

  Upon seeing this, Ji Dongyang said: "Mr. Chen, I know your kindness, and thank you for your help.
It's just that this matter is too dangerous, I can't drag you down. You should leave!"

  At this moment , Chen Fei's eyes lit up and thought of something, clapping: "Yes, there is!"

  "Mr. Chen, what is there?" Ji Dongyang asked curiously.

  Chen Fei touched the phone and dialed the number while explaining to the Ji family: "Since you do
n’t believe in my strength, then I ’ll find you a master at the prefecture level."


  Ji family After hearing the words, all three were stunned and looked at Chen Fei together.

  Ji Dongyang clearly knows how difficult it is to get a prefecture master. But now, in Chen Fei's
mouth, it seems like a trivial matter, very simple, just make a phone call.

  "Mr. Chen, this--" Ji Dongyang wanted to say something.

  But at this time, Chen Fei's mobile phone was connected. He made a gesture to Ji Dongyang, and
then said to the other end of the phone: "I am Chen Fei, I am in the home of Dongyang Entertainment
Season, you come here now! "In a

  simple sentence, even with the tone of a command, after finishing speaking, Chen Fei hung up the
phone directly. This way of doing things really surprised the three Ji family.

  After Chen Fei made a phone call, he looked relaxed and greeted Ji Dongyang to sit down and
said, "Mr. Ji, don't worry, I will invite you to come. Next, you will tell me more about Wei Gang .And the
skull logo. "

  Although Ji Dongyang still has a face of doubt and disbelief, but seeing Chen Fei so relaxed, he
can only sit down and chat with him.

  After chatting for about half an hour, someone came in to report: "Ji, there is a guest."

  "Who?" Ji Dongyang asked.

  Chen Fei stood up and said: "It should be the person I called, let him come in."

  Ji Dongyang nodded, and the next person went out.

  Subsequently, a person led into the living room under the leadership of Ji's family. Ji Dongyang
stood up and greeted the other party, ready to greet him, after all, it was the helper Chen Fei invited.

  But when he saw the face of the coming person, the whole person froze in place, and his face was

  Suddenly for a few seconds, Ji Dongyang recovered, and quickly hurried forward, reaching out his
hands and saying, "Dr. Situ, why are you here? Hurry, please sit down." The

  person is not someone else, just It is Situ Kong, the dean of Situ College.

  Situ College has made a lot of fame in the capital in the past two years. Dean Situkong has also
made many friends in the power circle of the capital. Ji Dongyang is naturally one of them.

  When Ji Dongyang asked for bodyguards everywhere, he once asked Situ Kong for help. It's just
that the bodyguard of the prefecture-level realm is too difficult to invite, and Situkong finally didn't find
the right person.

  And now, Stuart empty even personally come to his home, which makes the season Dongyang
extremely surprised, curious and asked: "? Stuart Dean, you, you are invited to my house, I do not
know what are you doing" &


SP; Stuart empty stunned for a moment, then He glanced at Chen Fei and explained to Ji Dongyang:
"Mr. Ji, Mr. Chen called me just now and asked me to come over."

  "Ah, this--" Ji Dongyang was shocked and surprised. He glanced at Chen Fei, and then at Ji
Dongyang, his face full of unbelievable expressions, "Director Situ, Mr. Chen. Is it, Is Mr. Chen what
you just said is Dean

  Situkong ? " Chen Fei smiled and said:" It's him. His strength has reached the middle of the
prefecture level. When your bodyguard, it still meets the requirements. "

  "Meet the requirements, of course!" Ji Dongyang nodded quickly, and Situ Kong was a prefect of
the prefecture level. He naturally knew it long ago. It's just that he never thought about letting Situ Kong
become his bodyguard.

  After all, Situkong ’s status in the capital is not necessarily lower than that of Ji Dongyang. He
asked others to be his bodyguards. How could he offend such a crime.

  But now, because of Chen Fei's phone call, he even called Situ Kong as a bodyguard, which really
made Ji Dongyang feel a little unbelievable.

  At the same time, he was a little nervous and looked at Situ Kongdao: "President Situ, you are my
bodyguard. This is really offending you

  . I-- " Situkong understood Ji Dongyang's meaning and waved his hand. quarter of the total do not
care, not a big deal to say, this is Mr. Chen told things, I naturally want to run. ". "

  ah, this - "Wen Yan, Ji Dongyang again could not help but surprised a moment, Chen Fei could not
help but read Glance.

  Dean Situkong Situkong, a famous master of martial arts in Beijing. It was so respectful to Chen
Fei, and the word "command" was also used, as if Chen Fei was his master, which made Ji Dongyang
really unexpected.

  Seems to see doubts season Dongyang mind, Stuart empty smile, not shy, explained:. "I empty
Stuart and Stuart College, from now on, listen to Chen's orders to act"

  to hear that Ji Dongyang was shocked, and the whole person was surprised.

  Listening to Situkong, Chen Fei is really the master of Situkong. At this moment, Ji Dongyang
looked at Chen Fei in shock, his face full of incredible expression.

  He couldn't think of it. In addition to the identity of a medical genius, Chen Fei still has such a
powerful identity.

  As for Ji Ying and his mother next to him, they were so shocked that they were speechless.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei smiled and said, "Don't be stunned, sit down and talk. Mr. Ji, you tell Dean
Situ about Wei Gang, so that he can prepare for it."

  "Ah, well, I said right away. "Ji Dongyang nodded and told Situ Kong about Wei Gang's revenge.

  After listening to Situkong, he nodded and meditated for a while, then said, "If you follow the
description of President Ji, then Wei Gang's strength should be around the initial level of the prefecture
level. There are occasional improvements, at most only in the mid-level The realm is the same as mine.
I should be fine with him. ”

  After that, Situ Kong looked at Chen Fei again, and then added:“ Of course, even if I ca n’t deal
with it, if Mr. Chen is there, then there is absolutely no problem. Question. "

  " Ah-- "Ji Dongyang couldn't help but stunned, secretly curious," Could Chen Fei really be a master
of martial arts? "

  Several people chatted for a while, and Situkong patted his chest to ensure that there was no
problem, let Ji Dongyang felt relieved, and his mood improved. He instructed his men to prepare a
table dinner, a group of people pushed the cups to change the light, and the wine was hot and had

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