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Chapter 1365

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At the same time, Zhang Xinyu took his own fire squad and some members of the gold squad to find
another training room, where he practiced slowly.

  Ma Qi got close to Zhang Xinyu and looked like a dog's leg. He said, "Boss Zhang, what should we
do now? Then Chen Fei became our instructor. I am afraid it will be difficult to deal with."

  Zhang Xinyu sneered . , And said: "What instructor? A relative who walks through the back door. It
doesn't need us to do anything. Just wait for the guy to show his feet, and Lin Anshu, Lu Gang and Tan
Bingjie will blast the kid out. After all, there is no strength. Guy, it's ridiculous to want to stand on our
five-element team. "

  " Boss Zhang is right. It shouldn't take long, then Chen Fei will be blasted away. "Machi
immediately echoed.

  At this moment, two uniformed team members rushed over quickly.

  Ma Qi recognized them as one of the few players left by Team Jin. He smiled suddenly and said to
Zhang Xinyu, "Boss Zhang, you are really a smart man. It seems that the kid can't stay any longer."

  Zhang Xinyu nodded with a smile . , Looks like a bamboo on the chest.

  Ma Qi walked over to the two players and said, "Why did you come out, is the new instructor

  "I said to you, as a team member of Team Xing, who did not support Xing, he instead Go to the
new coach's class. Now, regret it! "Machi said to the two with a tone of lesson.

  Seeing this, the two couldn't help but stunned, and then their face went down, and their expression
wasn't pretty. After all, March is just an ordinary member of the Fire Squad, and their existence at the
same level, but now a tone of lesson, naturally makes them uncomfortable.

  "Sorry? It should be you who want to say regret." The two sneered, then bypassed directly from
March, walked over to the team members of the Jin team, and said, "You guys, come back soon it!
Chen instructors very powerful, only a few hours, we let a lot of people's strength has increased. miss
this opportunity, after ye have found it hard. Come on! "

  after listening to a few people, look The surprised expression, although hesitant, trot after the duo
and went back again.

  Therefore, only the members of the fire squad remained in the training room.

  Originally proud of Ma Qi and Zhang Xinyu, their expressions are not so good at the moment.

  The team members also discussed.

  "Then Chen Fei, is it really that powerful?"

  "You just listen to them! Strength can be enhanced in a few hours, how can there be such a simple

  "Oh, I think, these two people, they deliberately Send it out! "

  " However, there are still so many people out there. Then Chen Fei should still have two brushes,
otherwise, it is impossible for everyone to stay so long! "


  Listen to the players In the discussion, Zhang Xinyu's expression was not good-looking, and made
a wink at Ma Qi, and said: "You go to check, to see what is going on?"

  Ma Qi nodded, and soon, he came back, his face a little bit Not pretty.

  Seeing this, Zhang Xinyu frowned, "What's going on?"

  Ma Qidao said: "Then Chen Fei seems to have taken out a pill.

After taking it, the practice speed will be accelerated. Several people broke through the realm directly
at the scene, so now the inside People trust him. "

  "What!" Zhang Xinyu didn't expect it would be such a result, his expression sank.

  The members of the surrounding fire squad, when they heard the dialogue between the two, their
eyes flashed, and their eyes continued to glance inside.

  They are also members of the Wuxing Squad. Others are taking elixir inside, and their strength
has increased. However, they have nothing to do outside, so they are naturally anxious.

  Just as Zhang Xinyu was about to reprimand them, You Lan came out and said in a cold voice:
"Everyone outside of you has listened well. Instructor Chen gave you the last chance. Those who go in
now may be given pills. Get instructed by Instructor Chen. If you miss this opportunity, you wo n’t use it
later. "

  " You Lan, you don't want to scare us. A hairy kid, a few pills, what's the big deal, we-- "Mudge
Speaking aside.

  You Lan ignored him at all, snorted, and dropped the sentence, "believe it or not," and went
straight in.

  At this time, there was a burst of cheers inside, which suddenly made people outside feel more
itchy, and kept looking at Zhang Xinyu.

  Finally, someone couldn't help but said, "Captain Zhang, what's the specific situation, let's go
check it out. If Chen Fei really doesn't work, it's a big deal. We will exit again, and there will be no loss."

  "Yes, Team Zhang If it is true, then the people of the other teams have improved, and our fire team
is behind! "

  Zhang Xinyu did not want to go in very much, but also knew that pressing his team members at
this moment would only make them unhappy with themselves. So he nodded and said, "Well, let's go in
and see."

  So, Zhang Xinyu and their fire team returned to the training hall again.

  At first they thought that everyone would sneer at them for a while, but when they came in, they
found that the people inside had no time to ignore them.

  Those who took the medicine sat cross-legged on the ground, taking time to practice. Those who
did not take the medicine also seized the opportunity to seek guidance from Chen Fei. It can be said
that everyone is so busy that there is absolutely no free time.

  "This--" The members of the entire fire squad were shocked when they saw it.

  Immediately, they asked someone to ask about the specific situation, and the facts were in front of
them, and they suddenly had to believe that Chen Fei, the new instructor, was really amazing.

  For a time, the entire fire squad members were excited. They wished to immediately find Chen Fei
to apologize for admitting the mistake and return to the team.

  But after all, Zhang Xinyu is their captain. The captain did not speak, and everyone was not good
to go directly, and could only look at Zhang Xinyu.

  Zhang Xinyu frowned and said: "Don't you think this kind of medicine that can quickly enhance
your strength? Besides, even if there is this kind of medicine. Then Chen Fei is only relying on the
medicine. His own strength is still insufficient. He is simply not qualified to serve as an instructor for our
five-element team. "

  Zhang Xinyu didn't speak, and the words spread directly throughout the training room, so that
everyone could hear it, naturally including the busy Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei heard the voice and looked at him coldly, "You are questioning my qualifications?"

  Zhang Xinyu and Chen Fei faced each other firmly and said: "It depends on drugs, what is the skill.
We are martial artists, we rely on The fist and strength are shot a little bit, not piled up by drugs. "

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