Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1380

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It was said that Luo Lao shook his head for a while, and did not want to ignore Chen Fei at all, and
waved his hand: "Mr. Chen, please come back!"

  Luo Beiling also said: "Xiaofeng, send Mr. Chen them."

  "Luo Lao , I-- "Chen Fei still wanted to explain, but the other party was not interested in listening to
his own words, and turned around.

  In desperation, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling had to leave.

  Inside the house, the Luo family looked at Chen Fei's back, and Luo Beihe sneered and sighed,
saying: "The ignorant and arrogant guy offended the hidden family, and he was also scared and
ridiculous. It was ridiculous."

  Luo Shuang also sneered: How long can he be arrogant, Xing Rui will be back soon. "

  Old Luo, with a sigh and a sad look," It's a pity that the health pill. "

  Luo Beihe saw this and quickly comforted:" Dad, don't have to pity . Looking back, I went to the
holy hand of the Chinese doctor at the Royal Hospital and asked them to help you prepare a health pill.

  " Let's go! "Luo Dongfang nodded and turned back immediately.

  At the moment, outside the Luo Family Courtyard, Luo Feng sent Chen Fei and Chen Ziling into
the car, apologizing, "Mr. Chen, Zi Ling, I'm really sorry, I didn't expect this to happen? I must find a way
back , And persuade my grandfather to let him agree. "

  Chen Fei smiled and said:" It's okay, this thing doesn't blame you.

  Looking back, we can think of a way for ourselves. " Immediately, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling took
the car from The Luo family left.

  Back at Jingcheng University, Chen Ziling bowed his head and said nothing, his expression was

  Seeing this, Chen Fei said comfortingly, "Zi Ling, it's okay. Looking back, we can think of other
ways to find clues. It's a big deal when the old man's name is moved out, it will definitely work."

  "Huh!" Chen Ziling squeezed out a smile and nodded at Chen Fei.

  ……… In the

  next few days, Chen Fei wanted to find Luo Feng to inquire about the situation, but Luo Feng's
phone could not be reached, and no one had come to the school. Chen Fei could only put things aside
for a while.

  On this day, Chen Fei, who was preparing for class, received a call from the autumn group branch,
"Hey, this is Chen Fei, what's the matter?"

  There was a worried voice over the phone, "Mr. Chen Secretary Meng had been out for business
for half a day. Now that she has n’t returned, we ca n’t reach her by phone. The manager asked you,
do you want to call the police? ”

  Chen Fei immediately frowned,“ Meng Yu Can't get in touch? What's the matter? "

  " It was a few days ago, the company received a large order from a new customer, saying that it
would order one million servings of health wine. Moreover, the other party specified that Meng Meng
should negotiate this. Things. "

  " Early in the morning, Secretary Meng went to talk about business. But until now evening, she
hasn't come back. And, we called her and it showed that it was turned off. We were a little worried, so--

  Hearing this, Chen Fei was also anxious and quickly said: "Where is the place for negotiation?
Who is the other party and give me their information."

  "The place where the negotiation was originally agreed was a five-star hotel not far from the
company ... but we call Ask, the hotel's say, noon secretary Meng less than when he left, and she left
with a young man. Specific go somewhere, we

finding out. " "

  What! "Chen Fei complexion After sinking, his eyes were a bit cold. After being silent for a while
and calming himself down, Chen Fei commanded, "You continue to contact Secretary Meng. As soon
as there is news, you will notify me immediately and the police will not be used for the time being. I will
find someone to do so."

  "Yes, Mr. Chen!" The other party answered, and then hung up.

  After Chen Fei finished talking, he immediately dialed Xu Qinghe's phone.

  This Xu Qinghe was a leader in this branch of the branch company. He established a Qinghe
Gang, and was initially conquered by Chen Fei in the fight against counterfeit health wine.

  Now, Chen Fei wants him to start his men to find Meng Yu's trail.

  After all, looking for someone, the ground snake like Xu Qinghe is sometimes more useful than the
big families like Luo and Zhong.

  After making a phone call, Chen Fei said things quickly, and then sent Meng Yu's photo to Xu
Qinghe, asking him to start looking for someone immediately.

  At the request of Chen Fei, Xu Qinghe naturally did not dare to neglect and immediately became
busy. Chen Fei drove from school and headed towards the branch.

  More than ten minutes later, when Chen Fei had not yet arrived at the branch, there was news
from Xu Qinghe, with clues from Meng Yu.

  At noon today, the younger brother of the Qinghe Gang saw that Meng Yu and a young man came
out of the five-star hotel.

  Because the autumn group was ordered by Chen Fei to order Xu Qinghe to take care of it, the
younger brother of Qinghe's helper was relatively familiar with Meng Yu, the manager secretary of the
autumn group.

  After seeing Meng Yu and the young man leaving, the younger brother quietly followed. It turned
out that Meng Yu and the young man went to a bar called "Starry Sky" in the western suburbs.

  This celestial star bar is a famous bar on the street of Xijiao pub. Not only is it large in area and
luxurious in decoration, but more importantly, the celestial bar is a well-known "yanyu bar" among the
customers. It is a good place for many people to seek excitement.

  After seeing Meng Yu and the young man entering the Starry Sky Bar, the younger brother of the
Qinghe Gang thought that Meng Yu was talking about her boyfriend. When he came to the other party
to stimulate and relax, he didn't take it seriously and left.

  Until now, Xu Qinghe issued an order to find Meng Yu within the Qinghe Gang. The younger
brother saw the news and then remembered the previous incident, so he quickly reported the incident

to Xu Qinghe and then spread it to Chen Fei.

  After Chen Fei listened, he became more and more worried.

  He knew that Meng Yu's temperament was stronger, definitely not the kind of indulgent girl, and
even less likely to go out and fool around during working hours. There must be a problem.

  Thinking of this, Chen Fei immediately adjusted his direction and drove towards the "Starry Sky"


  At the same time, in the bar of the stars, although it was only in the evening, the sunset in the sky
had not dissipated, but the whole bar was noisy.

  The flashing lights are accompanied by the looming vagueness, coupled with the smell of alcohol
in the air, which makes people feel more exciting, one by one twisting the body crazy with music and

  Some hot men, women, and women were posted together without any scruples, and the kisses
were intimate in public, causing people around to make a cry.

  In this warm atmosphere, a man in his thirties with a stud earring on the bar, dressed in
fashionable and even enchanting fashion, looked at the bustling crowd in the bar with a cheek, a smile
appeared on the corner of his mouth.

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