Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1390

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But before Huang Qian finished talking, Huang Shuxi grabbed her, gave her a wink, and then said
loudly: "It turned out to be this thing. Yesterday, student Yang Tong and Miss Zhuo did collide, but as far
as I know The situation seems to be that Ms. Zhuo knocked down Mr. Yang and was injured. "

  " We martial arts, in a responsible attitude to the students, naturally have to ask about the relevant
situation. So I asked Ms. Zhuo to stay and make things clear. Just Miss Zhuo, you are too excited to
start working with us directly, which leads to an accident. "Huang Shuxi spoke slowly, and directly
downplayed the incident as an accident.

  After all, there are so many customers on the scene, even if Huang Shuxi does not care about
Zhuo Qingyu, but still cares about the reputation of the martial arts hall, so these sounding reasons still
need to look for.

  After listening to Huang Shuxi ’s words, Zhuo Qingyu could n’t help but become more angry and
said: “You are upside down, Yang Tong is harassing me, and you are his accomplices—”

  “Miss Zhuo, pay attention. Now, we are all recorded, you are defamation of our Shuxi Martial Arts
Museum, I can sue you. "Huang Qian said coldly.

  "You--" Zhuo Qingquan said with rage.

  At this moment, Chen Fei patted Zhuo Qingyu's shoulder lightly, giving her a wink and let Zhuo
Qingyu stand back.

  Then, Chen Fei looked cold, looked at Huang Shuxi, and said coldly: "I am not interested in
tangling with you too much. Now, I will give you two choices. The abolition of repair is; the second is
that you Shuxi Wuguan, there is no need to survive in the future. "

  Chen Fei said these words, everyone heard at the scene, it seemed extremely arrogant.

  For a time, all the cries and shouts rang.

  "This kid, it's crazy!"

  "Isn't it a joke to let Huang Guanzhu set aside his own repairs?"

  "Young man, I'm still too impulsive to see the situation clearly!"

  ............ On the

  left side of Huang Shuxi's body, Huang Shuxi's disciple stepped forward and laughed directly,
looking at Chen Fei, "Are you funny?" Say something to two roads for us to choose from the Xixi
Martial Arts Museum. Then I will give you two roads to choose from. One is that you are now rolling
down and kowtowing to apologize to us for mistakes; the other is that you are beaten down by us and
then kowtowing to apologize for your mistake "

  The apprentice's words immediately caused the disciples in the Wuguan to laugh, all looked at
Chen Fei with disdain, a look of eagerness to try."

  "Master, let me teach this arrogant boy." The big disciple looked at West Huangshu Road.

  Huang Shuxi put his hands behind his back, nodded and said, "Go, be careful, don't kill people."

  " Understood , Master!" The disciple nodded and stepped out with confidence on his face. 'S smile
came towards Chen Fei, "You can roll down yourself now, I can take a light touch on you. Otherwise

  , I-- " However, Chen Fei's eyes were cold as he waited for the disciples to finish his speech, and
waved directly Angrily, he hit the big disciple with a blow.

  The big disciple immediately screamed, flew out directly, fell to the ground, a mouthful of blood
spewed out of his mouth, and then passed out.

  This scene happened very quickly, and everyone had not yet understood what was happening,
and it took a few seconds to see the scene.

  Suddenly, many people looked surprised and looked at Chen Fei.

& e

msp; "This, this kid, has a little strength."

  "The big disciple of Huang Shuxi, that was a martial artist in the middle of the Xuan level. He was
even stroked by him, and the kid's strength, in the end—"

  "No wonder dare to make trouble, it turns out that there are two sons!"

  ............ In the

  voice of discussion, Huang Shuxi's eyes sank at the moment, and his eyes looked a little more
solemn towards Chen Fei.

  However, in addition to dignity, more is still angry, he gritted his teeth and said: "Do you really think
that I am familiar with martial arts is a good bully? Is it true that Huang Shuxi has been in the capital for
more than 30 years and has experienced all kinds of people and things? Seeing more,

  you— " " No need to talk nonsense. "Chen Fei interrupted Huang Shuxi's words with cold eyes."
My patience is limited. Which of the two roads did you choose? "

  Huang Shuxi ? somber, Chen Sheng said:. "I chose the third, will knock you down, and firmly step
on the foot, so that you know what is the real martial arts"

  finished, Huang Shu-West who outbreak of breath, a surge of strong Qi Jin proliferation Opening
up, the momentum is violent, it will be oppressed towards Chen Fei.

  Feeling this momentum, everyone could not help being surprised, and they all sighed with

  "Huangguan is actively angry, that kid is going to suffer."

  "Is this the strength of the late Xuan level? It's too fierce."

  "Shuxi Wuguan has been in Beijing for so many years, without any skills, how can it survive!"

  ...... …

  "Dad, teach the arrogant guy." Huang Shuxi's daughter Huang Qian shouted aside, "There is also
that whisper, you also have to learn a lesson. A bitch woman who does not know shame, dare to bring
people in We martial arts find faults, find dead things. "

  " Take me this trick! "Huang Shuxi's eyes sink, his burly body, with a fierce real breath, like a tiger
coming down the mountain, pounced on Chen Fei.

  It has to be said that this Huang Shuxi, although talented in general, has been infiltrated and
polished on martial arts for a decade or two. The basic skills are still very solid. The true spirit of the
late Xuan level exploded, and it even vaguely brought a feeling of Xuan level peak state to Chen Fei.

  However, it is just a little feeling.

  Whether it is the late Xuan level or the Xuan level peak, there is no difference in front of Chen Fei's
absolute strength.

  Just as Huang Shuxi struck hard and confidently, Chen Fei glanced at him, his eyes cold, and a
long roar, "Go!" In

  an instant, a burst of energy sprang from Chen Fei's mouth.

  The invisible force directly impacted on Huang Shuxi. Like a heavy punch, he smashed it out
fiercely, flew Huang Shuxi instantly, spit blood and flew out.

  If it was not caught by the disciples behind him, Huang Shuxi might end up falling on the ground.

  Even so, Huang Shuxi at the moment was not injured, his mouth was spitting blood, his face was
whitish, his face was astonished, and he looked at Chen Fei incredulously.

  Others were even dumbfounded and couldn't believe what was happening.

  "I rely on, is this true? Huang Shuxi, the owner of Huang Huang, was struck by a stroke."

  "This is not a stroke, but only one word!"

  "Huang Shuxi didn't even touch the other person's body, directly After screaming, he was shot and
flew. "

  " Here, this is also terrifying for him! What the realm of strength is that kid? "


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