Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1401

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Mr. Luo even looked dumbfounded, glaring at his granddaughter, and then squeezed out a smiley face,
and said, "Dr. Huang, I'm sorry, the child is still young, and I'm not very sensible. There is no opinion. "

  " That's good! "Dr. Huang snorted coldly, then flicked his sleeve and turned around.

  On the Luos' side, there was a sudden silence. Everyone's eyes widened, their expressions heavy,
and they didn't know what to say for a while.

  Especially the old man of Luo Dongfang, who was sinking like water at this time, shook his hand
holding the jade bottle.

  Upon seeing this, Luobeihe said good things in a hurry and wanted to comfort the old man.

  "Dad, it's really nothing. Isn't this medicine Chen Fei, it has no effect on us, mainly because the
medicine is effective."

  "That is, isn't it just spending more money? For our Luo family, it's nothing. "


  Not to mention okay, so to speak, the muscles on Luo's face shivered fiercely, and his face looked

  After all, this longevity pill was originally prepared by Chen Fei specifically for his Luo family and
given to them for free. As a result, he now spent more than 200 million yuan, and only bought a bottle.

  This huge contrast between before and after made Luo Lao's heart can't help but give birth to a

  Seems to be seen through the mind of the Father, the moment came over Los North River, Father
ear in the channel: ".. Dad, no need to regret the money spent compared to offend Xingjia is a major

  When I think about Father's face It actually got better.

  After all, Chen Fei offended Xing Rui and offended the hidden family. Their Luo family broke off the
relationship with Chen Fei in time, and it was considered to be pulling away and avoiding the disaster.
Thinking about this, Changshou Pill's affairs are not so annoying.

  On the stage, the auction continued, and pieces of expensive and cherished items appeared.
Everyone's enthusiasm for the auction was adjusted, and the price of the auction rose.

  Chen Fei also spent more than 300 million yuan and photographed a treasured herbal medicine.

  In this way, lots of lots were shot, and finally it was the last moment.

  At this time, Manager Liu stood up and said in a loud voice: "I announced that our Baixiaolou
company's last lot is-a consultation opportunity for Baixiaolou Zongmen."

  "The price of this lot is 500 million yuan Every time the minimum markup is 50 million. Now, the
auction starts! "

  Although the base price and the starting price are so high, everyone is already mentally prepared.

  However, there are many people who are hotly discussed, but not many people participate in the

  After all, there are not many people who can afford this price, and even fewer people are willing to
pay such a price for a consulting opportunity.

  "500 million yuan!"

  "550 million yuan."

  "600 million yuan."

  … ... the

  price keeps rising. When the price reaches 800 million yuan, there are only two or three bidders

  Seeing this, Chen Fei knew that it was almost his turn to shoot, so he raised the number plate,
"900 million yuan."

  Chen Fei, who was sitting on the VIP seat on the 1st, participated in the auction, which naturally
aroused the attention of many people. Everyone's eyes looked at it, and then the two or three
competitors looked at it.

  One of them thought for a while, and finally shook his head and put down the number plate in his

  Another big-bellied boss thought for a while, and said:

"One billion yuan."

  Chen Fei did not hesitate, and raised the card again, "1.1 billion!" The

  other party seemed to see Chen Fei's determination. Then he put down the number plate and
arched his hand to Chen Fei, saying, "Congratulations to Mr. Chen."

  Chen Fei also arched his hand to that side, and then looked at Manager Liu on the stage.

  Manager Liu nodded, then raised the mallet, and said loudly: "1.1 billion, the first time! Does
anyone want to bid?"

  "1.1 billion, the second time. Is there anyone at the last chance to bid?"

  " 1.1 billion, for the third time! I announced— "

  When Manager Liu was about to drop the hammer and announced the successful bidding,
suddenly, a cold voice rang out," Wait! "

  Suddenly, everyone on the scene paid attention, All of a sudden was attracted by the sound,
turning his head in a curious look.

  Under the eyes of everyone, a 27-year-old man stepped in. The man's face was handsome, sword
eyebrows and star eyes, and a plain white robe, the whole person was quite clear, as if depicted in the
book. The handsome boy is eye-catching.

  "Who is this? So handsome!"

  "So young, is it a child of a big family?"

  "Even if it is a child of a large family, it is not so good to interrupt the auction so unruly."


  In the curious question of everyone, Manager Liu on the stage saw the man and looked surprised.
His eyes flickered, and he immediately commanded: "Jiang Fanfan Jiang Shao is coming, prepare your

  Hearing the name "Jiang Fanfan", everyone at the scene suddenly blew up the pan, and the
discussion buzzed.

  "Jiang Fanfan, isn't that the top genius in the martial arts league?"

  "Yeah, Qianlong ranked second, it was him."

  "I heard that Jiang Shao's family background is also very unusual, it seems that there are hidden
doors The background of the family. "

  " What did Jiang Shaolai do here, would he bid for anything? "


  Chen Fei heard everyone's comments and couldn't help but look at this extraordinary Jiang Jiang.

  At this time, Jiang Bufan went straight to the front and glanced at the seat that the next person
moved over. Instead of sitting down, he walked directly to Chen Fei and looked down at Chen Fei from
the top.

  Chen Fei looked up at him, his eyes condensed in the past without any flinch.

  After staring at Chen Fei for a while, it seemed to realize that Chen Fei did not mean to flinch.
Jiang Bufan said: "I want this consultation opportunity in Baixiao Building."

  Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned. Not to mention that he was bound to get this consultation opportunity,
that Jiang Jiangfan's arrogant attitude made him very upset.

  So, Chen Fei responded directly and coldly: "I also want this opportunity."

  "You don't seem to understand what I mean, I said this opportunity, I want it." Jiang Bufan said
again, the words were already serious.

  Chen Fei Leng Heng soon, looking directly at the river extraordinary, said: ".. You want to, then it
would bid auction money, do not pretend in this"

  "You -" Jiang Wen Yan extraordinary, Jian Mei a cross, bring With a cold meaning, he stared at
Chen Fei, "Very well, I remember you."

  Immediately, Jiang Bufan turned to look at Manager Liu, and said: "I bid 1.5 billion."

  Manager Liu saw it, and looked Suffocated, looked at Chen Fei, with a little sorry in his eyes.

  Chen Fei nodded to Manager Liu, saying it was ok, and then looked at Jiang Fanfan, and said
loudly: "I have 1.6 billion."

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