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Chapter 1405

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Chen Fei saw this, and for a while it was funny, he pulled out his hands and tapped on Chen Ziling's
head, saying: "Little girl, you see clearly, this is my bed. Also, what happened last night, you forgot Was
it? "

  Chen Fei reminded me that Chen Ziling suddenly remembered what happened last night. She
suddenly blushed, revealing a few embarrassing colors.

  She quickly got off the bed and drilled into the bathroom. "I went to wash."

  Chen Fei saw this and smiled, deliberately said: "Zi Ling, the story told by brother last night is nice.
Do you want to go again? Let me tell you. "In the

  bathroom, the little girl heard the words and suddenly yelled, and even deliberately turned on the
faucet, so that the sound of the water covered Chen Fei's words." Don't say it, I can't hear it. , I ca n’t
hear anything, I do n’t know anything— "

  Chen Ziling came out of the bathroom after a while, but his cheeks were still red, and he seemed a
little shy.

  Chen Fei did not bother her anymore. He coughed and said: "Zi Ling, what did you think about last
night? Are you going to the Luos?" When

  asked this, Chen Ziling couldn't help but look dark and silent. .

  Chen Fei didn't urge her, so she watched quietly.

  After a few minutes, Chen Ziling looked up at Chen Fei, nodded seriously, and said, "Well, go to
Luo's house."

  "Okay, I'll contact Luo Feng!" Chen Fei nodded and immediately touched the phone. The wind

  Although the relationship between the two sides, it almost collapsed before. But the Luo family at
that time was mainly worried that Chen Fei offended the Xing family and would harm them. Since
yesterday, Xing Hongqi, the head of the Xing family, is very jealous of Chen Feiqing.

  Then the Luo family's worries will naturally be impossible to talk about. Therefore, Chen Fei
believes that as long as he expresses his position now, the Luos should have no reason to refuse

  Thinking, Chen Fei will make a call.

  But at this moment, his phone rang first. At first glance, the electric display is not someone else, it
is Luo Feng.

  Chen Fei was a little surprised, but still connected the phone, "Hey, Luo Feng, what's the matter?"

  Luo Feng at the end of the phone, a bit worried, said aloud: "Mr. Chen, I am really sorry, I give You
call. It ’s my grandpa. I want to ask Mr. Chen if you are free. We want to apologize to you,

  so— ” Chen Fei understands Luo Feng ’s meaning. Presumably, the Luo family saw the situation
yesterday and finally returned. After the god came, knowing that Chen Fei was not easy to provoke, he
wanted to apologize for admitting the mistake and reconnect with him.

  Chen Fei paused and said, "I'm free."

  "Then I don't know when Mr. Chen is convenient. We will come to the school to apologize to you-"
Luo Feng said.

  Chen Feidao: "I have time now, school is no longer needed, go directly to your Luo family."

  "Okay, okay, I will arrange it immediately. Teacher Chen, are you at school, I will send a car to pick
you up?" Luo Feng said quickly .

  Chen Fei nodded and said, "Okay!"

  Then, he hung up the phone, and Chen Fei said to Chen Ziling, "When the car comes next, let's go
to Luo's house together to understand this matter."

  "Um!" Chen Ziling There should be a cry.

  An hour later, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling entered the Luojia Manor by car.

  Unlike the first time I came to Luo's, this time

When the two got off, almost the entire Luo family stood in the door respectfully and saluted the two.

  "Mr. Chen, Miss Chen, please sit down!" Entering the living room, Luo Dongfang personally invited
Chen Fei and Chen Ziling to the seat, and stood below him respectfully.

  Chen Fei was also polite and sat down directly.

  Immediately, Luo Dongfang quickly apologized to Chen Feigong: "Mr. Chen, the last thing. We
heard rumors and were misled and led to misunderstanding Mr. Chen. It is a big mistake made by our
Luo family. For this, we Please apologize to Mr. Chen for your mistake and ask Mr. Chen for your
forgiveness. "During the

  speech, Luo Dongfang waved his hand, and then the two men walked in and came to Chen Fei,
kneeling down and backing on them. On the top, a few wattles were also tied up, and the skin was cut
open, exuding a touch of blood.

  Chen Fei looked closely and immediately recognized that the two were coming. It was Luo Shuang
and Luo Beihe's father and daughter. It was also the two who had mocked Chen Fei the most before.

  Now, they even appeared in front of Chen Fei.

  "Mr. Chen, we are wrong. We apologize to you and ask for your forgiveness." The two kneeled in
front of Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei looked at them for a while, and finally sighed and waved, "The past is over, you get up!"

  Wen Yan, everyone in the Luo family looked happy, hurriedly thanked, and then stood up.

  Chen Fei's eyes flickered, and he thought about it. No matter whether the Luo family sincerely
apologizes or just get a flower stand, this posture is indeed full, and Chen Fei does not need to really
have trouble with the Luo family.

  Besides, if Chen Ziling's things are confirmed, Zi Ling and Luo's family can be regarded as another
relationship. Therefore, it is inconvenient to really fall over.

  Thinking of this, Chen Fei said, "I want to take my sister to the Luo family ancestral hall to see the
thing we mentioned before. Now, is it okay?"

  Luo Dongfang quickly said: "Yes, yes . Mr. Chen, Chen Miss please! "

  Chen Fei and Chen Ziling immediately got up and walked to the Luo family ancestral hall under the
leadership of Luo Dongfang.

  Come to the ancestral hall, go through the mourning hall in front of you, and come to the book
storage pavilion at the back. According to the corresponding clues, Chen Fei and Chen Ziling began to
look up the information of the Luo family who had turned over.

  An hour later, the two came out of the ancestral hall and looked serious. Looking at the eyes of the
Luo family outside, it also looked a little strange.

  Returning to the living room again, Chen Fei looked at Luo Dongfang and said, "Luo Lao, there is
something. I want to ask you something. I don't know if you are inconvenient to answer?"

  "Mr. Chen, I must know everything. Words are endless. "Luo Dongfang said quickly.

  Chen Fei nodded, glanced at Chen Ziling, and then said, "I want to ask, about Luo Beixi in your
Luo family. Tell me about it!"

  Mention the name "Luo Beixi" The Luo family suddenly changed their faces, and their expressions
were a little stiff, and the room was silent for a while, and no one spoke.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei snorted and said, "If you don't want to talk, then forget it."

  Wen Yan, Luo Dongfang quickly said: "No, it's not. Convenient, very convenient."

  Immediately, Luo Dongfang glanced at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling gave a long sigh, then spoke
slowly, "Luo Beixi is my little daughter who was born by Luo Dongfang after the two sons of Luo Bei He
in Luo Bei Ling. Bei Xi was clever and clever when she was a child. As a handheld pearl ... "

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