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Chapter 1421

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It's just that although Lin Hao's affairs just made him alert a lot. But when he was about to shout the
last word, a terrible coercion pressed on him, making his last word stuck in his throat, and he couldn't
even shout.

  Such a situation suddenly made Yang Ling's eyes wide, and his bloodshot eyes were full of terror.
He shook his head desperately, trying to express his intention to concede defeat, but his entire body
was almost unable to move under the pressure of Chen Fei.

  Seeing Chen Fei's fist hit his own heart. Yang Ling had already felt the despair of death coming to
him. "Do I have to follow Lin Hao's footsteps and die on the ring?"

  Yang Ling and the audience shocked the audience and thought he would die time.

  Suddenly, Chen Fei felt an invisible and majestic force pouring in. At the last critical moment, Yang
Ling stopped in front of him and blocked his offensive, giving Yang Ling some time to win.

  Yangling also immediately inviting voice shouted:. "I give up, I give the referee, quick sentence -"

  The same referee was shocked at the moment to collect myself, quickly announced: "Chen Fei

  Chen Upon seeing it, staring at Yang Ling for a few seconds with a murderous look, he finally
closed his fists and turned to walk to the audience.

  On the way back, he looked at Shao Donghua on the VIP seat, his eyes slightly cold.

  The mysterious force at the last critical moment just now, Chen Fei can almost conclude that it was
Shao Donghua's hand. Otherwise, almost no one on the scene could block his punch so quietly.

  "You can save him once, but you can't save him for a lifetime." Chen Fei looked in the direction of
Shao Donghua, his mouth moved slightly, and his words spoke.

  Shao Donghua, who did not look at Chen Fei at all, frowned slightly, and turned his head to look at
Chen Fei, with a chill of warning in his gaze.

  Chen Fei ignored his warning and returned to his seat. He closed his eyes and adjusted his
interest rate, restoring his body.

  If Chen Fei defeated Lin Hao just now, many people still expected it. So now, Chen Fei has
defeated Yang Ling, and still defeats Yang Ling in such a relaxed way. This result is beyond the
expectation of many people.

  In the voice of discussion, this round of competition finally ended. Chen Fei successfully entered
the top eight.

  Next, it is still a two-to-two draw, but it is different from the previous desperation. Now the eight
players are fighting, the smell of gunpowder is quite small. After all, the people who reach the
quarterfinals are all qualified to explore the Dragon Tomb. The next competition is just to get rid of one,
two, three, four, which is related to the ranking of Qianlong.

  Compared with the Dragon Tomb, these reputations and rewards are obviously worse.

  Therefore, in the next quarter-final battle, under the battle between the two sides, as long as they
feel that they are not enemies, they will actively admit defeat, retain their strength, and prepare for the
opening of the Dragon Tomb soon.

  Chen Fei's eight-in-four opponent, after fighting with Chen Fei three moves, consciously lost, and
conceded defeat.

  The next four opponents, two coincidentally, are acquaintances, Xing Rui, the captain of the five-
element team Jin team.

  Having had previous experience, Xing Rui did not have any desire to fight, and just came to power,
he immediately confessed his defeat.

  In this way, Chen Fei successfully entered the finals, and the two-for-one decisive battle came out
the champion of the prefecture-level realm competition.


emsp; And his opponent, without any surprises, is Jiang Banfan, the second in Qianlong.

  In the final battle, the two sides of the battle are the first and second masters of Qianlong.
Moreover, there are various conflicts along the way. With such a rendering, the atmosphere of this final
has become tense.

  The spectators around were all nervously and enthusiastically waiting for the game to begin.

  On the roadside gambling stalls, the gambling game to which the final champion belongs is also
hot one by one, and there is a lot of discussion and excitement.

  "It goes without saying that the champion must be Jiang Bufan Jiang Shao! He has been the
biggest favorite since the beginning."

  "If it was just the beginning, I would agree with you. But now, I may not necessarily see the
situation. Chen Fei's strength is also very strong, not to be underestimated. "

  " He is still strong, but there are still some gaps from Jiang Shao. Jiang Shao's strength, no doubt.

  " When Chen Fei confronted Lin Hao and Yang Ling before, you That's the same thing. But what is
the result now? "

  ......... The

  sound of argument and quarrels kept ringing.

  At the moment, Chen Fei was very calm, sitting on the VIP seat with his eyes closed to refresh
himself, preparing for the upcoming battle.

  In the VIP seats on the other side, Jiang Bufan's eyes seemed to be much colder. Looking towards
Chen Fei constantly, his eyes contained a sharp chill.

  On top of him, Master Shao Donghua saw this and said softly: "Extraordinary, be calm before the
battle. In this way, you can calm down and not make mistakes during the battle. You are now too

  Jiang Bufan said: "Master, I understand. However, against that guy, my seven-story strength can
win him. "

  " Don't be too careless. The kid's strength is a bit strange. "Shao Donghua said.

  "Master, don't worry, I won't lose." Jiang Bufan said with confidence. "Also, I will regain the first
place in my Qianlong list. Let those who look away from me regret it."

  After saying this, Jiang Fanfan and Shao Donghua looked at Zhu Kuishan.

  After all, when the ranking of the Qianlong List was announced in the last issue. It was precisely
because of Zhu Kuishan's perseverance that Chen Fei suddenly appeared at the top of the Qianlong

  Regarding this matter, Jiang Bufan and Shao Donghua have always been cherished, and they are
quite unhappy.

  If this match, Jiang Bufan can see Chen Fei defeated, and formally determine his first position in
Qianlong. To some extent, it can be regarded as a face blow to Zhu Kuishan.

  In this tense atmosphere of hostility, the final decisive battle unfolded on the highest ring in the
center of the lake.

  Following the order of the referee, the two of the VIPs stood up and walked towards the ring of the

  The two came to the shore, Jiang Fanfan turned his head to look at Chen Fei, snorted, then
jumped in shape, jumped directly into the sky, and leaped over a distance of more than 20 meters.
Above, standing with his hands on his back, very chic. It caused a scream and madness of a female

  "Jiang less this trick, so handsome."

  "Jiang less worthy of little river, this strength, this temperament, did not have to say." "I love you
little river, I bear you monkey."


  talk In the sound, Chen Fei ignored Jiang's extraordinary display and walked along the wooden
bridge built by the lake towards the platform in the center of the lake step by step.

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