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Chapter 1426

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Jiang Bufan saw this, with a horrified look in his eyes. He wanted to run away, but his body couldn't
move. He could only feel the breath of death pressing down on himself quickly.

  Yang Ling and others on the VIP seat were also shocked at the moment, and hurriedly shouted:
"Stop! Jiang Shao has already conceded defeat."

  "Chen Fei, you dare to kill Jiang Shao. Neither our martial art league nor the Jiang family will let
you go "

  However, at this moment, Chen Fei couldn't even listen to their words. The deadly palm was
almost taken, and Jiang Fanfan would be killed.

  At this critical moment, Shao Donghua couldn't sit still and gave a loud roar, "Bold!"

  His voice didn't fall, his body looked like a teleport, and the direct VIP seat flashed above the ring.


  Shao Donghua shot with a palm, and at the last moment, blocked Chen Fei's deadly palm.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei's eyes were cold and merciless, his left hand bombarded again, and shot at
Jiang Fanfan, with a strong murderous intention in his eyes.

  Shao Donghua saw this, his face was angry, and shouted sharply: "Bold fanatic, you dare to do it."
During the

  speech, Shao Donghua slapped Chen Fei on the palm, blocking Chen Fei's attack again.

  At this time, Jiang Bufan, who had escaped the fatal blow, finally recovered, and quickly shouted:
"I admit defeat, I admit defeat."

  However, Chen Fei's attack is still non-stop, and Jiang Jiangfan's offensive is still launched Don't
kill Jiang Bufan, he will never give up.

  Shao Donghua suddenly became furious, and a strong killing intention erupted in his body. A
heavy blow hit Chen Fei. "Bold, Jiang Bufan has conceded defeat. Do you dare to attack. Are you
looking for death?"

  Shao Donghua was a master of heaven, and this bang shot. Suddenly overwhelming momentum
struck almost the entire Yangui Lake, and even the audience by the lake felt a terrifying murderous

  For a time, everyone was terrified.

  "Is this the strength of the master of heaven?"

  "It's too powerful, this coercion, this momentum, like the god of the world!"

  "Chen Fei is in danger, and dare to directly confront Shao Donghua, he is looking for death! "

  ......... In the

  exclamation, Shao Donghua's angry blow will bombard Chen Fei.

  At a critical moment, a very thick voice sounded, "Shao Donghua, bullying a junior, you are too
much." In the

  voice, Zhu Kuishan's burly body appeared on the ring and threw it out with a punch. Bombing with
Shao Donghua's giant palm, in an instant, the energy burst and the dissipated true air breath directly

impacted the ring in a tumultuous and shaky manner.

  The lake water directly below was burst with the dissipated energy, and a lot of drizzle was raised,
and it was scattered in the air.

  These are the two masters of the Celestial Masters, and they are still the masters of the Celestial
Masters. Such strength is really terrifying and shocking.

  After a blow, Zhu Kuishan and Shao Donghua stood back to back, staring at each other with
condensed eyes.

  Shao Donghua Shen Sheng asked: "Zhu Kuishan, what do you mean? This arrogant violated the
rules, and after confessing his defeat, he still insisted on doing it and maliciously killing people. And, he
dare to do it to me, do you want to defend him? "Do

  n't wait for Zhu Kuishan to speak, Chen Fei sneered and said first," If you want to break the

rules, that's why Shao Donghua broke the rules first. "

  "Just now, if it weren't for your Shao Donghua's involvement in ignoring the shame. Before Jiang
Bufan conceded, I killed him. As a result, in order to protect your disciples, you stopped me from
attacking in violation of the rules and attacked me. I would like to ask Ask, what is this behavior and
where are the rules? "

  " Also, when I was fighting Yang Ling before. Do you think I don't know what you are doing in
secret? "Chen Fei asked sharply.

  Shao Donghua looked extremely gloomy, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, silently.

  The audience heard Chen Fei's words, and there was a loud discussion.

  "If you analyze it carefully, Chen Fei's words make sense! Shao Donghua first moved his hand
against the rules."

  "Before Yang Ling's scene, I said that Chen Fei suddenly showed mercy under his hands. It was
Shao Donghua who secretly shot it! No wonder! So. "

  " Others have a good master, seeing that their disciples are not good, they start to save people.
And the rest of us are not so lucky, this way is over, and the opponents who died in the hands of Jiang
Bufan and Yang Ling, No less than five people! "


  " Are you crazy? That was Shao Donghua, the big man of the Budo League, the master of the
Heavenly Realm, the 13th strongest of the Dragon List. You dare to discuss him a lot, one Are you

  looking for death? "In an instant, the lively scene was silent, all quieted down, and everyone did
not dare to talk indiscriminately.

  At the moment, in the ring, Shao Donghua faced Chen Fei's questioning, sinking into the water,
and shook his hands and shouted: "All the nonsense, Jiang Bufan admits defeat first, I came out, just
to stop you murderous villain. As for Yang Ling's Things, it is even more nonsense. "

  Chen Fei said, sneered:" No account, but also reversed black and white. Do you think so many
people on the scene are fools? Do you think you can block the leisure of everyone in the world? "
Mouth? "

  "Shut up, madman, you're looking for death--" Shao Donghua was furious, his breath burst, and
banged his palm to Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei's eyes narrowed, his breath was surging, and he almost had to fight back.

  However, at this moment Zhu Kuishan stepped out, thundered and blocked Shao Donghua's
offensive for Chen Fei, and then yelled angrily: "Shao Donghua, you think about your disciples, I can
understand. But there are some things, don't go too far."

  After finishing speaking, Zhu Kuishan turned to look at Chen Fei, whispered: "Xiao Chen, stop

  Chen Fei looked at Zhu Kuishan's eyes, paused for a moment, and finally nodded and said, "I
listen to Zhu Lao's. "

  Zhu Kuishan nodded, and then to see Shaodong Hua opposite.

  Shao Donghua snorted sternly, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, then walked away with the injured
Jiang Fanfan, without returning to the VIP seat, and left.

  Upon seeing this, Zhu Kuishan sighed, looked back at Chen Fei, and said, "Xiao Chen, this matter
is that our martial arts alliance cannot bear you. But there are some rules and things that are either
right or right. My words , Do you understand? "

  Chen Fei nodded and said in a deep voice:" I understand that the world of warriors, in the final
analysis, is still a world of weak flesh and a strong diet of martial arts. No matter how many rules and
right or wrong, it is no match for absolute strength.

  Zhu Kui-shan Chen Fei looked a little surprised, the channel: "I hope you can understand like you
do not hate martial arts league, this matter, I will report up, give you some compensation.." "Thank you
Zhulao compensation It ’s not necessary. As for the enmity, I have always clearly distinguished it.
"Chen Fei looked at Shao Donghua's direction of departure and said coldly.

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