Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1435

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The men said in a panic: "A group of people came under the bar. They were very aggressive and
seemed to be hitting people. I asked someone to ask, I heard it was Hu Shao's caller."

  "Hu Shao? That Hu Shao? "Several brothers and brothers at the same time showed their doubts
and asked aloud.

  The man said: "I heard it was Hu Fei Hu Shao."

  "Hu Fei!" Tan Shan and others couldn't help being surprised, and their faces showed strange

  "Hu Fei, how could he be here?"

  "Hu It is really powerful and influential family, doing here?"

  "That is, those chief director of our homes, in front of the Hu family compared completely not worth
a mention. " "

  that is not, in the main people Hu Sports Bureau office, and there is this relationship Zhao's
relatives in the big guards, we can not be compared ah! "


  a lot less rich and It was envious and emotional.

  Even Tan Shan ’s expression was a bit curious and puzzled at the moment, and he got up and
said, “Let ’s go out and see.”

  Then, the rich and the young in the whole private room came out and walked downstairs, ready to
see what happened. whats the matter.

  They came downstairs and saw more than twenty bodyguards dressed in black suits standing on
the first floor of the bar. The guests who were originally lively singing and dancing shrank to the corner
in fear.

  Then, surrounded by these black bodyguards. Hu Fei and Hu Shao looked angry, and strode
toward a deck.

  "Chen Fei, get out of me!" Hu Fei snorted.

  Hearing this, Tan Shan could not help but chuckled, and an ominous hunch came out, "Could it be
that Hu Shao was in trouble for Chen Fei? Don't do it!"

  Just as Tan Shan prayed, In the deck, Chen Fei and his party stood up. I looked at the source of
the sound.

  Found that Hu Fei, Chen Fei slight squint a blind eye, then a faint cold channel, "is that you? What
are you doing?"

  "What?" Hu Fei picked up a stick thrown, hit the deck in the middle of the table, He smashed the
wine and food a lot, then stared at Chen Fei fiercely, and said angrily, "What do you want me to do?
What happened in Yangui Lake two days ago, I forgot so quickly?"

  Chen Fei heard, Indifferently said: "Yan returns to the lake, the matter of stalling. What do you

  "How?" Hu Fei arrogantly, "First of all, hand me Xuan Shuang Chi Mei to me. Then, you abandon
your arms, don't let I started. "

  Chen Fei sneered, hearing his arms, and folded his arms to his chest, said:" Self-defeating arms?
Or, I will kneel down and give you an apology. "

  " That is natural! " Fei nodded.

  Chen Fei's face fell, and he didn't say much, and he patted directly on the palm. Hu Fei was
caught off guard and was directly photographed by Chen Fei, kneeling on the ground with a click.

  "Ah--" Tan Shan screamed with pain, then glared at Chen Fei, full of resentment, "You dare to hit
me! You are looking for death--"

  Hu Fei roared in the roar, " Come on, kill "He!"

  Suddenly, the Hu family bodyguards brought by Hu Fei clambered for a while, and they rushed up
to fight Chen Fei.

  Seeing such a situation, Tan Shan and their group of rich and young suddenly changed their
complexions and started to discuss.

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msp; "Really Hu Fei Hu Shao!"

  "The one who conflicted with Hu Shao, was that Mr. Chen just now?"

  "Mr. Chen is also a warrior! But this time, it would not be so easy to offend the Hu family!" "

  The Hu family is not our small family, don't be too confident."

  "Oh, I don't know what to do, it's deserved!" A rich and young man who has a good relationship
with Liu Yi, at this moment, gloating, obviously he told Chen Fei has no good attitude.

  Beside, the companion heard the words and quickly pulled him, pointed to Tan Shan, and then
gave him a wink, "Don't say it, Tan Shao is here."

  Suddenly, the rich young man 's voice became quiet.

  On the other side of Tan Shan, when he saw Chen Fei standing up, he felt a little choked in his
heart, and it was bad.

  Originally, if according to the previous perception, Tan Shan was dissatisfied with Chen Fei's
attitude. But later, Chen Fei's identity and strength were revealed, coupled with his sister's various
words and worship, Tan Shan's attitude towards Chen Fei also changed.

  But now, in the face of this dilemma, he is still embarrassed.

  According to his sister, he should come forward to help Chen Fei now, which will help ease Chen
Fei ’s bad impression of him and deepen the relationship between the two parties.

  But now, it was the Hu family that offended Chen Fei, which made him a little embarrassed.

  To say that the Tan family is indeed very powerful, there are a lot of military officers in the family,
and there is a young and promising military officer such as Tan Bingjie, which can be said to be

  But compared with the Hu family, it is still slightly inferior. Although the warriors are powerful, most
people in this world are ordinary people after all, and the powerful officials are also responsible for
managing the people.

  Therefore, unless the warrior reaches a certain peak level. Otherwise, in front of real power
officials, the general martial arts are still worse. Approaching, in this era, thermal weapons such as

guns and guns are very well developed. If you use extreme force, 99% of the warriors are not
opponents of guns.

  Moreover, on the other hand, behind the Hu family, there is the Zhao family, a powerful and
powerful family, supporting it. Even compared to the strength of martial arts, the Tan family may not be
able to overcome.

  It is these considerations that make Tan Shan feel very tangled, if he really speaks for Chen Fei. It
must have offended the Hus, which is a huge enemy.

  "How should I choose?" Tan Shan was so entangled that he couldn't get a result at all. He just
touched his mobile phone, called his sister Tan Bingjie, and said things quickly here, wondering how to
do it.

  Originally, Tan Shan thought his sister Tan Bingjie would be hesitant, after all, the Hu family is not
easy to mess with. But so that he did not expect that, after listening to things Tanbing Jie, almost no
hesitation, direct channel: "It is needless to think about it of course, to go Chen instructors ah?!"

  "But, there Hu - "Tan Shan is still worried.

  But Tan Bingjie interrupted him directly, "Don't think so much, Instructor Chen's strength is much
stronger than you think. He doesn't need your help at all, but this gesture of my Tan family must be put
out to show that Our support. "

  " As for the Hu family, I will explain the situation to the family, you don't have to worry too much.
"Tan Bingjie said.

  My sister said so, and Tan Shan no longer hesitated. Hang up the phone and step out directly.

  At this moment, Hu's bodyguard was about to start with Chen Fei. Tan Shan came over and
shouted, "Wait a minute."

  Hearing the voice, everyone's eyes at the scene all looked over.

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