Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1438

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Looking at Chen Fei, Zhao Yue smiled and said, "Mr. Chen is modest. We have all watched Mr. Chen's
performance at the Budo Conference. I am afraid that even the strength of me might be as good as

  After talking, Zhao Yuechao looked behind him, and the group followed his companion and nodded

  "Indeed, Mr. Chen so cleanly defeated Jiang Bufan, that kind of strength is surprising."

  "Mr. Chen's strength level at least reached the post-level realm level. It is not far from the top level
of the prefecture level. "

  " Masters like Mr. Chen, I didn't know it earlier. It's really my pity! "


  Listening to their praise, Chen Fei did not feel a trace of pride, but frowned, his expression

  After all, he has no intersection with this group of people. There must be a reason for them to tout
themselves like this at the moment.

  After thinking about it for a while, Chen Fei did not think of any reason. Chen Fei didn't guess any
more and said directly: "Mr. Zhao is so polite, is there anything wrong?"

  Chen Fei asked directly, making Zhao Yue stunned for a moment. However, he immediately smiled
and said, "It's really something, and I want to talk to Mr. Chen."

  "Mr. Zhao, please!" Chen Feidao.

  Zhao Yue narrowed his eyes slightly, stared at Chen Fei for a while, and then said: "This time in
the martial arts meeting, Mr. Chen won the championship, and naturally got the qualification to explore
the Dragon Tomb!" When

  referring to the Dragon Tomb, Chen Fei's eyes narrowed. Slightly paused, he said: "It is indeed so.
What kind of enlightenment does Mr. Zhao have!"

  "The enlightenment can not be talked about. There is only a business, and I want to talk to Mr.
Chen." Zhao Yue smiled at Chen Fei and said out loud .

  "Business? I don't know what business?" Chen Fei asked.

  Zhao Yuedao: "The legend of the Dragon Tomb must have been clear to Mr. Chen. The legend
contains secrets of skills to quickly enhance the strength of the warrior, as well as various weapons and
immortality resources."

  "The business I want to do is very simple. I am now You can pay Mr. Chen a deposit of 100 million
yuan, and then book the treasure you got in the Dragon Tomb in advance. "

  " Deposit, reservation? "Chen Fei heard these words and felt something was wrong.

  Zhao Yue continued: "If Mr. Chen doesn't understand, then I will elaborate. My Zhao family is
willing to use money to buy any item that Mr. Chen brought from the Dragon Tomb. As for the price, Mr.
Chen need not worry, we Zhao, absolutely to the full, as long as Mr. Chen will come out with something
on the line. "

  said Zhao Chen Fei Yue ranging promised, directly waved, the next opponents:"! the deposit to Mr.
Chen, "

  suddenly, there are men take Holding a specially-made VIP black card, he handed it to Chen Fei,
"Mr. Chen, this is a deposit of 100 million yuan, please accept it."

  Chen Fei looked at the bank card and did not reach for it, but looked at Zhao Yue , Frowning, said
with a voice: "What does Mr. Zhao mean?"

  Behind Zhao Yue, several classmates heard the words and explained aloud.

  "Mr. Zhao Gongzi's meaning is very simple, that is, to pay for the things you brought from the
Dragon Tomb."

  "Buying and selling, spending money to buy things, so to speak, do you understand?"


  Chen Fei heard this and squinted. Squinting and saying, "If I brought something, don't you want to
sell it?"

  Hearing this, Zhao Yue's eyes sank and he didn't directly answer Chen Fei's question, but
increased his tone and said: "I Zhao

The home bid is high. There won't be anything you don't want to sell. "

  " Really? "Chen Fei's feeling was wrong, he continued," What if I really don't want to sell? " "

  Wen Yan, Zhao Yue's eyes sank, stared at Chen Fei, and there was silence for a while.

  Behind, several Zhao Yue's comrades looked awkward at the moment.

  " Mr. Chen, Mr. Zhao wants to buy your things, that is to give you face, You better agree. "

  That is, everyone else who has obtained the qualification to enter the Dragon Tomb has agreed to
the condition of Zhao Gongzi. You have to think about it clearly." "

  Zhao Gongzi's bid will not make you lose money." "


  At this moment, Zhao Yue also said:" If Mr. Chen is not satisfied, I can increase the deposit to 200
million. "After

  hearing this, Chen Fei fully understood the meaning of the other party. This Zhao Yue clearly
regarded himself as a hired thug, and he forcibly spent money to order the treasure he brought out of
the dragon tomb.

  This kind of thing, what to say Chen Fei would not agree, he sneered, looked up at Zhao Yue, and
said: "I thank Zhao Gongzi for his kindness! However, Chen Fei does not lack this amount of money, so
I do n’t bother to pay attention. "

  Finally, Chen Fei turned to leave.

  Behind him, Zhao Yue heard the words, his face sank, and a dull roar came out," Mr. Chen, this is
the condition my Zhao Yue put forward, it is the business of my Zhao family. Are you sure you want to
refuse? "

  Chen Fei sneered." Zhao's business? so what? Is it possible for the Zhao family to force buy and
sell? "

  Zhao Yue narrowed his eyes, looked at Chen Fei, and said in a cold voice: "Chen Fei, I know you
have some strength, and have opened several companies, and have some funds in hand. However,
you really think that your things are in my Zhao Is it worth mentioning in the family's eyes? "

  " I will give you one last chance now, agree with my proposal and accept the deposit. I can act
when you haven't said what you just said! "Zhao Yue was condescending and proudly spoke to Chen

  Chen Fei shook his head and smiled: "You turn around and leave now, I can also assume that I
haven't heard what you said just now."

  "You--" Zhao Yue's eyes narrowed, his eyes narrowed, and he stared coldly at Chen fly.

  Behind him, Zhao Yue's group and brother-in-law, filled with indignation, seemed extremely

  "Chen surnamed Chen, do you know who you are talking to? This is Zhao Yue Zhao Gongzi."

  "Offended Zhao family, you are looking for death. Later, you don't want to get mixed in the Chinese
martial arts world."

  "Boy, Don't take it easy, regret it when the time comes, it will be too late. "


  Chen Fei ignored their words and turned to leave.

  Zhao Yue snorted coldly and said in a cold voice: "Now, I still use money to buy your things. But if
you continue to take a step, then when Zhao Yue asks for more than what you brought from the dragon
tomb In the face of the threat of Zhao Yue, Chen Fei was not afraid, and looked at him coldly and said:
"Really? At that time, you can try it."

  After that, Chen Fei turned and left.

  "You--" Zhao Yue's eyes were gloomy, his expression very cold.

  The followers behind him were very intimate, and impulsively, they would shock Chen Fei.

  "Bold things, stop for me."

  "Offend Zhao Gongzi, but also want to leave, leave me."

  "Stick boy, take me a trick."

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