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Chapter 1445

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"Well, indeed, the matter of Long Mausoleum matters." Xing Rui nodded and smiled, "Instructor Chen,
then I hung up the phone."

  "Yes, my doctor said that the effect of Zhao Yuexia's medicine It's very fierce, and it will hurt your
body. Although the instructor is powerful, you are not afraid of it. But it is better to release it. "

  " If the instructor can't find the right one for a while, I will introduce you to one or two places "Xing
Rui joked.

  Chen Fei heard the words and scolded on the phone: "Your boy, I started my joke. Looking back,
the training of the Wuxing team, your training volume, doubled me."

  "No, Instructor Chen. I got it wrong

  Don't— " Xing Rui wailed aloud over the phone. Chen Fei ignored the call and hung up.

  "It turned out that it was Zhao Yue's medicine, no wonder I was so easy to ignite today!" Chen Fei
finally understood why he was so sick.

  Immediately, when he thought of what he almost did to Sister Song, he couldn't help gritting his
teeth, "That guy, Zhao Yue, caused me to almost hurt Sister Song. Looking back, I must give him a

  Then, Chen Fei drilled back Inside, I started to run Zhenyuanqi, and after a while of rate
adjustment, I finally forced the aphrodisiac in my body.

  The body returned to normal, and Chen Fei drove back immediately.

  The next day, Chen Fei called Song Yi and explained what happened last night. Although I don't
know if Song Yi at the other end of the phone believed it, but after Fei's explanation, he eased himself.

  Immediately, there was a message from the Budo League, the location and date of the opening of
the Dragon Tomb have been announced, and the qualified person can prepare to go to the Dragon

  Chen Fei received the news, confirming that the place where the Dragon Tomb was opened was in
a virgin forest in Nanze Province, and the opening date was one week later.

  Chen Fei just confirmed the news. On Xing Rui's side, Situ Kong from the White Claw Stuart
Academy of the Skull and Bones Society contacted them and confirmed their location and date, asking
if they would go together.

  Because of the relationship between Situ Academy and the Skeleton Society and Chen Fei, it is
still hidden. Chen Fei didn't want to make it public at the moment, so he decided to set off separately,
waited for his destination, and then gathered together and everyone acted together.

  After all, they are not the only ones exploring Dragon Tomb this time. There are also major families
and martial arts forces who have long been qualified and can go directly.

  While Chen Fei was doing the preparation work, he suddenly thought of something, so he
immediately contacted Situkong and asked: "Situkong, did Qianxing Academy send someone to
come?" When

  asked, Situkong Instead, he froze for a moment, and responded: "There was no dispatch from
above. It can even be said that during this time, they rarely contacted me to ask about the opening of
the Dragon Tomb."

  "How could this happen?" Chen Fei felt a little bit strange.

  You must know that Qianxing College, a prefecture-level force, sent Situ Kong to Beijing to set up
Situ College in order to collect news about the opening of the Dragon Tomb.

  And now, the Dragon Tomb is about to open, but there is no news in the Qianxing Academy. On
the contrary, it has an attitude of not asking, which is really abnormal.

  Situkong understood Chen Fei's doubts and said: "I'm also wondering why no one was sent here,
and I specifically contacted them for inquiries. But the answer

I got was to let me take someone over and let me do my best. No need to fight hard. "

  "Do what you can! Is the Dragon Tomb too dangerous, and Qianxing Academy is shrinking?" Chen
Fei speculated in his mind, but he shook his head again and rejected the idea.

  Qianxing Academy is a prefecture-level force, comparable to the organization of Baixiao Building,
which is worse than the four major-level forces. No matter from what aspect, Qianxing Academy can be
regarded as a huge force. There are a lot of masters in it, and they shouldn't flinch from fear.

  It's just that there is no result if you think about it. Chen Fei could only keep a secret eye in his
heart, and then told Situ to be careful. If something happened, he contacted him as soon as possible.

  Then, after saying goodbye to his friends in Beijing, Chen Fei went to Chaoze Province in casual

  The plane flew to the provincial capital of Ze province. After getting off the plane, Chen Feima kept
moving and immediately took the train to the town where the destination was.

  After arriving in the city, it was already late in the evening, and Chen Fei looked into the distance.
There was a stretch of broad and virgin forest, vast and vast, with no glance at a glance. The place
where the Dragon Tomb was opened this time was in this virgin forest.

  This kind of virgin forest obviously has no means of transportation to pass by directly. The next
road basically depends on walking.

  Chen Fei bought some dry food and water in the small city, and immediately carried his luggage to
the virgin forest. Chen Fei was very fast. When it was dark, he had reached the edge of the virgin

  At the edge, he saw a lot of tents and campfires at a glance. There was a gathering place almost
every 100 meters, and there were no fewer than five or six hundred people present.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn't help but wonder, "Why are there so many people?"

  Just at a bonfire on the edge of Chen Fei's side, a group of warriors saw this and greeted:
"Brother, are you also coming to the Dragon Tomb? "

  Chen Fei was shocked and immediately asked, "You are also looking at the Dragon Tomb?" The

  other party heard the words and smiled suddenly. "Brother, aren't you talking about this? Isn't this
person coming to the Dragon Tomb?" "

  Chen Fei said, even more surprised, said:" So many people have obtained the exploration
qualification of the Dragon Tomb. How did you get it? "

  Hearing Chen Fei's words, the other party was stunned for a while, and then Laughed: "Brother,
what are you kidding. You can get the qualification to explore the Dragon Tomb, but it can only be
obtained by the top forces and experts. It is naturally impossible for us people to get qualified."

  "So what is the situation? Many people came here— "Chen Fei pointed to the dotted tent on the
edge of the forest and asked.

  The other party smiled: "Brother, you don't know anything about this, so dare to come!"

  "I heard that there is benefit here, so I came here." Chen Fei smiled, pretending to be nothing
Looks like.

  The other party heard the words and continued to explain: "In fact, everyone is like you, all for the
benefit! We must not get the qualification to explore the Dragon Tomb."

  "However, this time the Dragon Tomb opens, A lot of great gates and forces have arrived, and
some treasures may have been unearthed outside the dragon tomb. At that time, we warriors, if we
have enough chance, may have unexpected gains. "

  " On the other hand, Even if you do n’t get anything. Come and see the scenes that you have n’t
seen in these decades. It ’s also a chance to learn! ”

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