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Chapter 1451

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Mu Tianhan heard that, his expression was awkward, he coughed twice, glared at his daughter, and
said: "Qianying, don't talk nonsense."

  Cai Xize beside him also said: "Qianying, you don't know why How much can this token be paid,
how can it be said to be given away casually? "

  Mu Qianying held her head, pursed her mouth, and said stubbornly," So what? The token is
precious, and it is not as precious as our lives. " Chen Big brother, but these people saved our life, with
a token to repay the help of Chen's eldest brother, I feel lighter. " "

  Ahem, this, this - "wood Tianhan face more embarrassing If, according to his usual personality,
someone helps, he will naturally not let the other party lose, and will definitely repay the other party.

  But the main thing is that the things to repay this time are too precious. That was the token for
exploring the tomb of the Dragon Tomb. He didn't get it until his family had spent a lot of effort. If he
took the token out and rewarded him, he was really reluctant.

  Cai Han persuaded beside Mu Qianying at this time, "Qianying, don't play with your temper. Not to
mention that the guy is not worth such a valuable reward, just say that this thing was wrong, we were in
danger, he just happened to appear It ’s too coincidental to defeat the strong enemy and save us. "

  " Cai Han, what do you mean? You are doubting Brother Chen? "Mu Qianying heard the words,
bursting into hair, Shui Ling's big eyes, He stared fiercely at Cai Han and asked sharply.

  Cai Han was irritated when she saw this, but the woman she liked was paying so much attention to
another man, which made his gaze a bit gloomy, and the gaze towards Chen Fei became worse.

  Looking at the wooden lion like a lion cub, Chen Fei felt cold in his heart, but a touch of warmth

  He looked at Mu Qianying, reached over, patted her head gently, and showed a smile: "Qianying,
don't be angry, I'm fine."

  "But, Brother Chen, you--" Mu Qianying's eyes water Wang Fei looked at Chen Fei.

  Chen Fei smiled and said: "It's okay, don't they just worry about me plotting the pass token in their
hands? However, to be honest, I have no interest in that thing. Because, exploring the pass token of
the Dragon Tomb I have it myself, so why bother plotting them. "

  Hearing this, all the people at the scene were startled and looked at Chen Fei with amazement.

  Mu Qianying was full of surprise and joy, "Really? Brother Chen, you also have tokens, that's
great. When we get there, we can explore the Dragon Tomb together."

  But others, there is no Mu Qianying. So excited.

  Cai Han looked suspicious, and said in a deep voice: "Qianying, don't be fooled. How precious the
Dragon Tomb Pass token is, we are very clear. It would be a joke if he could get it."

  Cai Xize He also said: "You don't want to use this to paralyze us, let us relax our vigilance. If you
really think so, then I can tell you that you are too tender, which can't deceive us. "

  Chen Fei shook his head, too lazy to ignore these self-righteous guys."

  He looked at Mu Qianying and smiled and waved his hand: "I'm gone."

  "Brother Chen, I--" The little girl looked at Chen Fei's back, her face full of regret.

  Chen Fei said with a smile: "We will meet again when we reach the Dragon Tomb."

  After that, Chen Fei's figure did not enter the dark forest,

and soon disappeared.

  Mu Qianying stared blankly at the direction of Chen Fei's departure, unwilling to leave for a long

  Father Mu Tianhan came over and said, "Qianying, it's not too early, we should start."

  "Humph!" Mu Qianying snorted coldly, looked at his father with a grudge, then turned around and
walked aside, ignoring Mu Tianhan.

  Seeing this, Mu Tianhan couldn't help but sighed.

  Instead, Cai Han said with relief: "Uncle Mu, you don't have to worry. Qianying is still young and
can't understand your pains. When she is a little older, she will understand you."

  "I hope so!" Mu Tianhan sighed and stepped out.

  On Chen Fei's side, after leaving Mu Qianying and his party, he hurried all night and drove fast.
When the sky turned on, he rushed to the destination.

  This is a valley. In the valley that was originally planted with trees, at this moment, because of the
arrival of mankind, a thousand square meters of open space was opened up.

  On the vacant land, many people have arrived in advance, some have set up tents to rest, and
some have set up stalls directly with wood and sold them. Others sat directly on the floor, closed their
eyes and recuperated, and the scene was very lively.

  There are many people in the east of the open space, but in the middle, there is a fence separated
by a piece of wood, and there are not many people on the other side.

  Upon seeing this, Chen Fei couldn't help but show curiosity, and asked someone to ask.

  After some inquiries, Chen Fei learned that the area on the other side of the original fence was
entered into the area where the Dragon Tomb was located. Only people with pass tokens can enter it
and participate in the exploration of the Dragon Tomb. The people on the fence side are basically
people without tokens.

  After understanding the situation, Chen Fei was not in a hurry to enter the Dragon Tomb area.
After all, there was still some time before the Dragon Tomb opened. But he was rushing all the way, but
it was a bit tired. Chen Fei needed to take a rest to get himself to the best state.

  So, I just drilled into the jungle, found a remote and quiet place, and began to meditate and

  After about a day of rest, Chen Fei recovered his best condition, came out of the dense forest, and
returned to the valley open space again.

  The day when the Dragon Tomb opened was closer, and there were more people in the open
space than a day ago. Bustling, it seemed very lively.

  At the entrance of the fence, a lot of people were crowded at the moment. Chen Fei looked a little
bit and found that he was a person holding a pass token, ready to be inspected and entering the
Dragon Tomb area.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei stepped over and was ready to find out the pass token and enter the Dragon
Tomb area.

  But at this moment, in front of him, a man had just taken out the pass token, and he rushed around
to count the figures. He turned out to grab the pass token.

  Then a group of people wrestled together. Finally, in a piece of blood and screams, an old man in
his 60s won the token. After passing the inspection, he rushed into the dragon tomb area.

  The man who was robbed of the token looked at this scene with anger, trying to chase it and teach
the other party. But the footsteps finally stopped at the fence, and they dared not go further. In the end,
he had no choice but to sigh and turned away.

  To see such a situation, Chen Fei could not help but cheeky surprise of color, "this can snatch? Do
the people inside do not care?"

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