Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1465

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Seeing such an offensive, the stall owner could not help but exclaimed, "You are not his opponent,

  "Want to hide! Do you think you can avoid it?" Huang Feihu snorted coldly, the offensive was more
fierce, terrifying The breath almost completely enveloped Fei Chen, making him unavoidable.

  Faced with such a critical situation, Chen Fei at the moment has no look of fear on his face, but his
lips slightly raised, and he said lightly: "Your attack is not qualified to hide me!"

  "Crazy guy, die Let's go! "Huang Feihu said, full of anger, almost engulfing Chen Fei, the offensive
was like a tide, paving the way.

  When the stall owners thought that Chen Fei would be defeated, Chen Fei raised his right hand
and gently patted the front.

  It was such an understatement, but the breath that came out immediately afterwards, with a
magnificent momentum, banged and shocked, and I saw Huang Feihu's offensive immediately
shattered, and burst into a burst, like a blast. balloon.

  The strong breath came back against the impact, but Huang Feihu was a little caught off guard.
The body stepped back a few steps after being shocked, and a trace of blood oozed from the corner of
his mouth.

  Immediately holding his foot, Huang Feihu showed a look of consternation on his face, and looked
at Chen Fei with a somber face, his expression was so cold, he gritted his teeth and said: "You can
even stop me. Is that you, too, a master of heaven? What the hell are you? People? "

  Chen Fei said indifferently:" Who am I? You don't need to know this. You just need to know that I'm
the one you can't afford. "

  After that, Chen Fei shot it again. The rumbling true element resembles a giant hammer, and the
hard hammer hit Huang Feihu.

  Upon seeing this, Huang Feihu gritted his teeth fiercely, his eyes dimmed, he snorted, his arms
protruded forward, and the true spirit of his body came out violently, like two rotating dragons,
bombarded and rushed towards Chen Fei I do n’t believe it. Are you really my opponent? "

  Huang Feihu roared out this fierce blow.

  But the next scene made him dumbfounded.

  He almost used a blow of all strength, facing Chen Fei's random palm, it was no different from the
previous one. At the moment of collision, he burst again with a burst.

  Immediately, the breath turned back, and Huang Feihu slammed the whole person out, hitting the
stone wall fiercely, a spit of blood spewed out of his mouth, and his face paled instantly.

  At the moment, Huang Feihu was full of horror and felt incredible, "This, how is this possible? You
can beat me, you are really a master of the heavens, this is impossible-"

  "Nothing is impossible! You said it was impossible, it was just You have too little knowledge! "Chen
Fei said lightly, and then approached Huang Feihu step by step. In his palm, a faint blue flame jumped

  "You, what do you want to do?" Looking at the jumping flame, Huang Feihu felt a chill in his heart.
It was a sense of fear that had never been seen in many years. At this moment, he inexplicably climbed
up from the sole of his feet.

  As the footsteps receded, Huang Feihu's forehead began to slide down.

  At the moment, Chen Fei continued to approach step by step, and at the same time explained with
a faint opening: "My flame is called the ice lotus ghost fire. Once injected into the human body, it can
burn the enemy ’s internal organs and keep it intact. eventually died suddenly died. " "

  I trained this ice lotus quiet fire, do not

count for too long. this move, actually never used. not as good as today, you do an experiment took it! "

  Chen Fei words Indifferent, relaxed tone. It seems to be talking about an ordinary thing.

  But these words fell into Huang Fei's tiger's ears, but it made him guilty, and a strong sense of fear
flooded his heart, giving him a strong desire for survival.

  "No, no! I don't want to die, absolutely not." Huang Feihu almost screamed, and then madly
running the real breath of his body, urging his legs, he began to run away.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei shook his head, his figure jumped, and chased over, "No need to escape, no

  "Boom, boom!"

  Huang Feihu at the moment, like a fine bison, can't care about anything , Rushing all the way,
rumbling like a chariot, rammed into the past.

  Chen Fei followed behind Huang Feihu slowly, the speed did not seem fast, but he was constantly
narrowing the distance with Huang Feihu. But within a few breathing hours, Chen Fei had already
chased Huang Feihu behind him but was within five meters. His palm shook gently, popping out the ice
lotus fire, with a ghostly blue light, and flew to Huang Feihu.

  Huang Feihu felt the horrible murderous intention coming from behind. The whole person was
terrified, completely disregarding the others, and rushed forward to flee.

  But the ice lotus fire behind him was faster, fluttering suddenly, already behind Huang Feihu, he
was about to dig into his skin.

  At such a critical moment, Huang Feihu gritted his teeth fiercely, one side of his body was able to
avoid the central attack of Binglian Youhuo.

  However, although there was no center, Binglian Youhuo still wiped Huang Feihu's arm.

  At first, Huang Feihu felt nothing, but a slight cold sensation struck, and then the flame

  Just when Huang Feihu secretly doubted that Chen Fei had just bluffed and deliberately scared

  Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain, and then saw that his right arm, contaminated with the ice lotus fire,
shrivelled at the speed visible to the naked eye.

  There is almost no damage to the skin, but the flesh and bones inside it, like the ice and snow in
hot water, melted away.

  And the melting speed is very fast, but in the blink of an eye, Huang Feihu's entire forearm has
only a thin layer of skin. Moreover, the flame in the body was still spreading upwards along his arm.

  At this moment, Huang Feihu finally understood the fear of the ice lotus fire that Chen Fei just said.

  The threat of death struck him hard, and he pointed into a sword, condensing Zhenyuan, and
slashed his right arm along the shoulder with a bang. It finally stopped the ice lotus fire before it spread.

  The intense pain and the splattered blood wrinkled the muscles on Huang Feihu's face, and the
whole person was angry.

  However, when he lowered his head to see the right arm dropped to the ground, it had turned into
a pool of blood at the moment. The hatred in Huang Feihu's heart directly turned into cold fear.

  At this moment, he couldn't care about anything else, turned around and ran away.

  Chen Fei was somewhat surprised by Huang Feihu's determination. After a slight stun, he stepped
forward and prepared to chase it out.

  But at this moment, a clutter of footsteps accompanied by a loud rumbling sound struck here.

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