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Chapter 1500

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Such a scene is almost unexpected by everyone on the scene.

  After all, just a few minutes ago, Zheng Qinshi was a VIP invited by the Mu family. As a killer, he
wanted to break the record of Cai Jiawen's victory for more than ten years.

  But now, the situation has been completely adjusted, and Zheng Qinshi suddenly turned against
the water and turned to join the Cai family and supported the Cai family.

  As a result, the previous situation changed again instantly. The advantage of Mujia in Wendou
disappeared in an instant, while in the Cai family, the advantage of Wendou became huge in an instant.

  In addition to Huang Xuhao just now, there is now more support from a distinguished person like
Zheng Qinshi. It can be said that the forces of the Cai family in Wendou completely crushed the
existence of the Mu family.

  In this way, the Cai family won no suspense in the fight. Coupled with the Cai family's unexpected
victory in combat.

  This year's Festival of Lights, the highlight was completely wrapped up by the Cai family. The Mu
Family can be said to have suffered a complete defeat, even worse than the second decade.

  For a time, the scene burst into a pan, and almost everyone all talked enthusiastically.

  "Such a change actually took place, it is so exciting."

  "Yes ah, who can not think, actually staged so one." "It's

  simply more exciting than Hollywood blockbusters, too fast."

  "Just now we In sigh, Mu Family is about to turn over this time. However, I did not expect that Mu
Family fell into the abyss instead of turning over! "

  " Yeah, this is completely contrary to our previous expectations. Before, we thought , Because of
the death of Cai Xize and Cai Han, the Cai family would be overtaken by the Mu family, but they did not
expect it to be such a result. "

  "This time, Mujia is really a miserable defeat, and Wendou is completely defeated, and it is a
complete defeat."

  "After tonight, tomorrow's family pattern in our provincial capital, I'm afraid it will change! Mujia
don't fight for the first place. I am afraid that the position of the first family, and now even the position of
the second family, cannot be maintained. "

  ............ In the

  lively discussion, Mu Tianhan looked very ugly, shaking his body a few times, it seems that it is still
difficult to accept this ending.

  Instead, his daughter Mu Qianying was very strong, holding his father's hand and comforting:
"Dad, it doesn't matter. Regardless of our Mujia, as long as our family is together, we will still be Mujia."

  "Good Daughter, don't worry, Dad is not dead. "Mu Tianhan heard the words, and he felt relieved
for a while. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, and he said to Mu Qianying.

  Mu Qianying nodded firmly.

  Immediately, Mu Tianhan raised his head, arched his hand over the Cai family, and said aloud:
"Master Cai is far-sighted, I am so ashamed of Mu. This time, Cai Jia won, congratulations to Master

  Mu Tianhan suddenly, It surprised everyone. Looking at him for a while, he was speechless.

  At this time, Mu Tianhan had already taken his daughter and the rest of the Mu family and turned
to prepare to go down to the wooden floor and leave.

  Chen Fei and several of them were invited here by the Mu family. Now that the Mu family has left,
they naturally turn around and prepare to leave.

  Seeing such a situation, there was a cry from the crowd of Cai family, "Mu Family Master,

wait a minute."

  Hearing the sound, Mu Tianhan stood still, turned around, and saw that the person who spoke was
Cai Xiyuan, Can not help but sullenly said: "Master Cai, what else do you have?"

  Cai Xiyuan's tone is not good at the moment, he sneered: "Before something is done, Mu Family
Master, you better not leave."

  "Cai Family won, my Mu Family lost. Cai Family Lord this is even our departure Don't let it? "Mu
Tianhan questioned angrily.

  Cai Xiyuan said: "I said this matter, but you have nothing to do with Mu Family Master, but there
are some things, just inform Mu Family Master in advance."

  "What's the matter?" Mu Tianhan looked gloomy, staring at Cai Xiyuan.

  Cai Xiyuan glanced at Chen Fei, and then said coldly: "He! My Cai family has been investigated.
The death of my brother Cai Xize and my nephew Cai Han cannot be separated from this Mr. Chen."

  "This is It is related to the major events of our Cai family ’s life, we need to leave this Mr. Chen to
help investigate. And this Mr. Chen seems to be the guest you invited by the Mu family, so I let you

know. Looked at Mu Tianhan, looking like he was waiting for his response.

  Mu Tianhan heard the words and gave Chen Fei a look, his heart could not help turning.

  Chen Fei's killing of Cai Xize and Cai Han, he witnessed it with his own eyes, and he knew it
clearly. Of course, he also knew the Cai family's determination to avenge Chen Fei. They will not let
Chen Fei pay the corresponding price and will never let him leave.

  It stands to reason that Chen Fei is a noble guest of the Mu Family, and he should protect Chen
Fei. After all, if Chen Fei was taken away by the Cai family at this moment, let's not talk about the rest,
Mu Family's face must be lost.

  But now, the Mu family has just lost to the Cai family in martial arts and Wendou, and their
reputation and momentum have fallen to the bottom. In addition to the previous fighting, Chen Fei
refused Mu Tianhan's invitation and did not replace Mu Family to fight.

  According to normal thinking, Mu Tianhan at the moment, handing over Chen Fei, and then taking
the Mu family away, is undoubtedly the most sensible choice, and also the most favorable choice for
the Mu family under the current situation.

  If Mu Tianhan before the fiasco, thinking wholeheartedly for the first, perhaps this decision will
really be made.

  But the fiasco just now made him wake up and no longer attached to the so-called first.

  Moreover, he clearly remembered how Chen Fei rescued their father and daughter from the
robbers in the forest during the Dragon Tomb Expedition.

  Moreover, the subsequent killing of Cai Xize and Cai Han was also somewhat related to the rescue
of their father and daughter. Without Chen Fei's rescue at the time, they did not need to fight for the

first family in the provincial capital. Whether they exist or not is a huge problem.

  Thinking of these, Mu Tianhan didn't think about the so-called family interests anymore. Chen Fei
looked at, then eyes firmly looking to the West Cai source, broke with distinction:. "Mr. Chen Fei is my
wooden house guests, you want to take away Mr. Chen, I would be the first across the wooden
Tianhan it,"

  said At the end, Mu Tianhan turned back, stood in front of Chen Fei, and greeted Cai Xiyuan. Mu
Qianying also stood firmly in front of his father, turning his head to Chen Feidao, "Brother Chen, we will
not let the Cai family bully you."

  Chen Fei saw this, his heart warmed slightly, and smiled at Mu Qianying. nod.

  The Cai family on the opposite side was stunned, apparently not expecting Mu Tianhan to make
such a choice.

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