Novel Name : Married at First Sight

Chapter 2109

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Duncan heard his mother’s words and thought that she was complaining about Liberty.

Then, he heard Lily say, “Feelings can’t be forced. Duncan doesn’t like me, so we’re just not meant to
be. You also said that it’s fate. Even if we got together, there’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t have
gotten into an accident.

“Now, Duncan came around and learned to accept reality, so you can’t say such things in front of him.
He’ll think that you’re blaming Liberty. Liberty has remained passive from the beginning till now. She
also often encouraged Duncan when she was taking care of him for a while. However, she doesn’t look
at him in that way.”

Corey sighed again. “Yes, we can all see that she hasn’t fallen in love with Duncan. It’s not that she
disdains his inability to walk, but that she has never thought about remarriage in the first place. Her last
marriage did her too much harm.

“I’m not blaming Liberty. I know that she’s innocent. I was just lamenting what happened. Don’t worry, I
won’t let Duncan know.”

Lily comforted her. “Don’t worry. Duncan is willing to undergo rehabilitation. The doctor also said that if
he continues with it, there’s a 90% chance of him recovering. I heard Duncan even occasionally goes
back to the company to handle official business. What’s important here is that he has a good mentality.”

The state of mind was of utmost importance.

For example, if two cancer patients received treatment at the same time, the one with a good mentality
would live longer.

Corey hummed. “I still have to thank Liberty. Although she didn’t accept Duncan’s feelings, she always
supported and encouraged him, and she stopped avoiding him. She’s Duncan’s pillar. He only

persisted in rehabilitation because of her.”

She sighed and continued, “I don’t want anything else now. I just want Duncan to get better. As long as
Liberty is willing to marry him, our family won’t object. I’ve come around after what happened to
Duncan. Everyone has their own life. This may just be Duncan’s life.”

Liberty could still give birth.

If they got married in these few years, Corey could still look forward to holding another grandchild.

If it dragged on for eight to ten years, Liberty would be old. Even if they got together, they would most
likely not consider having children.

As a mother, Corey still hoped that her youngest son could have a child of his own.

Sonny was brilliant, and she liked the boy very much, but his last name was Brown. Furthermore, his
father was still alive.

Lily comforted Corey again.

When she was about to leave, Duncan stopped eavesdropping and told the bodyguard to push him into
the house.

“Duncan, you’re back.”

Corey was quite flustered when she saw her youngest son enter, worried that he had heard her chat
with Lily.

Duncan replied with a gentle look, “I met Liberty and Sonny in the hospital. They went to visit Hank.
Liberty invited me to lunch afterward, so I came back after eating.

“Ms. Harmon, you’re here too. Have you eaten?”

Corey was relieved when she saw her son’s gentle look. It did not seem as if he heard her conversation
with Lily.

Lily replied, “We’ve eaten. How have you been lately, Duncan?”

“Same as before. I’m still undergoing rehab, but the effects aren’t obvious. It feels like I’ve been in
rehab for a long time, but it hasn’t been long at all. The doctor told me not to rush and take it slowly.”

Lily said, “Yes, you shouldn’t rush. There must be a process. As long as you persist, you’ll recover. I’ll
treat you to dinner when you do.”

Duncan smiled. “We eat with our mouths, so there’s no need to wait until my legs recover. You should
finish up your business first. When you’re done, just remember to invite our family to dinner before you
leave Wiltspoon.”

Lily agreed easily. “Sure.

“I’ll be leaving now, Mrs. Lewis, Duncan. I’ll see you again some other time.”

Lily was busy now and only had time to visit Corey on weekends.

After Duncan got into an accident, her mother was worried that Corey would not be able to suffer the
blow, so she also came by to visit several times.

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