Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 1158

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She raised the corner of her lips bitterly. "Who the hell am I?"

Once upon a time, she was Gale, the only daughter of the Warm family.

Later, she became Mrs. Wood, Shawn's wife.

Now, she turned out to be... the daughter of the Yarn family.

So many identities, and so many stories.

"You are Jennie, my daughter...You should be called Jennie Yarn," Mary said, crying.

"So, I'm Jennie...I'm not Gale."

Mary looked at her with teary eyes.

Mary had heard of some of those rich wives' afternoon teas and parties before.

At that time, she just took it as gossip and listened to it casually when she had nothing to do, she did
not care, and she did not need to take it to heart.

Thinking about it, Mary's heart ached.

Gale was the young mistress of the Wood family, the largest wealthy family in Sea City, but her life
experience was so tragic!

Because of Alex Wood's death, Peter went to jail, Wendy became a vegetable, and Gale was thrown
into a mental hospital by Shawn to atone for his sins.

Two full years.

Mary could not imagine how Gale survived and survived the more than 700 days and nights in the
mental hospital.

However, for Gale, the mental hospital was just the beginning.

Mary knew the humiliation she suffered when she first married Shawn.

She was sent to the operating table by Shawn for an abortion.

Her determination to jump into the sea in one leap...

Every time Mary recalled something, her heart ached even more.

She thought it was just the experience of an insignificant person, but she did not expect that it was her
own daughter who suffered all of this!

Her daughter should have lived a life of golden branches and jade leaves, carefree and happy.

Unexpectedly... encountered so much suffering!

"I'm miserable...of..."

Before she finished her sentence, Mary clutched her heart vigorously, her body slowly slumped, her
face pale.

"Mrs. Yarn!"

"Mrs. Yarn!"

Aurum and Gale rushed up together.

Mary had tightly closed her eyes, completely passed out, unconscious.

"Mrs. Yarn, wake up! Hurry up, take her to the hospital and call an ambulance!" Aurum shouted

Gale opened her mouth, ready to say 'Mom', but there was no sound.

If she had done so now, Mary would not hear her.

What was more, Gale could not accept her true identity even after a while.

The ambulance came quickly, and Aurum quickly jumped into the car. "I'll follow her to the hospital,
don't worry."

Gale nodded. "Then please."


Aurum took a deep look at her, and the car door slammed shut.

This glance, inexplicable, contains countless deep meanings.

Gale stared at the ambulance in a daze.

She hoped Mary was fine.

She did not want to just learn who her biological parents were and immediately lose them forever.

"Mary's condition doesn't seem serious. It should be that she was too excited and fainted because of
her blood pressure. Just take it easy." Shawn stood beside her.


"I am here."

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