Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1576 Are You Afraid?

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"Human, you have a way?" The giant looked at the green-dressed woman skeptically.

The woman in the green dress smiled at the unconscious woman beside her feet. Then, she actually said, "The woman lying by my feet has the Dragon God bloodline of the Dragon God Palace in her body. The water dragons of the Dragon God Palace are distant relatives of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race, so the bloodline power of the divine beast Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan flows in their bodies. As long as you refine this woman and absorb the Dragon God bloodline in her body, there's a chance that you can awaken your divine sense and become a divine demon!"

Dragon God Bloodline!

Although the giant was a super demon beast and had lived in a sealed primitive demon beast forest since he was young, demon beast races had an extraordinary memory for those rare treasures that could help demon beasts awaken their divine sense and leave their demon beast bodies.

When he was very young, he had heard a few super demon beasts discussing how powerful the blood of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race was. They said that in the ancient era, if a powerful demon beast obtained the recognition of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race, it only needed to drink a small bowl of dragon blood to awaken its divine sense, become a divine demon, and serve the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race.

Therefore, after knowing that the woman in the red dress actually had the Dragon God bloodline in her body, the giant was tempted.

However, although the giant had not activated its divine sense, it still had the intelligence of an ordinary demon beast. It didn't believe that there would be such a thing as a pie falling from the sky, nor did it believe that the human race would take the initiative to help the demon beast, let alone that this human was a vicious person who would harm her own kind.

The giant asked the woman in the green dress with interest, "What grudge do you have with this woman that you actually want to kill her? I don't think she's a small cultivator. She's probably also a high-level cultivator. The fact that you can knock out a high-level cultivator means that she trusts you extremely. Why should I believe the words of a woman who is willing to kill her good friend for her own desire?"

It was a demon beast, but it also had intelligence and wasn't that easy to fool.

What grudge did she have against her?

The green-dressed woman's expression instantly turned cold.

She looked at the woman in the red dress lying by her feet and said with a sneer, "She snatched away the love of my life and even gave birth to the child of the person I loved. Because of her existence, the person I loved refused to look at me at all. I was the first to like him, and the person who should be with him was also me! However, he didn't love me and was unwilling to accept me."

The green-dressed woman's expression became even more deranged as she roared ferociously, "If he can't see me, there can't be any other woman in his eyes! As long as she's dead, he won't be able to see any other woman."

Upon hearing this, the giant was dismayed.

The giant had always known that humans were the most terrifying existence in this world. Demon beasts took responsibility for what they had done and kill those they hated. They were unlike humans, who were hypocritical and vicious. They wore the kindest and gentlest facade, but they hid their malice behind the facade and backstabbed their closest kin.

But no matter what, this was a good deal for the giant.

Even if the red-dressed woman didn't have the Dragon God bloodline in her body, the giant could still eat her.

If she really had the Dragon God bloodline in her body, it would be a pleasant surprise.

At the thought of this, the giant was filled with joy. "Alright, I promise you."

The woman in the green dress smiled smugly. Then, she squatted down and patted the woman in the red dress's face hard. "Jing Rujiu, you've been glamorous all your life, but in the end, you were harmed by your loyalty. This Divine Worship Cave is a forbidden area of the Jing family. You're considered to have returned to your roots if you die in the Jing family's home."

"Don't blame me for being ruthless. It's your fault for winning his heart." The green-dressed woman smiled ruthlessly before pushing the red-dressed woman towards the cliff.

The woman in the red dress fell down the cliff like a petrel.

Below the cliff, the giant had already opened its bloody mouth and used its sharp and bloody teeth to bite the red-dressed woman's delicate body. Without even chewing, it swallowed her into its stomach. This commotion probably alarmed the woman, who struggled in the giant's stomach, but her spiritual energy was completely suppressed. As a Prime Emperor, she couldn't even cut through the giant's stomach.

The woman in the green dress stood on the cliff as she stared at the giant's bulging stomach with a crazy expression. Her crazy laughter echoed in the Divine Worship Cave. "Rujiu, just wait for death here. When you die, Yin Mingjue will have no desires or happiness."

"He will live a lonely life. If I can't get happiness, you will all have to die with me!"


The woman in the green dress laughed until tears flowed down her face. Even after she turned to leave, her laughter lingered in the deep cave for a long time.

The giant's stomach thumped violently for a few days before it finally calmed down. After successfully absorbing the woman's body, the giant laid quietly on the ground and patiently refined the woman's Beast Heart to absorb the weak Dragon God bloodline in her body.

However, for some reason, the woman's Beast Heart seemed to be covered in a layer of strange golden energy. No matter how the giant tried to refine it, he couldn't completely refine it. Not only that, but Jing Rujiu's soul was unwilling to let it go and kept resisting the giant.

Therefore, even after thirty years, the giant still failed to successfully refine her and even turned into this state.

After seeing these memories, Yu Huang opened her eyes.

She let go of the giant's hand and turned around to look at Zhang Zhanyi. Then, she suddenly smiled sinisterly.

When Zhang Zhanyi saw the smile on Yu Huang's face, she felt extremely uneasy.

Could she really have seen the demon beast's past?

But was that possible?

At such a young age, had her divination skills really surpassed that of Old Madam Jing and Prime Emperor Divine Miracle?

"Madam Jing." Yu Huang walked towards Zhang Zhanyi slowly. Every step she took was very forceful, as if what she stepped on wasn't the ground and vegetation, but Zhang Zhanyi's flesh and bones.

Yu Huang's gaze was bloodthirsty.

Zhang Zhanyi had lived for more than two hundred years, but she didn't dare to look Yu Huang in the eye.

After arriving in front of Zhang Zhanyi, Yu Huang tilted her head and said, "Do you think that after thirty years, my mother's Beast Heart and spiritual energy have long been successfully refined by the giant? My mother's Beast Heart is still intact in the giant's body, and I can use the Purifying Spirit Art to save my mother from the giant's Purifying Spirit, as long as the Beast Heart is intact. I can use the Bone Nurturing Grass to regenerate her bones and flesh to revive her."

"Are you afraid?" Every word Yu Huang said was like an icicle that smashed heavily onto Zhang Zhanyi's head, pouring cold water on her soul.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Zhanyi's pupils dilated and she shook her head as she said, "Impossible! It's been 30 years, so Jing Rujiu should have been completely refined by that monster long ago! You're lying to me!"

After saying that, Zhang Zhanyi suddenly sensed that dozens of pairs of eyes were on her. She looked up in a panic and saw the gloomy and terrifying expressions of Old Madam Jing, Zhang Xianli, and Jing Ruge. Only then did she realize that her words had exposed her vicious side.


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