Novel Name : She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1579 Point To Point

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After hearing Jing Rujiu admit that the people she cared about the most in the Jing family were him and his daughter, Jing Ruge's heart ached and he burst into tears.

Jing Ruge couldn't help but think of the things he and Jing Rujiu had experienced together when they were growing up.

The siblings were about the same age. and had conflicts when they were growing up. However, they were biological siblings who had the same blood flowing in their bodies. They had always been the closest kin in this world.

Since young, Jing Rujiu had been smarter than Jing Ruge, and her personality was more outgoing and carefree. When Jing Rujiu was young, the children in the clan subconsciously followed Jing Rujiu's lead.

But he was the eldest young master of the Jing family.

Jing Ruge awakened his beast form when he was ten years old and became the first among the same batch of youths to awaken his beast form. He was rather smug about this. However, the next winter, Jing Rujiu, who was only ten years old, also awakened her beast form. After her beast form awakened, Jing Rujiu displayed her powerful cultivation talent.

She only used four years to break through to the Master Realm and become the youngest young man to break through to the Master Beast Tamer Realm on the Divination Continent.

Ever since Jing Rujiu broke through to the Master Realm, her talent could no longer be hidden.

Gradually, people began to describe Jing Rujiu as a genius and future successor. Jing Rujiu, who was already doted on, became the most eye-catching youngster in the Jing family.

Jing Ruge, who had lived in his sister's shadow for a long time, couldn't help but resent Jing Rujiu. Because of this, he and Jing Rujiu always went against each other and insisted on competing in everything. Jing Rujiu understood her brother's thoughts, so she had never looked down on Jing Ruge, but she didn't want to give in to her brother either.

Every time Jing Rujiu faced Jing Ruge's provocation and nitpicking, she would always face it head-on.

She was always open and aboveboard, powerful but never took the initiative to snatch what belonged to others.

The siblings were like two peas in a pod.

Their relationship only gradually changed when she was 30 years old.

Jing Rujiu was 30 years old. When Jing Ruge was 31 years old, the siblings bade farewell to their parents and decided to go to Cang Lang Continent to study. The siblings experienced many tests and successfully entered the inner academy. Later on, they were allowed to join the elite combat team because of their powerful overall strength.

After joining the elite combat team, they would often go to the demon beast forest in the inner academy to do missions together and had encountered danger several times. However, no matter how serious Jing Rujiu's injuries were, every time Jing Ruge encountered danger, Jing Rujiu would raise the sword in her hand and protect Jing Ruge.

Gradually, Jing Ruge realized that no matter how much he and his comrades called each other buddies, the only person who could never leave him in danger was Jing Rujiu.

After realizing this, Jing Ruge accepted his mediocrity and acknowledged his sister's excellence. He slowly changed his attitude towards Jing Rujiu.

He was no longer always at odds with Jing Rujiu. When faced with big choices, he would firmly defend every choice Jing Rujiu made.

The scene of Jing Rujiu bearing wounds on her back while raising her sword to block in front of him and killing demon beasts for him time and time again suddenly appeared in Jing Ruge's mind. He couldn't help but feel sad and shout, "Jiu'er!" Then, Jing Rujiu couldn't help but burst into tears.

He couldn't help but walk towards Jing Rujiu with tears as he said, "Jiu'er, I was too useless and didn't notice the danger. I couldn't protect you in time…" He even let the woman he loved hurt her so badly.

However, Jing Ruge's sudden approach frightened Jing Ruge so much that she subconsciously hid.

However, she had just reassembled her body and was feeling weak, so when she retreated, she almost staggered and fell to the ground. Yu Huang quickly supported her. Then, she turned her body slightly to guard in front of Jing Rujiu and blocked Jing Ruge's approach. Yu Huang raised her head and looked at Jing Ruge, whose eyes were filled with tears, then warned him coldly, "Mr. Jing, please keep your distance and don't scare my mother."

Upon hearing this, Jing Ruge didn't have the courage to take another step forward.

Seeing that Jing Ruge was quite cooperative, Yu Huang retreated. Then, she held Jing Rujiu's arm and comforted her in a low voice. "Mom, I'm here, so anyone who makes you upset can forget about getting close to you!"

Jing Rujiu found the feeling of being protected by her daughter novel.

Jing Rujiu had always been the only one who protected others, but in the blink of an eye, her daughter had already grown up and had become her protector.

Jing Rujiu immediately relaxed.

Nodding, she said, "Alright, then you have to protect me." It wasn't embarrassing to be protected by her daughter.


After Jing Rujiu leaned against Yu Huang, she felt much more energetic.

She continued, "I know that once I see my brother, the Jing family will know that I'm back. In order not to let others discover me, I secretly contacted my little niece, Jing Jiaren. I asked her out to meet me and gave her a golden hairpin as a birthday gift. However, my niece was too young and wasn't cautious enough, so her mother actually discovered it…"

At this moment, Jing Jiaren, who had consumed the Life Reversing Pill, had already been saved and had become stronger. However, the pain in her body was still intense and unbearable.

After she heard her aunt's words, a look of shock flashed across Jing Jiaren's eyes.

Did she indirectly kill her aunt by exposing her tracks?

At this moment, Zhang Zhanyi raised her head slightly and looked at Jing Rujiu.

Jing Rujiu looked at Zhang Zhanyi coldly and said, "That night, Zhang Zhanyi avoided everyone and came to the hotel to see me privately. At that time, I was very touched and thought that she was being careful because she wanted to keep it a secret. Later, I understood that it was to hide the fact that she was the last person to meet me."

"Zhang Zhanyi." Jing Rujiu gritted her teeth as she said Zhang Zhanyi's name.

As Zhang Zhanyi stared blankly at her beautiful face, she had the feeling while they had all been ravaged by time for 30 years, only Jing Rujiu had received the love of time.

It was precisely because of this face that Yin Mingjue was mesmerized by her.

Jing Rujiu smiled bitterly and lamented, "That night, Zhang Zhanyi slept on the same bed as me and said many kind words. I still remember all her reminders to me clearly. It was precisely those touching words that harmed me to such an extent!"

Upon hearing this, Song Ji couldn't help but ask curiously, "What happened after that?"


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