Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1248

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Zoe was skipping around, reveling in bliss.

She had certainly been misbehaving today, but Jay had to admit that everything was worth it just to see
the smile on her face.

As Zoe kept drinking with one guest after the other with a silly happy grin that seemed to broaden
constantly, Jay sat nearby with a faint smile.

“Drink up! Wish me well…” Zoe poured herself a glass full but trailed off when she saw the person in
front of her.

After all, it was Nancy Levine.

She was still here? It was already very late—she always slept early to maintain her healthy
appearance, no?

Still, Zoe pursed her lips and told herself to get serious before holding up her glass. ‘Cheers, sister.”

Nancy was already scowling, and she scowled even harder after Zoe addressed her as ’sister’.

“That’s our relationship now,” Zoe muttered-she was not messing around.

Nancy kept scowling. “How unseemly it is for a lady to go around drinking.”

“You told me that life should be enjoyed as much as possible, no? You even brought me to a bar to ‘see
the world’ when I became an adult, testing my alcohol tolerance. You told me never to drink beyond my
limit, and I’m far from reaching that limit.”

Nancy was left stumped by Zoe’s words-she had always indulged Zoe’s whims, never saying no to her
if it was something Zoe liked.

And during the years they were still mother and daughter, she would drink with Zoe since the girl was
really fond of her alcohol…

“Came to wish me well too?” Zoe asked, changing the subject right then.

She was also surprised that Nancy would come to her—was Nancy not supposed to dislike her a lot?

“I don’t have the time,” Nancy said coolly.

“Then why are you here? Had a stroke?” Zoe blurted.

“Zoe York!” Nancy could suffer a stroke right then, but she took a deep breath-she would only be the
one getting upset if she argued with Zoe.

After all, Zoe just declared that she would get upset with anything Nancy threw at her.

She gritted her teeth and said bluntly, “I came to ask about you and Bob.”

“Bob? Bob Davis?” Zoe exclaimed a little loudly.

“Keep it down,” Nancy snapped.

“Oh,’ Zoe lowered her voice. “What about him?”

“I…” Nancy was hesitant, since it was hard to explain it to Zoe.

Eventually, she asked, “Is he still into you?”

“Probably,” Zoe said a little confidently.

Nancy was left fuming. “You’re now married.”

“I’m the charming one. Can’t help it,” Zoe said innocently.

Nancy was seething-this felt like a man dying of thirst watching another man drown.

Here Zoe was, beloved by all… While her daughter Cora could not even get into a steady relationship.

Working hard to stay calm, she told Zoe, “Talk to Bob. Tell him to get over you.”

“I did. Heck, I told him to get together with Cora during the luncheon,” Zoe replied earnestly.Books
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“And what did he say?” Nancy asked a little eagerly.

“He told me I’m heartless.”

Nancy shot Zoe a look, but she appeared perfectly at ease because she was not lying.

“That said, I personally feel that it’s not going to be easy if you want Bob to get together with Cora,” she
added. “Bob never liked parents getting involved with their children’s relationship, since it was his
parents’ involvement that forced him to break up with me, so he’d be holding a grudge. That’s why I
think you really should stay out of Bob and Cora’s relationship-let the young ones do what they want.”

Nancy snorted. “And you’d know.”

“Been there, done that, sister. It’s fine if you ignore me, but that’s my honest word of advice.”

Nancy rolled her eyes-she bristled whenever Zoe called her ‘sister’, but she restrained herself.

“Look, I know you feel like you owe Cora a lot, but being so protective would only hamper her growth,”
Zoe suddenly said. “You should be letting her free to adapt, both in her career and love life.

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