Novel Name : All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1305 Won't Give Back The Shares

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Old Master Fu was the most authoritative person in the Fu family.

Fu Hongyi and the others did not dare to disobey him.

Zhou Sihui's legs gave way and she knelt on the ground. She grabbed Fu Hongyi's pants and cried pitifully. "Hongyi, I was wrong. I lied to you back then. I didn't expect Hongyi to not be your son. It was just an accident back then."

Fu Hongyi sneered. "Then what about the paternity test we did when you brought him to me?"

Zhou Sihui deliberated for a moment before replying, "The main reason is that I love you too much. If this son wasn't yours, you definitely wouldn't be with me, so I had no choice but to forge this paternity test."

"What about her?"

Fu Hongyi pointed at Fu Shihan.

Zhou Sihui's tone was firm. "Hongyi, Shihan is indeed your daughter. I'm not lying to you."

"Ha!" Fu Hongyi sneered. "Zhou Sihui, can I believe your words?"

Zhou Sihui's face turned pale.

The way Fu Hongyi looked at her was so strange that it was scary. In the past, as long as she pretended to cry, Fu Hongyi would put down what he was doing to comfort her.

But now…

Zhou Sihui fell to the ground.

Old Master Fu had been staring at Fu Mingxu. The grandson he had high hopes for was actually not a member of the Fu family!

Fu Mingxu noticed Old Master Fu's gaze and thought of how biased Old Master Fu was toward him. Fu Mingxu's heart lit up with hope.

He sat beside Old Master Fu.

"Grandpa, although I'm not your biological grandson, I was raised by you. I'll treat you as my biological grandfather in the future."

Old Master Fu sneered. "You're not related to me by blood. How can I have a grandson?"

Old Master Fu cared about benefits the most. He treated Fu Mingxu well because he was obedient and would not disobey him like Fu Hanchuan did. He would also not take away all of Fu Mingxu's power.

However, Fu Mingxu was not the biological son of the Fu family. He was the son of Zhou Sihui and a wild man. He would definitely not let the Fu family's assets fall into the hands of outsiders.

Fu Mingxu clenched his fists.

As expected!

His lowered eyes were filled with hatred for Old Master Fu.

He had been treating Old Master Fu very well for more than 20 years.

Now that he was not Fu Hongyi's biological son, Old Master Fu wanted to cut ties with him!

Thinking of something, Old Master Fu ordered in a deep voice, "Fu Mingxu, since you still treat me as your grandfather, then hand over the 15% of the Fu Corporation's shares that you have."

Fu Mingxu hesitated.

Old Master Fu would not keep him. If he really handed over the shares, he would really have nothing.

"Grandpa, let me take care of these shares."

Old Master Fu's face darkened when he saw Fu Mingxu rebut him. "I told you to hand it over. You're an outsider. What right do you have to hold onto the Fu Corporation's shares?"

Fu Mingxu knew that Old Master Fu would not let him stay in the Fu family.

He did not give Old Master Fu any face. "Grandpa, these shares are already under my name. There's no reason for me to give back the shares you gave me."

"You! You!"

Old Master Fu's blood boiled, and he felt a dull pain in his heart.

In less than ten seconds, Old Master Fu had already fainted on the sofa.


Fu Hongyi's anxious voice sounded in his ears.


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