Novel Name : All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 1306 Giving The Company To Fu Hanchuan

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When Old Master Fu woke up, it was already two days later. His face was sickly pale, and even his hair was white.

The moment he opened his eyes, he asked Fu Hongyi, "Is Fu Shihan the granddaughter of the Fu family?"

Fu Hongyi nodded. "Yes, we did a paternity test. She is indeed a member of the Fu family."

Fu Hongyi did not give up and did a paternity test for Fu Mingxu. As expected, there was only a 1% chance that they were father and son.

Old Master Fu blinked his sore eyes.

His words were filled with blame for Fu Hongyi. "I told you to treat Lu Yun well back then and not go out and fool around. If you were with an innocent woman, I wouldn't have said anything. But what about you? You actually went to hook up with a bar dancer! Now, she even has a fake son."

It was rare for Fu Hongyi not to refute Old Master Fu.

He also regretted it.

In the past two days, Lu Yun and Zhou Sihui's faces had been switching back and forth in his mind. Zhou Sihui was gentle and kind, while Lu Yun was the typical daughter of a wealthy family.

He always despised Lu Yun for being like a log in bed.

But now, Fu Hongyi felt that Lu Yun was very real, and Zhou Sihui had slept with countless men to cultivate her skills.

For the past twenty years, he had been living a huge lie.

Old Master Fu leaned against the headboard and finished his sentence. He did not reprimand Fu Hongyi anymore.

He felt a deep sense of powerlessness in his body.

He didn't want to mess around with the company and his family anymore.

He opened his mouth. "Where's Fu Hanchuan? Contact him for me quickly."

Fu Hongyi was stunned. "Dad, what are you doing?"

"Pass the company to him."

"But Shihan..."

Old Master Fu sneered. "You're still thinking about Fu Shihan? Putting aside the fact that her brother is not a member of the Fu family, she's also a girl. How can she inherit the Fu Corporation? She will get married sooner or later. Isn't this asking me to hand over the company to an outsider? Moreover, Fu Hanchuan is very capable. With him in charge, the Fu Corporation's current decline will be reversed."

Fu Hongyi did not dare to speak.

Fu Hongyi didn't know how to face Fu Hanchuan. After calling Fu Hanchuan, he passed the phone to Old Master Fu.

Fu Hanchuan picked up very quickly.

"What's the matter?" Fu Hanchuan's voice was very cold.

If it were any other time, Old Master Fu would definitely lose his temper. However, at this moment, his attitude toward Fu Hanchuan was extremely good. "Hanchuan, how have you been recently?"

"En," Fu Hanchuan replied coldly.

Old Master Fu choked on Fu Hanchuan's words.

"I'm in the hospital now. Can you come and see me?" he asked.

"I'm in the capital. I don't have time."

He raised his hand to look at the time. He had to pick up Qin Sheng later and did not want to waste time with Old Master Fu. "Tell me your purpose."

Old Master Fu rubbed his hands. "Hanchuan, didn't you say that you would come back to the company as long as I gave it to you?"

Fu Hanchanchuan raised an eyebrow with interest.

Old Master Fu only remembered him after he found out that Fu Mingxu was not Fu Hongyi's biological son.

Old Master Fu did not hear Fu Hanchuan's voice for a long time. He took the initiative to say, "Hanchuan, um, I've given you the company. When are you coming back?"

Fu Hanchuan smiled. "Do you think I'll be interested in your Fu Corporation?"

Old Master Fu choked again. Fu Hanchuan was the head of the HD Group. Now that the HD Group had become one of the top ten companies in the country, it was only natural that he would not take a fancy to a small Fu Corporation.


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