Novel Name : Edgar and His Destined Wife

Chapter 541

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Jean glowered, “I’m that descendant your esteemed Mr. Royden had personally invited.”

The crowd stood silent.

She was indifferent about Edbert, “I have a message for this man.” The woman said to the audience,
“He can start saying his prayers. I’m here to destroy Edbert Royden, so you best believe that.”

Everybody gasped.

They observed Jean exit the personnel office and board the elevator.

She added before she walked away, “You may record everything I say and direct them to Mr. Royden. I
couldn’t care less.”

On the spot, Will exhaled with relief.

Fortunately, luck was on his side, and he completed Jean’s request on time. Otherwise, he may have
been added to the list of people being laid off.

Jean went back to the upper office.

The directors who were waiting outside noticed her right away and encircled her, “Please, Ms. Eyer,
convince Mr. Royden! It would be disastrous if he kicks Mr. Blanc and the others out of business.” “Yes,
we are aware of the wrongdoings of Mr. Blanc and the others, but they won’t cause issues at this time.”
“So?” In their direction, Jean glared, “Do you believe he should be fired from the firm after a certain
point? Does that imply that the past may be forgotten if it doesn’t interfere with your interests? Even if
they seized the business, it would still be for nothing. Edgar would own the lost money, not you. Am I
correct?” “That’s not what I said, though. We do mean welI!”

A few directors appeared to respond, “Could this matter be your idea, Ms. Eyer?”

The managers were exceedingly remorseful fortheir inquiry.

Why did you obstruct your own exit?

“I did think about the notion, yes. I also cautioned him against becoming sentimental and warned him
not to abandon anyone.” Jean looked at each of their faces when she had done speaking.

The individuals who were still concerned looked defeated.

There were also far too few of those who could still look at her without feeling shame.

Jean experienced a brief feeling of remorse.

/ even feel sorry for the man sitting in the office. If these sheep didn’t drag him down, his company
would have gone a step further by now.

“You’ve gone too far, Ms. Eyer!” “You absolutely have no right to do that.”

One by one, they allied against Jean.

“The Royden Group and the Eyer Group must be divided.”

The company’s prior norms would be breached with Jean around, which would negatively affect their

One by one, they had their eyes focused on the money.

Jean found it intriguing the more ecstatic they were. “That can’t happen. The contract makes this
explicit. If you drive me away, you will have to compensate me twenty times over. Could your
department even afford it?

A head manager cried, “What?!”

The elders huffed with frustration, “How is that even possible? Where is your proof? You’re obviously
lying to weasel out of this.”

Suddenly, Edgar’s office door opened.

Standing beside the door, he sent their direction a cold, foreboding stare.

The audience immediately became silent.

As she turned her head away and grinned. Jean seized the man by the arm, “Weren’t you all lively a
moment ago? Do keep talking.”

The few directors saw them go closer and knew in their hearts what was happening.

Edgar has been bewitched by this vile woman!

Let alone them, even their own Edbert was disregarded. They believed Jean to be a vixen who would
bring ruin to them.

She needs to be eliminated.

As Edgar prepared to speak, he noticed Will Summer from the HR division exiting the elevator.

“Everyone on the list has finished the resignation process, Ms. Eyer.”

I appreciate it, Will.” Jean shot a glare at the managers in front of her, “They might need to leave as
well…” “Mr. Royden, I just realized that I had a scheduled appointment. I’ll head out first.”

Another employee cried, “Yes! I also have a task to complete. I’m urgently needed at a hospital.”

With that threat, they departed with whatever reasons they could conjure.

Edgar left the office with Jean by his side, “What else do I require, then?”

At that moment, he paid attention to Jean. Edgar offered his complete cooperation and listened well to
her justifications on the matter.

A trace of profundity could be seen in Jean’s gaze, “Why are you so attentive to me?” “Even at this
point, you would still want to question a simple matter?” Edgar kissed her forehead.

He expressed remorse fortheir marriage each time he made the decision to show vulnerability.

He wanted to make up to her, for those rough beginning. She was now essential to his existence.

I genuinely had no idea what love was in the beginning. I had no idea how to value other people.

That is the reason I acted like such a fool.” He looked at her with saddened eyes, “If I had known earlier
in this way, it wouldn’t be…”

His speech was monotone yet tinged with remorse.

Jean looked at him. They exchanged glances.

She displayed no signs of fragility, “It’s still not too late.” ‘Click.’

Edgar didn’t anticipate a response, yet there was one.

In a split second, his vigor returned. But Jean had already left with his stuff before he could inquire any
further, “I’m a little hungry. That meeting took too long.” “Should I order from a restaurant right away, or
should I go home and cook for you? What do you want to eat?”

He dashed outside to after her. The man practically sprinted after the lady.

He was certainly not acting like his old self.

“Why can’t you be more mindful? Won’t your coworkers gossip if they see you like this?” Jean frowned
in disapproval.

Edgar had a neutral expression.

“It’s irrelevant.”

When Jean turned to face him, he was unperturbed.

“As long as you are satisfied, that’s enough for me.”

He went with Jean that afternoon and headed to all the upscale retail establishments in Yorktown. The
products from maternity stores were swept away wherever he went.

“Have them send them to my house.”

Edgar, who was already quite skilled, presented the card to the clerk before turning to assist Jean in
carrying the luggage. “What else would you like, exactly?”

Even though he was constantly sitting at the negotiating table and a man of business, he had never
been able to read Jean’s mind.

He asked gingerly to the woman beside him.

In any case, asking is better than not saying anything at all.

Nathan taught him that.

“That, that looks rather lovely.” Jean pointed out to the sizable doll next to him.

“Consider it done.”

Edgar would relocate the whole entire building for her if she wanted.

After wandering around for the entire afternoon, Jean suddenly broke out in a chuckle, “Forget it, I
changed my mind.”

She was curious about the purpose of Edgar’s tolerance toward her. Although he had enough money,
his willingness to be vulnerable and silly around her was precious.

“This, I will bring home for you myself. Set it near the bed so that you may view it anytime,” Edgar said,
placing a hand on her shoulder

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