Novel Name : Edgar and His Destined Wife

Chapter 552

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In the next few days, Edgar went to work as usual while Jean continued to idle the day away at home.

Both of them deliberately steered away from discussions related to both Royden Group and Eyer
Group. They refused to let mundane and complicated topics ruin their mood.

But not until Miles showed up at their door.

“Mr. Royden, there is a problem with Oprah Group’s project. The third-party investors alleged their
design drawings were products of plagiarism and decided to pursue them through a lawsuit with the
international court. As a result, the project has been suspended until further notice.”

Miles was having cold sweats, “I’ve notified Mr. Gary and his department to standby in the office to
mitigate the situation.”

This project wasn’t a priority if it was in the past.

But the trend had changed, considering Royden Group was presently in crisis.

This project was Edgar’s last hope in reviving Royden Group. He couldn’t let this project go down the

Edgar said coldly, “Let’s go.”

As he retrieved his coat from the hanger, he said to

Jean, “I may not be able to come home these few days. You should go back to Eyer Residence for the
time being.”


Jean chided, “I’m not a child anymore. Don’t worry about me.”

She walked up to Edgar and tenderly straightened his tie, “I’ll wait for you at home.”

Two pairs of eyes glinting with the reflection of each other. No distance at all.

His face bent to meet hers as she looked up. He kissed her forehead.

At the door, Miles sheepishly darted his eyes away from their lovey-dovey.

After Edgar and Miles left, Jean immediately instructed the media company she had an affiliation with
to look into Oprah Group. To her dismay, the response she received from the media company was the
same as what Miles had told them.

Oprah Group and its future investment paths would be affected by this incident as well.

The business media from all over the world also jumped on the bandwagon, broadcasting the
commercial lawsuit.

Jean browsed through the Internet and furrowed, “Something doesn’t quite add up here.”

She thought it was preposterous for anyone with common sense to challenge the prestigious and
influential Oprah family. If this was an unfounded violation, an unvarnished explanation from Oprah
Group would suffice to shut down the rumors and dissolve the lawsuit.

The same thing had happened to Pinnacle Group before.

Jean combed through the website, “Could it be…”

Immediately, she tried to dial Edgar, but the line was occupied. She couldn’t wait any longer, so she
hailed a taxi to Royden Group.

Meanwhile, Edgar was in the top floor conference room of Royden Group.

“Mr. Royden, our company funds are running dry. I’m afraid we won’t be able to pay employees if
funding isn’t secured by next month.” The finance manager exhorted.

Royden Group had never encountered a financial crisis before. The work in the finance department had
always been the most undemanding in the entire company. It was unbeknownst that Royden Group
would come to be in debt.

There were rumors among the employees.

Some of them said Royden Group was doomed to go bankrupt. As a result, a vast number of
employees were dispirited by the misleading information.

“Mr. Royden, all the projects have been put on hold. There’s barely anything to do for the employees.

They just sit at their desks or sort out outdated documents.”

“Last year this time, the office was always empty as everyone was busy meeting clients and closing

The stark contrast had evinced the woebegone condition of Royden Group from its peak and glorious

Edgar narrowed his eyes and stared at them with a frigid stare.

“I will personally dispense an amount into the company’s account, so don’t worry about the salary
issue. Apart from the company’s regular expenses, the finances will come in gradually. You may go
back to work now, Mr. Jameson.”

Mr. Jameson stood on his feet, “Yes, Mr. Royden.

Your assurance eased my anxiety. Now, I will make sure I delegate the work and ensure operation.”

On the other side, the project department and related personnel were still in the room.

“Mr. Royden, why don’t you explore these several projects that you used to be interested in?” Mr.
Gibson set out to give other projects a shot by presenting the proposals to Edgar.

Ludwig Group and three other small companies were on the list of preliminary collaborations.

But Edgar rebuffed and turned down all these projects. The proposals were binned precipitately.

To quote Edgar, “These projects were worthless.”

Edgar was a leader with acumen. The project he invested in would be surefire to success. But to profit
from it required capital and manpower.

“Mr. Royden, let’s resolve what’s crucial at this exigent moment. I will personally meet them and handle
the cases if you feel uneasy about doing it yourself.” Mr. Gibson coaxed, “I’m willing to strive for our last
resort for the company.”

When Royden Group was still in its glorious days, it had plenty of choices to choose from. And small-
scale projects were often not given consideration.

It was a blow to Edgar’s pride that Royden Group had to backtrack and be servile to them.

Moreover, it was harrowing for Edgar to personally curry favor from the people he used to turn away.

“I’ll go with Mr. Gibson.” Miles knew Edgar too well.

It was a good sign that Edgar didn’t refuse incipiently.

Mr. Gibson and Miles exchanged a look with each other. The former wanted to take back the project
proposals but was startled by the man’s concise instruction.

“Make an appointment with Myer Ludwig. I will go.”

“Understood, Mr. Royden. I’ll dothat now.”

Seeing Mr. Gibson leaving the room grinningly, Miles expressed his worry, “Mr. Royden, knowing Myer
Ludwig’s temperament, it’s unlikely that he will agree to work with us.”

“I know.”

Edgar raised his brow and looked at Miles, “Yet projects in the field of science and technology have the
highest reinvestment rate. I can’t afford to wait right now.”

He still had spares in his personal bank account, but it was not enough to sustain the company’s
operation for the next year.

“Royden Group can’t downsize. Otherwise, it won’t help in the long term.” Jean came in from the door
and said, “I won’t find Ben to get you help. But you have to let me tag along if Myer agrees to see you.”

“In what capacity?”

He raised his brow, and there was nuance and meaning in his eyes.

Jean was caught off guard. Then, she said, “As your ex-wife?”

Edgar scowled and shook his head, “Have you seen anyone bring his ex-wife to a business meeting?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

Jean mocked, “It didn’t occur to me that Mr. Royden cares about other people’s opinion.”

Seeing the sly smile on her face, he feigned surrender, “Okay, I’ll take you with me. But you…”

“I won’t talk too much. I won’t cause trouble, and I will never tell Ben; I promise.” She intercepted and
pledged gaily.

“But we still don’t know if he’ll be willing to see me.”

Edgar raised his fingers and flicked her forehead.

Jean glowered at him furiously, “He will definitely agree to see you.”

“So confident?”

Jean grinned, “Of course! We shall see!”

After ten minutes, Mr. Gibson barged in from outside and exclaimed, “Mr. Royden, Mr. Ludwig has
agreed to meet you at AOL Hotel at nine o’clock tonight.”

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