Novel Name : My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 1311 An Encounter Of Love Rival

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Within the exhibition hall, Janet guided Brandon, her elegant hand pointing out the symphony of colors
and lines that made up Nelson’s masterpieces. With the practiced air of a seasoned designer, she
dissected the intricate details and design principles of each piece. Brandon, an art neophyte, found
himself ensnared by the alluring labyrinth of creativity unfolding before him.

As Janet’s enthusiasm soared, an unwelcome voice pierced her joyful bubble.

“Miss White, what a delightful surprise!” Clyde, decked out in a meticulously chosen ensemble, flashed
a smile at Janet. Catching sight of Brandon, his eyes. briefly flickered with thinly veiled disdain. His
heart had not prepared for the revelation that Janet’s companion would be Brandon, and he wondered
if the latter had the capacity to comprehend the art pieces.

With a smirk, he blurted, “Ah, Mr. Larson graces us with his presence. Does he find Mr. Nixon’s art to
his taste?”

Janet’s eyebrows knitted into a delicate frown, and she quickly stepped into the breach for her
husband. “Whether my husband appreciates these art pieces or not, surely, Mr. Lambert, is none of
your concern.”

Clyde offered a placating smile, swiftly apologizing when he saw Janet’s rising ire, “Don’t take offense,
Janet. I merely thought Mr. Nixon’s raw, primal style might not sit well with a hard-nosed businessman.
No harm intended.”

Janet, rendered speechless by Clyde’s audacity, barely resisted rolling her eyes.

She clutched Brandon’s hand, ready to extricate themselves from the conversation.

As they began to retreat, Clyde leaped into their path, his tone dripping with arrogance. “Just a small
piece of information, Miss White. I’ve had the pleasure of Mr. Nixon’s company thrice and maintain a

cordial relationship with him.

Later, I could introduce you. If he’s in good spirits, he might even provide some insight into your design

Brandon’s eyebrows, sharp as an artist’s chisel, arched upward, and a glimmer of contempt shone in
his penetrating gaze.

He deemed Clyde unworthy of his time. Cutting off the latter’s prattle mid- sentence, he guided Janet
toward Nelson, who was hovering nearby.

Clyde, stung by the blatant snub, yearned to renew his mockery but was silenced as he watched
Brandon warmly greet Nelson while still holding Janet’s hand.

Observing their camaraderie, it was unmistakably clear they shared a close and amicable relationship.

The baffling bond between Nelson and a man like Brandon, whose understanding of design was as
limited as a fish’s understanding of flight, was something Clyde couldn’t wrap his head around. He had
poured so much effort into currying favor with Nelson, and yet, Brandon had seemingly waltzed into an
intimate relationship with him. Clyde was left, befuddled and frustrated.

His earlier grandstanding left a bitter taste in his mouth. Clyde wished he could evaporate, leaving
nothing behind but a memory of his embarrassment.

Brandon, however, was indifferent to Clyde’s mental turmoil. He greeted Nelson with a respectful nod
before turning to introduce Janet. “This is my better half,

Janet,” he declared, a proud glint in his eyes. “She’s the creative genius behind this ensemble I’m

Janet blinked, taken aback. The reality of her husband’s casual camaraderie with Nelson, a titan of the
art world, had her reeling. Brandon, seizing the moment, raised his glass to Nelson, an impish grin
dancing on his lips. “Mr.

Nixon, what’s your take on my wife’s creations? Don’t they remind you of your early masterpieces?”

Janet’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson. The idea of her work being likened to

Nelson’s was something she wouldn’t dare entertain, even in her wildest dreams.

She gave Brandon a sharp pinch, silently beseeching him to keep his wild notions to himself.

Yet, Nelson, having heard Brandon’s audacious question, took a moment to scrutinize the pair’s attire.
Nodding in approval, he commented, “Your wife’s designs are an echo of my own earlier work-simple,
elegant, and distinct. Should she continue honing her craft, I foresee her carving a unique niche in the
design world, with a legacy that could rival my own.”

Hearing her role model’s praises, ninja novel Janet’s heart fluttered like a hummingbird. Her cheeks
burned with joy, a stark contrast to the coolness she felt moments ago.

She’d imagined, at best, gaining a nugget of wisdom from Nelson. His high praise, however, was an
unexpected accolade that made her head spin.

Having sung Janet’s praises, Nelson turned his attention to Brandon. With a playful shake of his head,
he jested, “You fortunate scoundrel! To have wedded such a captivating, talented woman.”

Wrapping a protective arm around Janet, Brandon beamed back, “It’s my impeccable taste. I always
pick the cream of the crop.” Feeling the heat nse in her cheeks, Janet demurred, “You flatter me too
much, Mr. Nixon. I’m but a novice in the design world, with mountains yet to climb.”

Nelson laughed heartily, his eyes sparkling with amusement. “Your humility is refreshing, I’ve always
been a straight shooter, and I only lavish praise where it’s due. Brandon better watch his step. If he
ever fails you, you know who to turn to for backup.”

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