Novel Name : My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 1317 A Miserable Ending

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The truth about Vivi was far from the refined lady she portrayed. She was merely a young girl from a
destitute family, who hadn’t even finished middle school.

Her illusion of affluence was carefully crafted by a team dedicated to creating Internet sensations. The
mansions, fancy cars, and luxury brands she flaunted were not truly hers, but merely borrowed or
group-purchased props.

Her crafted identity unraveled, and Vivi lost everything in the blink of an eye.

As darkness fell over the Larson family mansion, Janet lay comfortably with her head resting on
Brandon’s lap, engrossed. in the latest celebrity buzz on her phone. Vivi’s scandal had skyrocketed to
the top three trending topics. A single tap on any headline revealed a cascade of negative gossip and
sordid revelations about her, Janet aimlessly opened one such article. detailing Vivi’s reprehensible
past, from her bullying antics in middle school to physically assaulting her assistant as a budding
Internet sensation.

With a sigh, Janet mused, “Vivi, in all her glamor, has done some deplorable deeds. As a public figure,
she should have valued her reputation, but she consistently chose the path of wrongdoing.” Brandon
glanced at the phone screen, a sardonic smile playing on his lips. “Evil doers can never truly mask their
decay, regardless of the glitzy facade they uphold,” he scoffed.

Janet wholeheartedly concurred, “If she had avoided mischief and focused on her career, she might
have accomplished something. Now, she has no one to blame for her downfall but herself.” Mid-
conversation, Janet’s phone buzzed with an incoming video call from Laney.

As soon as she picked up, a concerned Laney inquired from the other end,

“Janet, how are things with Vivi’s scandal? Is there anything I can do to help?”

With a reassuring smile, Janet responded, “Don’t fret, everything’s under control. How have you been?
Is Garrett keeping up the good work?”

Just as Laney finished speaking, a familiar figure appeared behind her. The man, dressed in casual
home attire, adeptly held and fed a baby.

Janet recognized the man and, with a chuckle, teased, “Garrett, | never expected you to become so
proficient at caring for a baby. You seem to have mastered holding and feeding her.”

Cradling his daughter, Garrett wasn’t taken aback by Janet’s jibe. Instead, he wore a proud smile,
proclaiming, “Exactly! I’m on the path to becoming an exceptional dad. My little girl has already taken a
liking to me.”

Slyly, he glanced towards Brandon, taking the opportunity to boast, ninja “Having a daughter
is a wonderful thing. She’s so adorable and clingy.”

Brandon remained stoic, offering Garrett a simple response. “Piss off.”

With a helpless tap on Garrett’s head, Laney chided, “Behave. You’ve only been looking after the baby
for a few days. Don’t let it go to your head. You’re not off the hook yet.”

Despite her words, the joy and tenderness in Laney’s eyes were unmistakable.

Observing the warm interaction among the duo, Janet felt genuinely happy for Laney. It was hard to
believe that Garrett, once a wealthy playboy who reveled in a glamorous lifestyle, was now a
responsible father, personally taking care of his child.

Perhaps the familial bond, along with Garrett’s attentive care, had endeared Anya to him.

Yet, Janet noticed that Laney still seemed somewhat distant from Garrett, hinting that their
reconciliation was not yet complete. With this in mind, Janet inquired, “Laney, when do you plan to
forgive him?”

Laney shot Garrett a sidelong glance and deflected, “We’ll discuss that later. If you’re free, come over
and visit Anya. I think you’re the best choice to be her godmother.”

Sensing Laney’s reluctance to continue on the topic, Janet wisely pivoted, “Sounds perfect! I’ve been
eager to become Anya’s godmother.”

While observing the video of the sweet and tender Anya, Janet and Brandon exchanged a knowing
smile, silently acknowledging their mutual yearning for a child.

After ending the call, Janet promptly broached the subject of undergoing a medical check-up. “Shall we
get our tests done tomorrow?” she suggested. “We need to be prepared if we’re planning to have a

The desire to become a father had been stirring within Brandon, especially during Garrett’s boastful
display. Upon hearing Janet’s proposal about the physical examination, he swiftly nodded in agreement
and promptly began organizing everything necessary.

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