Novel Name : My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 1319 A Turn Of The Farce

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Vivi remained on her knees, orchestrating a theatrical plea for an extended period, yet neither Janet
nor Brandon reacted. The spectacle seemed to be a one-person show, leaving Vivi feeling deeply
humiliated and embarrassed.

Vivi looked at Janet, bewildered.

But as she lifted her gaze, she locked eyes with Janet, whose expression held a certain knowing
amusement, as if she had already deciphered Vivi’s intentions.

An inexplicable shiver ran down Vivi’s spine.

“Why did you stop?” Janet cocked an eyebrow, her tone dripping with sarcasm as she looked down at
Vivi. “Aren’t you going to continue crying and pleading for mercy?”

Avoiding Janet’s gaze, Vivi felt a surge of embarrassment but persisted with her performance, sobbing
and imploring, “I only hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and let go. of this resentment.
After all, I had no part in what transpired.” Janet’s eyebrows rose even higher. “Are you implying that
you weren’t responsible for hiring online trolls to target me? If not you, then who?”

Tears streaming down her face, Vivi sniffled, “All my accounts are managed by my agency. The trolls
were hired by them, unbeknownst to me. I implore you to forgive me for my ignorance and let me off.”

The onlookers, swayed by Vivi’s desolate and pitiful display, started speaking up in her defense.

“It appears this poor girl was entirely in the dark. Miss, please consider granting her an opportunity to
make amends.” “Companies can be ruthless, and many influencers lack true autonomy. It seems this
girl is merely a puppet of her agency.” “Indeed, Miss. Given your privileged background, there’s no
need to press her further.”

Hearing the crowd rally behind her, Vivi experienced a surge of satisfaction, a sly grin spreading across
her face, hidden by her disheveled hair.

When she raised her head again, the smirk on Vivi’s face had morphed back into a pitiful expression as
she lamented, “If Miss White still harbors anger towards me, my only recourse would be to atone with
my life.”

The bystanders cast even more empathetic glances at Vivi.

Upon hearing Vivi’s words, Janet’s gaze became more mocking. Feigning confusion, Janet inquired
loudly enough for everyone to hear, “Is that so? Then the payment account used to pay the Internet
trolls was also controlled by your agency, wasn’t it?” Vivi was caught off guard. “I…”

Janet interrupted her, raising her voice in indignation. “I can’t believe your agency even manipulated
your personal payment account, using your funds to pay those Internet trolls! That’s utterly
reprehensible! This is a human nghts violation!”

Upon hearing Janet’s words, the onlookers who had been advocating for Vivi fell abruptly silent, their
looks of sympathy now replaced with skepticism.

It was indeed common for media companies at that time to maintain tight control over their social media
influencers’ actions and behavior. However, it was impossible for the agencies to exert control over the
influencers’ finances and payment accounts, and utilize their money to hire internet trolls. Despite their
susceptibility to rumors, the bystanders were able to see through such a blatant ruse.

Vivi’s expression froze completely, and the rehearsed pleas she had prepared seemed to desert her in
the face of Janet’s words. She was taken aback to discover that despite the public scrutiny, Janet didn’t
capitulate under the pressure of public opinion and grant her immediate forgiveness. Instead, Janet
swiftly detected Vivi’s blunder and skillfully redirected the narrative. speechlessness,

Spotting Vivi’s speechlessness, Janet relentlessly pursued the matter. “Don’t worry, I’m not an
unreasonable person. I can’t tolerate companies overstepping their boundaries either. My husband’s
firm has a proficient legal team that will certainly assist you in taking legal action against such a
company and help vindicate your name.”

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