Novel Name : My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 1323 Died In A Car Accident

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A flashy red Lamborghini glided into the underground garage. Abruptly, a disheveled figure lunged in
front of the car, bringing it to a sudden halt.

The individual obstructing the car was none other than Vivi, who had pleaded with Janet earlier that

At this moment, Vivi was glaring at the car’s occupant with a venomous look, shouting hysterically,
“Suzanne! You monster, this is all your fault! You’ve ruined me completely!”

Suzanne stepped out of the car unhurriedly and remained coolly composed in the face of Vivi’s frenzied

Adjusting her attire nonchalantly, Suzanne queried, “What do you mean by saying I’ve ruined you? We
had an agreement. I instructed you to approach

Janet and stage this spectacle. In return, your liquidated damages would be wiped clean. I also offered
an additional 200 grand. You were quite eager to accept the term, weren’t you?”

Vivi’s glare intensified as she shrieked at Suzanne, “But I’m destroyed! My life is in shambles! I’m a
total outcast now, with no hope of redeeming myself!”

Suzanne’s smirk was full of disdain as she retorted, “Your future is your own concern, not mine.
However, it’s true that you’ve offended both the White family and the Larson family. There won’t be any
room for you in Barnes from here on. But with the 200 grand I gave you, you should be able to make do
for a while.”

Fueled by Suzanne’s taunts, Vivi’s face twisted even more grotesquely. “Had you not pressured me into
confronting Janet, | could have apologized to her earnestly and possibly salvaged the situation! But
now, all hope is lost. Everything is over. It’s all your fault! Damn you!”

Suzanne cast a scornful look at her, withdrew a paper bag from her car, and flung it onto the ground
with a condescending air. “Here’s 200 thousand in cash. Take it and disappear from my sight. Make
yourself scarce.”

Two bundles of cash tumbled out. Vivi swiftly scooped up the money, clutching it tightly.

Suzanne’s expression grew more disgusted as she took in Vivi’s greedy demeanor, stating, “Now, get

Vivi bristled, ready to retaliate, but when she met Suzanne’s icy gaze, an unexpected fear gripped her.

Previously, during her stint at Star Entertainment, Vivi had heard whispers about Suzanne. Rumor had
it that Suzanne had powerful connections, and any

Internet celebrity who dared to offend her faced severe consequences.

Vivi recalled a chilling tale of an influencer who had angered Suzanne and had subsequently been sold
to a nightclub to work as a Stripper, left to the mercy of obese and lecherous men.

This thought sent a shudder through Vivi, and she no longer dared to raise her voice against Suzanne.

Sensing Vivi’s newfound meekness, Suzanne nodded approvingly, saying, “Seems you’re not entirely
brainless. Take the money and get lost. Don’t dare to cross my path again.”

Vivi bit her lip and hesitated for a few seconds, but ultimately didn’t dare to keep arguing. She grabbed
the money and scurried out of the underground garage, her face flush with embarrassment.

Leaning against the car door, Suzanne watched Vivi’s retreating form, a cryptic smile dancing on her

Later that night, a news article titled

“Internet Celebrity Vivi Died in a Car

Crash, An Accident or Foul Play?” rapidly ascended the trending topics.

Alongside the news of Vivi’s fatal car crash, a video of her desperately begging

Janet for mercy also went viral, topping the list of trending topics.

In the video, Vivi implored Janet for forgiveness and mercy, but Janet regarded her coldly, her face
devoid of any emotion.

Often, even the most reprehensible individuals garner sympathy once they pass away. This was
especially true for someone like Vivi, whose young life had ended in such tragic circumstances, eliciting
a wave of sadness and empathy from many. Furthermore, the ambiguity of the news article’s headline,
coupled with the video captured outside the hospital, seamlessly connected the two incidents, ninja fueling public suspicion and outrage. “She was already on her knees, apologizing. hy did
Janet persist in her arrogance? Does she truly believe she holds so much power?”

“It’s highly probable Janet was involved in the car accident. What are the odds that Vivi dies right after
her troll scandal comes to light?”

“Indeed. Janet wields power and influence, she’s fully capable of orchestrating a fatal accident for Vivi!”

Various conjectures and theories kept spiraling across the internet, showing no signs of slowing down.

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