Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1963

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Anastasia was apprehensive, and Alexander could see it.He immediately looked around the house.He
did not think any surveillance cameras were installed—there was no need to, from his experience.

However, Anastasia's reaction was too abnormal.

Alexander frowned and shut the door before asking, "What's going on? We'll go somewhere else if you
can’t say it here.You have to tell me what's happening."

After a pause, he continued, "You can't continue hiding it from me."

Anastasia pursed her lips as if trying to hold back a wail.

Then, she raised her hand and wiped away her tears before saying, "Alex, let's talk elsewhere."

"Okay.You probably haven't eaten anything.Neither have I'll take you out to eat, and we can chat over a

Upon saying this, he looked around again and walked her out.

Anastasia said nothing along the way, seemingly preoccupied with her thoughts.

Alexander did not push the issue and gave her some space.

Still, the situation was getting increasingly complicated.

‘How could Cameron disappear out of the blue? Also, why didn't she tell me immediately if he went
missing? Instead, she chose to hide it"

When Alexander turned to look at her, he noticed she was leaning against the car window, looking
outside silently.

Alexander chose a nearby country club to eat.

The food there was more distinctive, but their priority was that the place was quiet and private enough
to discuss things.

This palace was also under his company's name.He chose a private room and dismissed everyone
after the food was served.

Instead of urging her to speak immediately, he motioned her to eat something first.

Anastasia, who could never resist food, had no appetite.She picked up her utensils and put them
down, then hesitated before turning to look at him.

"Alex, I don't know where to start."

"From the beginning.Take your time," Alexander said softly, pouring some water for her.

After drinking half a glass of water, she seemed to have calmed down a little.

She took a deep breath, holding the glass with both hands as she said, "About two days ago, my father
received a call and left in a hurry.Then, he never came back."

"What do you mean?" Alexander asked with a frown.

He thought it was outrageous.

However, many outrageous things had happened recently, so it was not like he could not accept it.

Still, Anastasia did not clarify what she meant when she mentioned her father never returning.

"What I'm trying to say is, after he left, it seems like he disappeared.I don't know where he went—no
one has seen him."

"What about his bodyguards? Do they not know either?" Alexander asked strangely.

After all, with Cameron's identity, he always brought bodyguards wherever he went.

No one could catch him alone, so Alexander wondered how he could disappear inexplicably without
anyone's knowledge.

"He didn't bring any bodyguards,"

Anastasia said firmly, "This is where things are a little weird.I don't know who Dad went to meet or
where he was going, but he went there alone."

"That's bizarre!" Alexander exclaimed.

"Exactly! But Dad never came back after.He said nothing before leaving, so I have no idea who asked
him out."

Anastasia tightened her grip on the cup as she stared ahead, looking nervous and frightened.

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