Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1978

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As the matter was unimportant, Rhea continued, "The organization has considered everything.Why
else would they rush her to complete the experiment? Why must they take her away as soon as it
worked? "Surely you wouldn't think it has anything to do with the boss's disappearance? What
happened to him was only a coincidence.What mattered most was for her to create R10 at this

She sighed quietly.

‘Well, Lily brought it onto herself, didn’t she?’

"They've been waiting for her to give birth?"

Mike suddenly realized what she was referring to.

Rhea threw him a look but did not elaborate further.She would not have told him so much if it were not
for getting him to cooperate.She thought she had already told him enough.

"You don't have time to lose.Even if I can wait, Lily can’t, okay?"

Rhea carried the "boss" by his neck and turned to walk toward the secret room. She held him like a
tattered doll.

Mike felt a chill run down his spine as he stared after her.

‘I wonder how many people like her are in the organization. What kind of person leads this kind of
organization? What the hell do they want? To rule the world?’ Austin had never felt time pass so slowly

He would sometimes get up to call his family while studying the medical texts by Dominic’s bed.He
wanted to check on how they were doing. Although Alexander had stationed his men outside Dominic’s
house, and they would inform Austin of emergencies, he still felt worried, unable to go there himself.It
was the first time Austin felt so powerless.He could do nothing much in the face of the virus and
symbiotes.He used to think he deserved to be called a "miracle doctor," but now he realized why
Dominic had never acknowledged him as his student.

‘I was too arrogant to think I was the best among my peers just because I had learned a little.

Even if I were outstanding among my peers, herbal medicine is such a deep and vast subject that
Uncle Dom has devoted his whole life to learning.

‘If even he can’t claim to know everything about it, who am I to call myself a miracle doctor? Who the
f*ck am I to do so?’ The reality of life gave Austin a harsh lesson, too memorable and costly.He could
only study the medical texts to find a solution.

Although it would likely lead nowhere, he thought it was better than doing nothing.He only wished Lily
could develop a cure, as finding treatment was still the best solution.

Suddenly, the older man in the bed started coughing heavily and breathing fast.

Austin put down his book and hurried over to help Dominic sit up.

"How are you feeling?" He tried to pat Dominic’s back gently, but the older man’s coughing continued
until he vomited a mouthful of darkish blood onto the floor.

Even though Austin had anticipated it, he failed to dodge it completely, and some blood splattered onto

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