Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1988

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All the apparent ease and nonchalance Dominic displayed earlier were just him relying on sheer
willpower.He did not want Galen to see him so worn out.He did not want to scare the child or let him
see that side of him.

‘Uncle Dom clenched his teeth and forced himself to stay strong.I thought he was getting better.How
stupid and naive am I?!’ Austin genuinely hated himself, feeling guilty for being careless and
inattentive.He carefully supported Dominic and grabbed his wrist to check his pulse.

The older man’s pulse was inconsistent, sometimes rapid and sometimes slow, which felt dangerous.

"Uncle Dom!" Austin choked, wanting to say something but unable to find the words.

"It's nothing!"

Dominic sighed and said, "Towels!"

Austin hurriedly got up to fetch the towels.

Then he brought one dry one and one wet one.

Dominic saw him holding the two towels, smiled, and tugged at the corner of his mouth.

The older man managed to squeeze out two words, "How smart!"

He wanted to tell Austin he had become smarter, knowing to bring two towels without being reminded.

Still, Dominic did not have much strength left, and uttering those two words was already a challenge.

Austin could not even smile.He knew his granduncle was trying to lighten the mood for him, but the
best Austin could do was not to cry.

‘If this continues, Uncle Dom’s body won't be able to take it"

Even if the virus did not cause further harm, without other physical invasions, constant inability to eat,
lack of mental alertness, and occasional bouts of coughing up blood were harmful to
an older person like Dominic.

"Uncle Dom, this can’t go on any longer.Maybe I should go to that lab!"

Austin thought for a moment, seeming to make a determined decision.


The older man scolded but soon started coughing.He had exhausted too much energy and could not
sustain himself for such a long time.

When Galen was around previously, Dominic barely held on with sheer willpower.

However, the older man could not speak properly now that he was angry.

"Uncle Dom, please calm down.I can’t see you like this!"

Austin quickly reassured his granduncle.However, those were only words of comfort.

In his opinion, there was no better solution than that.

Although Alexander and Lily also worked hard to find a solution elsewhere, there had been no good
news from them.

Meanwhile, Austin remained with Dominic, watching the older man’s body deteriorate gradually.

Austin felt there was no way he could grit his teeth and persevere through everything.

‘I must find a solution, even if I can’t.Even if I died out there, at least I would've done something"


Dominic grabbed Austin’s collar and gritted his teeth.

The older man said each word forcibly.

Austin was shocked as he looked into his granduncle’s eyes with anger and concern.

Austin felt his eyes starting to tear up.He nodded with a brave expression.

"I-I'll listen to you, Uncle Dom!"

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