Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1994

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Lily did not want to waste her time on meaningless speculation.She knew she was most likely correct
but had to make sure.

The man sighed quietly and said, "I admire your intelligence and capabilities.Unfortunately..."

He shook his head, thought of something, and said, "Well, at least you'll play a bigger role,
Mrs.Russell.You should be proud to contribute to the world.After all, not everyone can do something
like that."

Although Lily had no idea what the man was talking about, she knew it was not good.

She snorted and said, "In that case, why don’t you do it? I'm sure you'll be prouder than me!"

To her surprise, the man was not upset and nodded earnestly.

"You're right! I would be proud if it were me, as it would be the greatest honor ever bestowed upon
me.However, it’s a pity I’m not suitable to replace you even if I wanted to. So,
Mrs.Russell, God chose you to carry out this glorious mission!"

His eyes sparkled with conviction like he was a devoted believer.

Lily shuddered inwardly.She suddenly realized the whole thing was much scarier than she had

"Just what the hell is this organization? Some kind of cult?"

She could not help but connect it with evil cults.

After all, this man behaved just like a brainwashed cultist.

"A cult?"

As if amused by her words, the man gently shook his head.

"No, Mrs.Russell, we’re way more powerful than you imagine.Just stay here patiently.If you need
anything, let them know.We'll do our best to fulfill your requests."

"However," he suddenly added.

"if you have any unrealistic ideas, I'd advise you to put them aside."

"Like what?" Lily asked coldly.

"Like the stupid thing you did today." He pointed at her.

"If it weren't because we still need you for something important, you wouldn't even be talking to me
now.Do you understand? You saw how we treated Spades King and Rick.We've given you exceptional

The man held his cane and slowly got up to leave.However, Lily did not want to let him leave after
finally meeting him.She got up and stared after him as he walked away.

"So you're just a messenger."

The man gave no reply but froze momentarily.

Lily knew she was right when she noticed his subconscious response.

Then she probed further, "You may think you're superior to others, but aren't you the same as Rick and
the ‘boss’? You're all working for someone else.

"You developed R10 for someone more important than you, right? Someone from Yudonia—"

The man abruptly spun around before she could finish.

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