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Chapter 1998

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That was all Alexander could say. Besides several aides, he only had contact with Anastasia since
leaving Dominic’s estate. Since that was the case, Anastasia could have most likely gotten infected if
the virus was contagious.

However, Alexander could not confirm it without concrete evidence lest she panicked.

Anastasia tried to ponder her symptoms when Alexander said her information could be helpful. “Oh, I
seem allergic to something, but I didn’t overthink it since my skin has always been sensitive.”

Alexander asked, “You’re having an allergic reaction?”

‘Yes,” she said, “There are some red spots on my skin, but they are not itchy. I used to have them
before, but they would disappear sooner or later.” 1

“Any other discomfort you can think of?” Alexander asked again.

This time Anastasia was quite confident as she said, “No more. Both the cold and fever are mild, and
my temperature hasn’t gone over 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t think it’s anything serious.”

Then she asked tentatively, “Alex, did something happen?”

“No, don’t worry too much. Anyway, I’ll continue to search for your father,” Alexander said.

“Okay,” Anastasia said nasally, “Let’s keep in touch.”

Alexander hung up but was not relieved.

‘If I remember correctly, Dominic’s servants also had a cold and fever first. Even Galen had a fever,
even though he recovered quickly and had no other discomfort.’

When Dominic regained consciousness, he said Galen had not gotten infected. Although the older man
did not know why that was, it was good news. However, Galen could be an exception, which did not
mean others would not catch it.

Indeed, Dominic’s servants were still sick, which was why the estate seemed so gloomy. Although the
servants suffered less severe symptoms, they experienced various discomforts.

Fortunately, not everyone had contracted the virus, and there was no widespread panic. Alexander
knew he must take it seriously and avoid widespread transmission, even though he knew little about
the virus.

‘Tasia’s symptoms seem similar, but I can’t be sure for now.’

After some thought, Alexander looked at the stuff on his desk. Then he got up, took his jacket, and
approached his private elevator while making a call. “Get a car ready. I’m heading to the Rollins’

Given the limited information he could obtain over the phone, he knew he had to see how Anastasia
was doing.

Besides, he needed to search for clues about what happened to Cameron. Alexander felt Cameron’s
disappearance was as puzzling as Lily’s-both seemed to have vanished into thin air.

‘I have spies all over the country. They couldn’t have gone missing just like that. Unless… they have
been transported away through unconventional means!’

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