Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3710

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The Life-Sapper Sword was terrifying. This sword was able to sap away the lifespan of any living being.
Besides, as the attacks were shapeless, not even James’ Infinity Steles could defend against this
attack. In just an instant, James had turned into a middle-aged man from a young man. If this
continued, he would soon grow old. By then, he would lose all his vitality and be killed. James tried to
expel this shapeless power. However, the power was bizarre. Though he summoned his full strength,
he could not remove the power. At that moment, he could only concentrate wholeheartedly on
catalyzing the Life Path to inject a constant stream of vitality into his body.

After Makara struck James, he hurriedly dodged. Then, Quasimodo London, a brute with superhuman
strength, appeared. His weapon was a hammer. This violent-looking hammer was also a Chaotic
Treasure. As he appeared behind James, he struck him with great force. As the hammer struck James’
Formation, cracks immediately appeared on the pagoda.

Then, he hurriedly dodged as well.

“Damn it!”

James’ expression darkened.

Being trapped inside the Superformation, he had to withstand the overwhelming pressure at all times.
Besides, as his enemies were powerful figures who possessed Chaotic Treasures, even someone as
powerful as him could not fight against so many opponents at a time. Now, he had to break the
Formation to emerge victorious. Only by breaking free of the Formation would he stand a chance
against them.

“Break!” James roared.

The power of the sixteen Path Seals inside his body merged together and formed a terrifying power. As
his mind stirred, the power materialized and caused the void to explode. This was the Grand

Destruction. The Grand Destruction’s power surpassed even that of a Macrocosm Power. Through the
obliteration of the Grand Destruction, the void in the Juda Realm exploded, and cracks began to
appear. If not for the protection of the Heavenly Path, the Juda Realm would already have disappeared.
However, the Grand Destruction did not completely obliterate the Superformation. To annihilate James
once and for all, Yermolai and the others had begun making preparations tens of thousands of years
ago. The Formations they set up were some of the most terrifying for they knew that James had
mastered many Macrocosm Powers. So, they had to set up a Formation that was indestructible even
for James.

At that moment, Yaiza appeared behind James. Her Chaotic Treasure was an umbrella. The umbrella
was unique. As it opened, a terrifying power shredded through the air and attacked James’ Formation.
Though the formation was formidable, it could not withstand the constant attack by his enemies for
much longer.

“Damn it!” James cursed.


At that moment, the Five Great Paths and the Karma Path inside his body materialized to form a petal.
Then, they formed a complete Sacred Blossom with countless petals, and each petal contained a
different Path.

The Sacred Blossom’s Blossoming was a sight to behold, yet it possessed destructive power. Sensing
the terrifying power, Yaiza tried to dodge. However, as the Sacred Blossom bloomed above her head, it
was too late.

Instinctively, she raised the Chaotic Treasure in her hands.

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