Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3719

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However, none of them dared enter the Juda Realm recklessly.

Sweat trickled down Henrik’s forehead as he sat in the Time Formation. Though he wished to join the
battle, he was still in a weakened state and could not do so. Seeing that James had collapsed, he cried
out, “Hang in there, James!”

James had collapsed onto a pile of rubble in the Juda Realm’s Divine Dimension. He was struck by
many Chaotic Treasures at the same time, and all the Path Seals inside his body had shattered. The
powers ran amok inside him. In combination with the destruction of his physical body, his soul was
weak. At that moment, his head was spinning, and his eyelids were drowsy. Though he tried his best to
open his eyes, his consciousness began to blur.

‘Am I going to die?’

A thought flashed through his mind.

‘Thea hasn’t even accepted me yet. How can I die just like that? Forgive me, Thea.’

James’ vision blurred.

‘James, you must not die.’

At that moment, a feeble voice came from the depths of his soul and reverberated in his mind. It was
Thea’s voice. Upon hearing her voice, James’ consciousness returned slightly.

‘Thea, is that you?’

‘It’s me, James,’ Thea’s voice came, ‘A fragment of my soul has been transformed into the Ancestral
God Rank Elixir. Upon consuming the elixir, there is a fragment of my soul sigil deep inside your soul.

Find me and insert this soul sigil into my reincarnated body. Only then my memory can be restored. I
have always been by your side all this while. That’s why you have to hang in there. You cannot die.’

Her voice echoed in his mind.

Thea’s voice gave James the strength he needed to survive. Though he tried to stand, all the Path
Seals in his body had shattered. Since the Path Seals’ power destroyed his body, it was beyond
recovery. Though he wanted to live on, his body could no longer sustain life.

‘The Macrocosm Core,’ Thea’s voice came once more, ‘There’s a Macrocosm Core on the Staff of
Destruction. That’s probably the only chance for you to survive.’

Thea’s voice grew weaker and weaker until it completely disappeared.

James suddenly remembered that the Staff of Destruction was just beside him. However, he could not
move a single muscle. Though he wanted to grab the Staff of Destruction and consume the Macrocosm
Power, he did not even have the strength to raise his arm.

‘I cannot die. I must find Thea.’

A strong conviction emerged within him.

Then, he catalyzed a cultivation method to forcibly control the violent power produced by the
destruction of the Path Seals. Controlling them, however, caused excruciating pain to spread
throughout his body, and he could not help but groan in pain. His groan made the others realize that he
was still alive.

Yermolai immediately ordered, “What are you standing there for, Thoth? He’s nearing his end. He can’t
continue the battle. End him, quickly!”

Now, only Thoth could continue to fight. He appeared and looked and his injured allies before taking a
deep breath. Fortunately, he had been concealed in the shadows. Otherwise, he would have suffered
the same fate as them.

He did not hesitate at all and immediately catalyzed the Formation’s power and bombarded the area
where James was at.

James was blown away by the bombardment. However, even though he was gravely injured, the
Formation’s power could not annihilate him. After forcibly controlling the violent energies in his body, he
grabbed the Staff of Destruction and consumed the Macrocosm Core.

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