Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3718

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James was unable to continue the battle. His Sword Path’s Path Seal had shattered, and countless
Sword Energies were attacking his insides frantically. However, he did not collapse and simply stood in
mid-air. Holding the Demon-Slayer Sword in one hand and the Staff of Destruction in the other, his aura
was still as domineering as ever.

The powerful figures of the First Universe were covered in injuries all over their bodies as blood trickled
down their wounds. Besides, they had been contaminated by the powers of the Death Path, Dark
Power, Karma Power, and many more. As their strength had been depleted, they could not remove
these powers and could only hang in there. Their energy was completely depleted as well. However, as
long as James still lived, they could not collapse.

“James,” Yermolai spoke, “Hand over the Chaotic Treasure and destroy your own Path Seal, and we
might consider letting you go.”

Yermolai made a compromise. As long as James handed over the Chaotic Treasure and destroy his
Path Seal, he would spare his life.

“What a joke,” James said coldly.

At this point in time, he had already gone all-out. Either he dies or his enemies perish.

As they were in a deadlock, no one acted recklessly.

Meanwhile, Troth who had concealed himself in the shadows all this while was the only one who was
not injured. He had been lurking in the shadows, constantly searching for opportunities to create
trouble for James.

At that moment, a bizarre dark cloud appeared in the void and hovered above James’ head
surreptitiously. Countless blades materialized from the black clouds and struck James all of a sudden.

At that moment, all six of them attacked at the same time. As they appeared around James, they
summoned their Chaotic Treasures and launched a fatal blow. Together with the blades descending
from the sky, the Formation formed by the Infinity Steles immediately shattered.


Yaiza’s umbrella summoned countless powers, which pierced through James’ body.

Yermolai’s iron balls slammed toward James.

Makara’s sword pierced through James’ body.

At that moment, James was struck by many Chaotic Treasures.


An explosion occurred inside his body. Unable to withstand any longer, the Path Seal inside his body
shattered. However, seizing the opportunity, James stabbed Makara who was closest to him with the
Demon-Slayer Sword.

Though Makara tried to flee, it was too late. Besides, since he had been target-locked, his speed
slowed down to a halt.

The Demon-Slayer Sword pierced through Makara’s body. At the same time, the Dark Wellspring’s
power surged forward and entered his body. As Makara was already gravely injured, he could not
withstand the attack. His physical body was destroyed, and not even his soul remained.

In the meantime, the other powerful figures attacked James with everything at their disposal.

James was sent flying and plummeted from the sky before crashing heavily to the ground. After the full-
force attack, the powerful figures of the First Universe could no longer continue the battle as well.
Plummeting from the sky, they crashed to the ground. Immediately, they crawled up and used their
Holy Potions to heal themselves.

James, on the other hand, remained motionless after crashing into the pile of rubble below.

After many months of fierce fighting, the outcome of the battle seemed to be determined at long last.

“Is James dead?”

“Is he dead?”

“I don’t know. But after such a long battle, his energy must be depleted. He only managed to hang in
there through his willpower alone. Now that he was struck by so many Chaotic Treasures, his chances
of surviving are slim.”

Many conversed outside the Juda Realm.

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