Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3787

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However, the Omnipotent Lord was unsure how many powerhouses were hidden in the depths of the
Dark World.

The Omnipotent Lord asked, “How do you know these things?”

Mirabelle replied, “When I met Forty-nine at the Twelfth Universe, he told me about these events. The
powerhouse that injured three hundred Ninth Stage Lords is called Yukia. He didn’t tell me what her
cultivation rank was. However, she must be an existence that has already surpassed a Nine-Power
Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

“Haha!” The Omnipotent Lord laughed.

“You’re an Eighth-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God, Mirabelle. Did you really just believe whatever he
said? It’s impossible to go beyond a Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God. I became a Nine-Power
Macrocosm Ancestral God a long time ago. Truthfully, a Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God is the
limit. It’s impossible to go beyond that. Unless we merge our universes, one can’t possibly surpass a
Nine-Power Macorcosm Ancestral God. However, it’s just a speculation of mine and isn’t necessarily

Mirabelle asked, “Then, from your understanding, does the Omniscience Path end at the Third Stage?”

The Omnipotent Lord replied, “Yeah. It’s basically a dead end at the Third Stage. It’s a Path that can’t
be perfected.”

Mirabelle said, “But Forty-nine cultivates in the Omniscience Path. I witnessed him enter the Fourth
Stage. He claimed to have already reached the Eighth Stage and has the strength equivalent to a Nine-
Power Macrocosm Ancestral God.”

“The Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage?” The Omnipotent Lord was shocked.

“Are you kidding me, Mirabelle? Did you sense it wrong?”

Mirabelle looked at him and said, “How can my senses be wrong?”

The Omnipotent Lord fell into silence.

Mirabelle said, “Perhaps somewhere in the twelve universes or even in the Dark World, people have
surpassed the strength of Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral Gods a long time ago. A mysterious
powerhouse may be hiding within the Dark World.

“Maybe our understanding of the twelve universes isn’t all there is to it, and there are other secrets
hidden within the Chaos.”

Mirabelle was greatly shaken by James’ words.

She had opened up to the possibility of there being more mysteries in the twelve universes and the
Dark World.

Mirabelle looked at the Omnipotent Lord and said, “It’s hard to believe Forty-nine’s words. However, he
did enter the Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage before my eyes. Moreover, he defeated Santino with
ease. I plan to send people into the depths of the Dark World to investigate the Dark Strife that
happened in the past. If Forty-nine is telling the truth, there must be records about the incident in
ancient books inside the Dark World.

“Also, you should send some people to inquire about Yukia throughout the twelve universes and see if
we can find any clues about her.”

“Alright.” The Omnipotent Lord nodded solemnly.

There might be some secrets that they had not discovered yet if Forty-nine was being honest with

The Omnipotent Lord looked at Mirabelle and asked, “Does Forty-nine really have the strength of a
Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God?”

Mirabelle shook her head.

“I can’t say for sure. I couldn’t sense his cultivation base. I couldn’t sense anything from him. It was like
he didn’t even exist, even though he was standing right before me. I didn’t try to test his strength.
Otherwise, it would’ve aroused his hostility toward me. If he opposes the merging of the universes and
unites with the other universes, it would be a bigger problem for us.”

The Omnipotent Lord fell into thought.

Mirabelle said, “His strength isn’t very important. What’s crucial is his attitude toward the merging of the
universes. It’s good that he isn’t against it. Also, try not to offend him. He said his master was Yukia.
We might get on her bad side if we stir up conflict with him. If Yukia could easily injure three hundred
Ninth Stage Lords, she could destroy all twelve universes.”

The Omnipotent Lord briefly gave it a thought and said, “We haven’t confirmed whether Yukia even
exists. You should send people to inquire about it first. If possible, it’s best you personally head to the
depths of the Dark World to investigate.”

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