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Chapter 3791

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This place had existed since the creation of the Mount Snow Sect. There was once a powerful figure
here who resolved a crisis of the sect.

Quanesha Samara was a disciple of the Mount Snow Sect. Ever since she obtained a Chaotic
Treasure, many powerful figures had been on her heels.

It was James who saved her and helped her absorb the providence of the universe. Ever since then,
she rapidly emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

Once the new universe merged with the First Universe, she was no longer concerned about her safety.
She began revealing her strength. With her Five Great Paths, she crossed into the Caelum Ancestral
God Rank in a short period of time.

In the end, the Five Great Paths merged, and she cultivated a Macrocosm Power, thus becoming a
Macrocosm Ancestral God. As she reached the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank, the Mount Snow Sect
also rose in power and held a high status in the First Universe. Now, it was one of the greatest sects in
the First Universe.

James returned to his closed-door meditation sanctuary in the past and sat in a lotus position on the
ground to sense Heaven and Earth.

At that moment, a woman slowly walked into the spiritual mountain. Dressed in a white dress, the
woman was pure and fair, and she exuded a distinguished aura. She was Quanesha, a supreme
Macrocosm Ancestral God and the dream woman of all disciples in the Mount Snow Sect.

On the outside, she was cold and proud. Yet, as she arrived at this place, she immediately concealed
the ice-cold expression on her face.

The image of a figure surfaced in her mind. This man was her saver. Not only did he protect her from
danger when she was weak, but he also allowed her to absorb the providence of the universe and even
taught her the Five Great Paths and the brief operating rules of the Heavenly Path. If not for James,
she would never have crossed into the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank.

Ever since James left, she had tried searching for him. However, as the universes merged, she began
hearing about James’ deeds. She also knew that James was ganged up on by a group of powerful
figures in the First Universe and had perished on the battlefield in the Juda Realm. Although James
was dead, he would forever live on in her heart. Hence, once in a while, she would come to where
James was in closed-door meditation.

Today, she was here again. She ascended the mountain and soon arrived at the peak of the spiritual
mountain. There was an empty plot of land there, which was surrounded by bizarre-looking plants. In
the middle was a simple wooden house.

As Quanesha arrived at the peak, she saw the wooden house and a man sitting in a lotus position on
the ground. Though she was in deep contemplation, an incredible aura surged forth from within her
body the moment she saw the man, and she roared, “Who’s there?”

As she said that, she appeared before James. Extending her slender fingers, a mysterious power
materialized, and a multicolored illusory claw was already aimed at James.

James, who was in the midst of cultivation, automatically dodged the attack and appeared in the
distance the moment he sensed imminent danger. As the illusory claw struck the ground, the earth

James stood a distance away and looked at Quanesha.

Enraged, Quanesha glared at him.

“This is the holy site of the Mount Snow Sect. Who are you? Why are you here?”

Quanesha was on high alert as she was the one who personally set up the Formation here. Yet, this
person was able to pass through the Formation without being detected. That meant that he was not to
be trifled with.

James looked at her. He could sense the presence of Macrocosm Power inside her body. A smile crept
up on his face. He never thought that that young girl who had only been in the Divine Rank in the past
was now a Macrocosm Ancestral God. Even if she was a One-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God, she
was still impressive nonetheless.

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