Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3790

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Many large galaxies existed within the nebula, and there were at least a hundred billion inhabited
planets. The planets were massive, and there were at least a trillion living beings on each of these

There was a planet within this nebula that had Three Dimensions—Mortal, Sage, and Divine.

The planet used to be called the Silent Realm but was later renamed the Cassa Realm.

James stepped forward in the nebula and immediately entered a galaxy, appearing outside the Cassa
Realm. Standing outside the Cassa Realm, James suddenly felt tiny, as if he was just a tiny particle.

The planet was from the Thirteenth Universe. When he entered the Thirteenth Universe in the past, he
witnessed the birth of the Silent Realm by coincidence. Back then, the planet had only one dimension.

Now, it had already evolved into a major realm with three dimensions.

James did not know how it evolved into a major realm.

He stood outside the Cassa Realm puzzledly.

“After witnessing the formation of this planet, I entered a mysterious state and gained insight into the
ending of this planet. It was supposed to have transformed back into laws and returned into dust in the
universe. How did it evolve into a major realm?”

James fell into thought, trying to recall the planet’s formation.

The formation of the planet began with some laws that kept evolving. Ultimately, they became
sequences and formed the planet.

The planet consisted of countless laws that transformed endlessly. During the process of these
transformations, living beings were born. In the end, all life forms died, and the planet perished.

James closed his eyes.

At that moment, the time around him regressed rapidly to when the planet was just formed. Slowly, the
place returned to nothingness. Only a few law fragments could be seen around him.

The law fragments gradually gathered, and a planet was born.

The planet developed rapidly and grew stronger. However, it began to deteriorate and perished in the

Everything was predestined to happen.

After the planet was destroyed, James reversed into a different time point. At this certain time point, an
abnormal change happened.

After sensing the change, James immediately understood.

James murmured, “Although it was destined to perish, changes could still happen. The ending will also
change once something different happens at a certain time.”

The ending of the planet changed because a powerful person appeared and rewrote its destiny.

James entered the Cassa Realm in a flash.

He entered the Cassa Realm’s Divine Dimension.

James walked through some natural scenery and came to the the Mount Snow Sect, where he had
once cultivated before.

So many years had passed, and the the Mount Snow Sect had evolved from a small sect to a powerful
sect. The the Mount Snow Sect occupied a vast area, and the power of heaven and earth was
incredibly abundant.

It was an excellent place to cultivate.

He looked at the Mount Snow Sect and spotted the spiritual mountain he had cultivated on in the past.

The place looked the same and as if nothing had changed.

James immediately felt a sense of familiarity upon arriving at the Mount Snow Sect.

He passed through the Mount Snow Sect’s protective formation and appeared on the spiritual mountain
where he had cultivated in seclusion in the past.

James could even sense some of his energy left in the area.

He ascended the mountain and looked at the spot he once cultivated at.

James reminisced about everything that happened when he first came to this place. A long time had
passed, and he was no longer that cultivator struggling to reach the Ancestral God Rank.

Now, he was already an existence that surpassed everyone else.

The spiritual mountain was the Mount Snow Sect’s restricted area.

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