Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3796

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Yermolai nearly peed his pants. He only thought this mysterious place contained some sort of secret.
He never expected Forty-nine to be in closed-door meditation here. Otherwise, he would not even have
dared approach this place.

“I-I was wrong! I promise I will never do such a thing again!”

Quanesha said coldly, “So you know fear. I thought you weren't afraid of anything.”

At that moment, Yermolai had to suppress the urge to shut Quanesha up. He thought to himself, ‘What
the hell do you think you are doing? Don’t you know that he’s a powerful figure who can even annihilate
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods?’

“Although I can spare your life, you cannot escape punishment.”

James struck Yermolai’s chest, and a hole was pummeled through him. Meanwhile, a mysterious
power spread throughout his body. James released his grip, and Yermolai collapsed to the ground.
Yermolai stood up with great difficulty and hurriedly catalyzed power to heal his injury, which
rejuvenated at a rapid pace. Even so, his internal injuries were grave. James’ strike had shaken his
fundamentals, and he needed a long time to recuperate.

“Thank you for sparing my life.”

Saying that, he turned to leave. Faced with James, he did not show any temper at all. Even though he
was injured, he did not even utter a single retort.

Seeing this, Quanesha was elated. After Yermolai left, she burst into a peal of laughter and said, “He
has never been beaten up before. I guess that will teach him a lesson!”

James glanced at her and asked, “Why is he here at the Mount Snow Sect?”

Quanesha looked at him and asked, “Do you know him?”

James nodded slightly and said, “I guess so. When I was in the Twelfth Universe, he offended a living
being of the Twelfth Universe and tried to annihilate him. I intervened in time and stopped him, injuring
him in the process.”

“I see.”

Realization dawned on Quanesha’s face as she said, “Just because he’s the disciple of the Omnipotent
Lord, he thinks he has the right to keep coming to the Mount Snow Sect and harass me. But, I can’t do
anything to him in return. I have long wished to teach him a lesson. I guess that was truly satisfying for

After James intervened and taught Yermolai a lesson, Quanesha no longer thought that badly of

“By the way, who are you, Sir? Based on what I know, the Twelfth Universe is weak, and only the Lord
of the universe is a Macrocosm Ancestral God, not to mention he’s a One-Power Macrocosm Ancestral
God. I have never heard of other Macrocosm Ancestral Gods.”

Quanesha was intrigued by James’ background.

James smiled faintly and said, “Oh, you don’t know a lot of things. Do you truly know about the Chaos
and the Dark World?”

“I do.”

Quanesha said. How would she not know about these things at her rank?

James, however, waved his hand slightly. How could she understand these things when even he was
ignorant of everything?

“I will continue to be in a closed-door meditation here. Inform me when you’re about to head to the
Ancestral Holy Site.”

Saying that, he returned to the peak. This time, he did not set up a Formation. Quanesha followed
close behind.

James sat in a lotus position on the ground in front of the wooden house. Meanwhile, Quanesha, who
was dressed in a white dress, stood before him and asked, “What Path are you cultivating? Why can’t I
see through your rank?”

James could not answer her. That was because he had no idea himself.

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