Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3828

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Beneath the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth, the Omnipotent Lord had a grim look on his face. He
knew that James’ was powerful, yet he was unable to accurately gauge James’ true power. So, he was
wary of trying James out recklessly.

It was his idea to use the Chessboard of Heaven and Earth to test James’ power. He had not expected
his own defeat, because he thought that the worst scenario was to reach a draw with James.

However, the reality was that he lost completely to James.

He worked hard to create a conference of all twelve universes precisely to become the Lord of all these
universes combined. This would allow him to absorb sufficient providence and ascend to a higher rank.

Now that James had appeared, however, it would be extremely difficult for him to become the Lord of
the new universe. Every powerful figure would want to get their hands on a tempting position such as

The followers of the Omnipotent Lord also looked gloomy. They followed the Lord because they
believed that following a man whose power topped everyone in the twelve universes would be
beneficial for them. However, James' appearance proved that the Lord was not all-powerful.

“What now?” “Should we support the Omnipotent Lord?” The belief in these Macrocosm Ancestral
Gods started to shatter.

James descended from the sky and landed at Mount Ancestre.

He scanned through the crowd, causing the Macrocosm Ancestral Gods to take a few steps back.

His gaze stopped at the Omnipotent Lord. With a calm expression, he asked, “Now that the competition
is over, should we discuss the matter of merging universes?”

The Omnipotent Lord hesitated. Is there a need to merge the twelve universes anymore? Even if the
universes were merged, it would be a herculean task for him to become the Lord of the new universe.
However, if the universes were not merged, then he would never have the possibility of ascending to a
higher rank, and would never have the chance to defeat James. So, in all cases, merging the universes
was a must.

Thinking about this, the grim look of his disappeared. He grinned widely and looked at all the
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods, saying, “Welcome to all those who have come from afar. Please enter the
main hall.”

Under the welcoming of the Omnipotent Lord, the many Macrocosm Ancestral Gods and the Caelum
Ancestral Gods walked into Mount Ancestre’s main hall.

The Omnipotent Lord sat on his throne. The Macrocosm Ancestral Gods and some of the Caelum
Ancestral Gods sat at their respective places, while those who did not have a seat had to stand.

Scanning through the crowd, he said, “Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions on merging the
universes? If there is, please raise it now. We can discuss and solve the matter together.”

Immediately, a Macrocosm Ancestral God stood up and asked, “Omnipotent Lord, after the twelve
universes are merged, how do we delineate the areas? What should we do with the current twelve
Lords of the universes? And who will become the Lord of the new universe?“

These were questions that concerned all Macrocosm Ancestral Gods.

The Omnipotent Lord said, “I think that we can first follow the current separations and divide the new
universe into twelve areas. Each universe will have one administrator, and the administrators will be the
current Lords of the twelve universes. This will ensure harmony and peace after the twelve universes
are merged. As for the Lord of the new universe, this should be up for an election. I just think that the

Lord of the new universe must be someone that everyone holds in high reverence. He must not only be
powerful but also an experienced administrator.”

His voice echoed across the main hall.

According to the Lord’s words prior to this, whoever was the strongest had the legitimacy to become
the Lord of the new universe.

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